bluesmoon 3:02pm, 7 January 2007
I've written this little hack that searches for people who travelled approximately along the same path as you. It looks at date/time and geo information in your photos and searches for people with similar photos.

Let me know what you think:
Suviko 12 years ago
Could you make it so that people just have to write username and the form attaches the url to it so you don't have to cutpaste your url?
_sarchi 12 years ago
flickr footsteps london central

faster than yahoo if it includes your url
purplewon2000 12 years ago
So if a stalker was following me....
bluesmoon 12 years ago
@Suviko, I'd tried that at first, but the people who used the system didn't know the difference between their username and what they put into their url.
bluesmoon 12 years ago
@_sarchi: thanks for trying it. I've fixed the layout problem for your resolution. Didn't understand your comment about being faster than Yahoo! though. I've made a gmaps version too if you're interested.

@purplewon2000: well, it would be good to know wouldn't it? The stalker becomes the stalked :D
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