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Steve Webel 7:44pm, 31 March 2006
I just went to the "Explore" page and noticed that all the photos in the top 500 have something to do with cats!

Did someone hack into Flickr and do this, or is this some early April fools joke or is there some other reason for this strange behavior?

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KnowWonNose [deleted] 12 years ago
Flickr is definitely catcentric at times.
Yolise 12 years ago
I just went to Explore and saw no cats at all.

Of course, it's still the 31st here (and at Flickr HQ, I believe).

Would be a funny trick though. Maybe it was a practise run?
roschler 12 years ago
LOL. It's cause of my new upcoming Web radio show about cats!


Ok, so I'm dreaming big here, but that's amazing, thanks for pointing it out. I really don't know why.
Steve Webel 12 years ago
So has anyone else seen this?

I emptied my cache and reloaded the site, the cats are still there. All cats for every photo in the top 500 for every day on every month!

he he, it's kinda funny.
roschler Posted 12 years ago. Edited by roschler (member) 12 years ago
I just went to the Explore page and saw no cats at all, just a broad assortment of photos.

Perhaps you have something tagged on to your URL for the page? That's really weird (and furry).

[EDIT] The other posters implication about April 1st might be on the money. You may be accessing consistently a particular data center or cluster that has the joke, or god forbid has been hacked.
AnDy631 PRO 12 years ago
Personally I think it should be illegal to post photos of anything except for cats, babies, sunsets, rainbows or ponies.
paigelynn 12 years ago
Yeah, I don't see cats. And according to scout, I have non-cat related pictures in the top 500. But it's not April 1st here yet. :)
Steve Webel 12 years ago
It's got to be an April 1st thing. I opened up Firefox (I had been using Safari) and went to the top 500 using that browser and the same thing... CATS!

I'm in China and it's already April 1st here - so that's got to be it.

Now I'm wondering if it's flickr's doing or some cat-loving hacker?!
Kim Taylor Hull PRO 12 years ago
I'm with AnDy631 !!!
Zamm 12 years ago
"...The April 1 tradition in France includes poisson d'avril (literally "April's fish"), attempting to attach a paper fish to the victim's back without being noticed..."
(From Wikipedia)

That's exactly the same in Italy too.
But no cats in my Explore...
paigelynn 12 years ago
I'm sure it's Flickr's doing. :)
roschler 12 years ago
Interesting, so they have a date trigger in the code. Any reports from other people in time zones where the date has already flipped?

This is going to cause a howl on the boards. :)
Steve Webel 12 years ago
Here is a screen capture...

Cats on Flickr
paigelynn 12 years ago
Hey, are any of mine in there?

j/k ;)
roschler 12 years ago
@Webel Photography,

ROFLMAO, thanks for that!

BTW, you have new mail. LOL.
Kevin PRO 12 years ago
paigelynn 12 years ago
Is it only March? Or all months?
Steve Webel 12 years ago
Every month (that I could tell)! I just started going backwards in the months and every one was nothin but cats.

Even the "Year Ago Today" was all cats!

Steve :-)
paigelynn 12 years ago
That is so awesome. :) I wonder if scout will reflect it. I imagine it will. I Don't know what timezone it's based on though. :P
RubyMae PRO 12 years ago
Absolutely brilliant!
AnDy631 PRO 12 years ago
Yeah that's a LOT of cats...almost too many...I'll bet you it is some April's Fool thing.
Yolise 12 years ago
I always thought the day started at GMT. Guess I never thought about it well enough...
sterestherster 12 years ago
Whahahaha, how funny!! But hey, I am missing my cats on this page!

Is there nobody else yet on april 1st?
Gertrud K. PRO 12 years ago
ROFL - This is great! I'm waiting impatiently one more hour!
Jon© [deleted] 12 years ago
And I'm pretty sure that Webel Photography is playing the fool on all of you! ;)
heather PRO 12 years ago
what are you all talking about?
Jon© [deleted] 12 years ago
I think a lot of people have fallen for an ,admittedly brilliant, April fool gag by WP :)
Muffet PRO 12 years ago
That's actually pretty funny.
regularjoe PRO 12 years ago
i don't see any cats.

SilentObserver PRO 12 years ago
That could be a serious bug in anti-cat
module in our interestingness algorithm. We are looking into it.
rvacapinta 12 years ago
I think a lot of people have fallen for an ,admittedly brilliant, April fool gag by WP :)

I just checked with a friend in New Zealand and she says thabd eecb canhvhwdmrwo...mrowww
Brenda Anderson PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Brenda Anderson (member) 12 years ago
Ha, it's not just d;lsajf;lkdasjv;lkas
oops. meow meow. lick lick. purrrrr
vasta 12 years ago
hmm...heather's icon has now been changed to a cat. as has caterina's. something sinister is afoot.
heather PRO 12 years ago
caterina --> cat, there's nothing sinister in that.
George 12 years ago
Nothing to see here...
Yolise 12 years ago
(Glad it was Flickr's not Webel's)
Kim Taylor Hull PRO 12 years ago
Ack George too! :)
paigelynn 12 years ago
Yeah, it's definitely flickr. I've had other people in other groups be like "wtf? there's cats all over in explore" :D
Crickie [deleted] 12 years ago
That is so funny. It'd bea great April Fools joke.
sterestherster 12 years ago
Yes, it is the 1st of April and I also only have cats in Explorer.
[ sneezes ]

nothing against cute kittens but

[ sneeze !!!!! ]

they make my skin itch and

[ SNEEZE!!!! ]

make my nose all tingly

(darn cute though, kittens, and so affectionate too)
Laurence & Annie 12 years ago
oh my...
Brenda Anderson PRO 12 years ago
Does this mean that all my photos that I've put into the various "interestingness" groups have to be removed??? :) Oh, no, just wait until April 1st hits fd's scout page. prepare for fallout. :)
Yolise 12 years ago
nah, no fallout. I just posted a photo of a cat. I had to borrow the neighbour's...
caterina 12 years ago
What! Dos Pesos is OUTRAGED!
Yolise 12 years ago
Just buy him a hat.
Kudos to the Flickr team for such an inventive Poisson d'Avril.

too bad that the cat's out of the bag (so to speak)

I still look forward to seeing a calendar full of kittens :)
experimien 12 years ago
I`m very allergic and I hate cats. :/

I had a little hope fool`s day would show us photos of ugly selfportraits. :D
[phil h] 12 years ago
goodness. this is worse than HDR's and fake tilt shifts together!
ßlϋeωãvε PRO 12 years ago
An Explore page full of clowns would have been more appropriate, but I suppose they didn't have enough of them on Flickr!
Arnath 12 years ago
Lol. It's the cat attack!:D
Joellymo PRO 12 years ago
Muahahahaaa! Too silly. I was going nuts trying to figure it out... Trying different browsers, etc. Never made the connection. It's April, and I continue to be a fool.... Meow....
spitfirelas 12 years ago
Ohh now the cat's out of the bag...and on the front of EVERY page in explore. They multiply faster than mice and rabbits.
Monkeye 12 years ago
i'm having a nightmare.
i'm having a nightmare.
i'm having a nightmare.
i'm having a nightmare.
i'm having a nightmare.
Peonza [deleted] 12 years ago
I´m from Spain and I didnt´know this date¡¡¡

I´m a fool¡¡¡ and I dont like cats¡¡¡ :)
brnpttmn Posted 12 years ago. Edited by brnpttmn (member) 12 years ago
Funny, just today one of my very few cat photos hit 23 on explore after almost three months having not once being on explore...

...and it's only of his nose
... has left the building [deleted] 12 years ago
That's got to be the best april fool's joke EVER! :D
m for marvellous 12 years ago
*LOL* The first time I was like, okay...coincidence. Then the 2nd, and 3rd, and 4th...what's going on!! :D

Good one Flickr team!

*goes off to find cat pic for my icon*
Steve Webel 12 years ago
I thought I was crazy at first- that's why I had to take the screen shot. I'm kinda relieved that everyone else is seeing it now...

This is pretty funny.

Reitstoen 12 years ago
Anyone made a HDR-tiltshift-cat picture yet? :P
Kristina J. [deleted] 12 years ago
heheh...brilliant april's fool joke.
mimbrava PRO 12 years ago
Thank you, whoever did the cat thing, for your great sense of humor. What a hoot! Or, er, a meow!
Lalitree 12 years ago
Perfect April Fool.
shafina 12 years ago
this topic made me look at the explore page :-P

boycott cats!!!
SanFranStagehand 12 years ago
No cats here yet. Not April 1st for 5 more hours. Now I have to stay up till midnight! I've added the tags "cat cats kitty" to a bunch of my photos to see what happens!
Sidereal PRO 12 years ago
Renata Diem 12 years ago
I see, all cats!! Funny ! hauahau
ßlϋeωãvε PRO 12 years ago
Cats? Pah! March was particularly kind to me. ;)

March was a good month for me!
Brenda Anderson PRO 12 years ago
Whew! The cats have left New Zealand. My interestingness is all back to normal.
sillykitty 12 years ago
The cats have left Australia, too. Just when I was starting to get used to it!
fhisa Posted 12 years ago. Edited by fhisa (member) 12 years ago
the cats have left Japan. miss you, the cats...
Steve Webel 12 years ago
They are gone here too (Hong Kong).

Maybe this was a 'hack' and not flickr's doing?

Does anyone know?
... has left the building [deleted] 12 years ago
They haven't arrived in Florida yet, but I'm getting the catnip ready - thanks for warning me! :D
xsquared 12 years ago
Scout is already reflecting the cat-centric change - 2 of my cat pictures have suddenly flown to the top 50 of their days, when they were never interesting before.
... has left the building [deleted] 12 years ago
(They're here, and it's worse than I imagined!) :D

Webel: Look at the icons of Flickr staff. Maybe that answers your question ;-)
Christine Lebrasseur 12 years ago
As we said in french "Poisson d'avril" ? :))

espion 12 years ago
Classic Pep 12 years ago
I think the people at flickrs are doing an April Foul's trick on everyone. Good one, eh.
plow plane [deleted] 12 years ago
SRMcNamara 12 years ago
Oh Lord!

that is quite scary
= Steph = PRO 12 years ago
OH! April Fool's Day! That's better. I was wondering what was with all the cats. :O
Rev Dan Catt Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Rev Dan Catt (member) 12 years ago
Humm, seems like a good time to make a poster :)
spitfirelas 12 years ago
Let's party.... The cat's have finally left Australian shores.
Kevin PRO 12 years ago
But our party has just begun over here!

.Nida 12 years ago
This is, by far, the best April Fool's ever! lol! I love it!
Hahaha...April 1st today..!Foolsday...
Josh Thompson PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Josh Thompson (member) 12 years ago
I'm gonna have to make sure I check Explore right after midnight (1 hour from now). Too bad I've never uploaded a photo of a cat....
cobalt123 PRO 12 years ago
It's 12:02 in Phoenix, and I've got the screen capture - woohoo! Lovin' this and the joke. Will post to one of my groups, The Cat's Meow, soon. What a riot! Thanks, flickr hackrs, whoever you are.
*ivo* PRO 12 years ago
wow yeah. Poor dogs they are being marginalized by flickr! :( lol
Leo Reynolds PRO 12 years ago
dominocat 12 years ago
Thanks for the laugh this morning - I looked in Scout and nearly *died* - although there are a few images that have always been in Explore and aren't cats.

Mind, I don't think it's that much of a 'cat'astrophe ;)
George 12 years ago
Poor dogs they are being marginalized by flickr!

About freakin' time.
nualao PRO 12 years ago
Very funny - it's pushed loads of mine into Explore as well!
My creation
dominocat 12 years ago
Hey Leo - love the icon! :D
Proggie PRO 12 years ago
That's not fair! How can flickr do this to us! That means the photos I just uploaded have no chance of being on Interestingness today!

Just kidding! :) this is what makes Flickr THE BEST! HAHAHA!
xmark. 12 years ago
The planning stage:

Programming the new algorithm:

Admiring a job well done:

The security measures to make sure no one changes interestingness back:

brnpttmn Posted 12 years ago. Edited by brnpttmn (member) 12 years ago
it all makes sense now...kittystretch

jon madison PRO 12 years ago
had wondered why my "wrangle" photo was up at #5 all of a sudden in interesting ness for 2/20...i had the tags


K//K 12 years ago
seriously I see tons of cats, no kidding. something's up
yep, I've got the ultimate cat top ten, only my latest FurryFriday Cat is missing, meow meow ...

the day of the cat
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