ebilflindas 9:05pm, 18 December 2006
I recently logged onto myspace, and I noticed something very familiar about the "Featured Profile". It wasn't that it was my friend in the picture; it was that it was a photo that I had taken of my friend.

Featured myspace profile, featuring one of MY photos It might've bugged me a bit less if it was a photo I'd uploaded to my myspace account, but it isn't--it's straight from my Flickr account. And while above the image, the text reads "Featured Myspace profile", the link led to a website for that beer daredevil character--I think it's for Bud Lite.

I'm fairly new to Flickr ( <1 year ) and I'm learning more everyday. This is the first time I've seen one of my own photos used w/out permission, though I've read about it happening to many others. I'm wondering if this is something worth pursuing, or if it's one of those facts of flickr life.

Thanks, and sorry if this is a redundant topic.
alex.DC PRO 12 years ago
Did you contact Myspace?
ebilflindas 12 years ago
Not yet. From what I've read, stuff like this seems to happen fairly often, which is why I'm wondering if this is one of those, "Well, you put it up there, someone's bound to use it without asking..."

But, yes, I'll be writing to Myspace shortly to at least let them know that one of their sponsers is in violation of the attribution/non-commercial license on the image, let alone erroneously linking to an outside website, rather than to a "Featured Myspace profile".
Todd Kravos PRO 12 years ago
I think you'd want to use the Report Abuse link found at the bottom of each page on Flickr

alex.DC PRO 12 years ago
I'll be writing to Myspace shortly

It seems like that'd be the first thing to do.
ebilflindas 12 years ago
Thanks for your feedback guys!
Rune T Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Rune T (member) 12 years ago
If one of the myspace-members grabbed it and used it without permission there isn't really much you can do - people steal a lot on the net.

But if the situation is (as I understand it) that a commercial company is using your photo without permission, that is a whole other situation. Keep us updated will you.
Violentz PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Violentz (member) 12 years ago
No need to report it to Flickr Abuse.....as there is nothing Flickr can do about it. They have no way of knowing who lifted the image and used it without permission off of Flickr. You can only contact MySpace and have them remove the ad. Perhaps if your got an attorney, the attorney could supeona MySpace to give you the name of the person who placed the ad, but ultimately......I'm to sure what would be the final results of that.

I'd probably blur out the faces of the children in the upper left too. You have the screenname of whose account it is there as well. Not very wise when you're dealing with children and MySpace.
ebilflindas 12 years ago
Sent an email off to Myspace Customer Service yesterday. I received an auto-response stating that I would receive an email shortly.

I'm still waiting...

And thanks for the concern, Violentz, but my son and other children in my life have been a part of my Myspace profile for the two years I've been on there; and many of my contacts also have their children's photos up--it's our network, and we like to see each other's families. Also, the profile itself is set to private, so someone's gotta be on my list to see much. As for the screen name, I have a habit of changing it quite often to suit my mood, so I'm not too worried about that--it's in no way related to my sign-in/username, my password, my real name, or my son's name, for that matter.
Steve Rhodes PRO 12 years ago
You should also contact Bud Lite and whoever runs their myspace campaign. And send them an invoice for their use of the photo.
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