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Stewart PRO 8:06pm, 20 March 2005
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So you're asking: why are you being acquired? Why Yahoo?

We thought about lots of ways to keep Flickr going, growing, and
getting better. We considered taking VC money, more angel
investment, bootstrapping it and selling.

When Yahoo first approached us eons ago, we were pretty
skeptical. But after meeting the people on the Yahoo team and
getting a picture of where they were going, we got religion.
Maybe that's too strong. We realized we were all eating at the
same church potluck.

The things that were important to us were: being open, building
innovative stuff and kicking ass. Were these people OUR people?
Yes. See the stuff Yahoo's announced recently (including, of
course,this)? They're evolving in really interesting ways --
and from our look inside, we know know that there's a lot more

Yahoo won't be the Yahoo you've come to take for granted.
Competition (with that other company with two O's in its name)
has done great things for Yahoo. Dude. The best thing is we no
longer have to worry about finance, HR, legal, or things at
which we are completely incompetent and were taking our time
away from building Flickr. Hot damn.
Shooz 13 years ago
I kind of guessed it might be true when you didn't deny the rumours.


I hope you manage to keep this place's very special flickrness
Genista PRO 13 years ago
I think I speak for everyone when I ask:
How much did you guys get??? :P
Ron Diorio PRO 13 years ago
Congratulations and good luck.
Peek 13 years ago
What happens to the Ludicorp team? What happens to the great minds that started this? I know change is 'good' but what will become of all of this when Yahoo takes over? I will wait and see. Passing judgement will be delayed until further notice.
Stewart PRO 13 years ago
The whole team is staying on and staying together - we even get to do some hiring ;)

And we prefer to think of it as Flickr taking over Yahoo rather than the other way around.
aesop 13 years ago
blimey. good luck everyone. good luck to us users too.
ordinary voice [deleted] 13 years ago
Doing what you love doesn't always pay the rent, so I'm pleased that you're financially safe now. I hope Yahoo have the good sense to let you be.
striatic PRO 13 years ago
i just want to wish you guys well going forward with this.

flickr has been all about change and flexibilty and trying new and different things .. both for ludicorp and for us flickrnauts .. new challenges are good challenges and i can see a lot of potential in flickr and yahoo combining like this, especially right now as yahoo reinvents itself.

good timing, and good luck.
Forrest Seas PRO 13 years ago
There's a Steve Miller Band ditty going thru my head.
Flickr is strong in anyones hands.
Brenda Anderson PRO 13 years ago
Congrats guys!
1541 PRO 13 years ago
i was just reading this wired article about yahoo a few hours ago. anyhoo, congrats to all the flickr team on a deal that will hopefully work out well for everyone (them/you/me/the other thems and so on)

ẄỉźЌĭđ 13 years ago
You guys will FINALLY be paid now. So yeah, how much did you get???? I know It must be asked so I'll be the first to ask it. When will GNE come back now????
alert chicken [deleted] 13 years ago
Well, guys, go for it. But think of us too.... Have fun, good luck!
Old Shoe Woman PRO 13 years ago
Blessings to Flickr and Yahoo. I use Yahoo because my high school has two groups that are active. Besides my personal friends and colleagues at work, Flickr and Yahoo are my communication with other people and a great source of pleasure to me. I pray God is able to use this as a "Good Thing." I see regular, good people who are helpful, kind, and caring--not people who are out to exploit and harrass others--at Flickr AND with the members of my high school Yahoo groups. I'm fine with this. Competition is always good for the marketplace.
styler* PRO 13 years ago
this is totally brilliant.
You guys rock congratulations on creating something totally fantastic and make some money.
Hopefully this makes your financial futures secure, and your working days more happy and less stressful.
styler* PRO 13 years ago
and now you can bring back gne
einszwodrei 13 years ago
So Flickr will get cheaper (Pro accounts) what happens to those that have already paid? Will we get some extra bonus bonus (as mentioned). Hm, have a bad feeling about yahoo though. I think being independend is sometimes better. Why not Google then, if you sell out.
nobleviola PRO 13 years ago
Congrats! It's a testament to what you've built here that you were able to partner with Yahoo!. Don't mind the naysayers - they'd sell out in a second if they were actually given a bona fide offer - it's just sour grapes. I think it's worth celebrating - after all, flickr was a business venture, not an altruistic one.
flagrant cake [deleted] 13 years ago
Good luck, I hope what happened when Winamp was acquired by AOL doesn't happen to you guys.
Paul Watson 13 years ago
"Pro account holders will get super mega bonuses, to be announced soon."

Wooohooo! Flickr hoodies! Oh wait, that was when Google bought Blogger. People still point at the tiny Google logo on mine more than the mammoth orange B on the front.

While I don't want the team getting rich and buggering off to the Bahamas I do hope the hard working girls and boys get height-adjustable chairs now and real coffee, no more instant!

Well done Flickr, don't change.
striatic PRO 13 years ago
Well done Flickr, don't change.

flickr has always been about change, but i think you mean not changing the values, which will mean plenty of changes on the surface..

to that i wholeheartedly agree.
m.a.x PRO 13 years ago
Crossing my fingers this will be for the best!

Congratulations on a job well done Flickr Crew!
Ms Entropy 13 years ago
Congrats to Caterina and the team, for your ass-busting paying off.

But I agree with Paul Watson: don't change, Flickr, don't change :(
Ms Entropy 13 years ago
and I meant that in the Striatic way, as well :)
bosquetango 13 years ago
Moi aussi. Good going to you all for surviving and giving the world the best world wide community I've been lucky enough to be part of. Now lets hope Yahoo doesn't f@ck it up! And please don't adopt the constant requirment yahoo demands to re sigh in. I know what security I need and don't need a big brother forcing me down one path.
So, pro users get a free bus ticket to visit flickr in Yaletown, i heard a rumour...
Bob Gamble 13 years ago
Well, this is good news I suppose. Good stuff for us Pro account users. Sweet.

But good luck and don't change us too much. :)
knautia PRO 13 years ago
Guys, I love what you've made, and I guess if you can trust Yahoo with your baby, we can too? Congratulations - and yay for payday!

(Fabulous bonuses? Bring them on!)
elston 13 years ago
I know that some people groaned, but I've used Yahoo for over eight years now, and I really have very few bad things to say about them. As long as nothing really changes the way Flickr works, I don't think I'll mind the tie in.
Kris Krug PRO 13 years ago
you gonna get yahoo to move on up here to vancouver?

congrats ludicorp. i love seeing the good guys win.
Special 13 years ago
Will flickr be incorporated into the yahoo site as most of the other projects they've aquired have been? I mean.. will people have to have a yahoo id to view flickr photos?

That's the two things that worry me. That flickr will look like the yahoo site with ads everywhere and too many confusing navigation links.. and that they will force people to login to be able to view our photostreams.
Brock PRO 13 years ago
Hiring, eh?

May I be the first to offer my own inimitable talents. I am available from the 1st of 9 o'clock tomorrow morning.

And I certainly bloody hope I'm the first. If anyone else is offering my inimitable talents, I will be having stern words with them, I can tell you...
emdot PRO 13 years ago
congrats to ludicorp -- you guys deserve great things. and i am happy for you. i feel like my definition of what a good company is and what great customer service is has been redefined by you folk. you have something to be very proud of for the rest of your lives (that sounds corny, but i mean it seriously... most people only dream of creating such a fabulous community and service).

yet... i feel a little saddened by the yahoo announcement. sigh. all things must pass, to quote the great george harrison. i'm going to jump in the knautia wagon and say if you can trust them i guess we can too... fingers crossed.
Dawn Endico PRO 13 years ago
Congratulations! You must be very excited.

> In the future, you'll be able to
> log into Flickr using your Yahoo
> account

Are the flickr and yahoo namespaces going to remain separate? What are you going to do about name collisions? What's going to happen when fubuki@yahoo.com logs in to flickr?

I can think of another merger a while back where they made thousands of people change their identity. what a mess.
Stewart PRO 13 years ago
Thanks everyone :)

And I like that sentiment: we do trust them, so your faith is well-placed emdot and knautia. Read this post from Yahoo's Jeremy Zawodny ...
BenODen 13 years ago
Congrats! I've been a part of buy em and strip em mergers/buyouts, so I don't have great experience, but I hope you guys do better and they actually don't get in our way with their corporate guidlines!

Hopefully this won't effect FlickrLive's prospects for coming back down the line, though Yahoo doesn't have much in the way of global chat, so maybe you can infect Yahoo Groups with flickr Live! Then we get that work done that needs doing because they want it as badly as the FlickrLive junkies I've seen. No, not me, nuh uh. *laugh*

Will this change the amount you can tell us about what's coming down the pike? We like to anticipate new toys, ya know!

Everybody's bringing out their hopes and dreams to this announcement party, we're ready to dream of bigger things too, just give us inklings!

Oh, and nobody's asked THIS yet. When do the Y!s come out for good?
Timoluege PRO 13 years ago
Pro account holders will get super mega bonuses, to be announced soon.
Free accounts will have more storage and uploads -- pro accounts too -- AND they'll be cheaper.

Sooo - does it make sense to get a pro-account now? Or would that be a waste of money considering that they'll soon be cheaper?
Neil 13 years ago
Congratulations! Acquisitions are always worrisome, but I guess the best news is that "Flickr?" has now become "Flickr!"

I guess Google seemed like a natural for us peon users, because like Flickr, it inspires a sort of obsessive love. On the other hand, Google is nowhere near Yahoo when it comes to providing personalized services and making communities.

(sigh. I almost got a pro account yesterday.)
jeffclavier 13 years ago
As I wrote, congratulations and best of luck with the integration. And I look forward to seeing you at URL Cafe one of these days.
aslakr PRO 13 years ago
Flickrs will be crap if the result is going to be anything like Yahoo!'s acquisition of eGroups.

Hopefully it won't.
striatic PRO 13 years ago
wow .. over in the irc chat, eric mentioned an old prediction that i had made regarding yahoo acquiring flickr .. i think a lot of the points i brought up still make sense:

hanni PRO 13 years ago
Just to echo:
I have faith...
Fintan 13 years ago
Yay! Kinda... well not.

I'm indifferent about this - just so long and Flickr stays Flickr and doesn't turn into Yahcker or something with extra ads all over the place...

Some nice convincing there, Cat.
Claudecf PRO 13 years ago
Just like Fintan, just hope this is not going to produce ads all over the place, which is what yahoo groups and mail look like these days...
Let's see what happens!
oswaldo 13 years ago
Is the end of Flickr as we know it.

Good Luck Sellouts.
I'll start to seek some fresh, so when flickr is yahoo corped all the way, i'll have other alternatives.
okay. i read caterina's blog post that stewart linked to (should have done that first) and all i gotta say is, i think i love ludicorp even more right now.

the deep breathing helped.
astrocruzan PRO 13 years ago
Congratulations! Best of luck with this new beginning.
Congratulations Stewart, Caterina, George, Jason, Eric, Paul, Sergui and all of the other Ludicorprs!

First Oddpost, now Flickr, I predict Yahoo! will soon buy Salon.com.
ẄỉźЌĭđ 13 years ago
So are we still going to have the "Google ads"????
Congratulations! It may not be where you thought you'd wind up when you launched the GNE prototype back in 2002, but it's a mighty impressive accomplishment. Best wishes.
Kim Taylor Hull PRO 13 years ago
:( I hope Flickr doesn't change. Yahoo is so commerical not to mention 99% of the spam I get is from Yahoo/people who use yahoo mail.

I have my fingers crossed that all will be well in the end.. a win - win
intutum 13 years ago
AngeNose 13 years ago
Hats off to you guys! Hopefully Flickr will get even better with Yahoo behind it. Just keep it real, yo.
niznoz PRO 13 years ago
Think of it as Flickr acquiring Yahoo. Imagine how Yahoo can become more Flickry.

Never the less I too have the same discomfort many feel when they move from their small and understandable primary/elementary schools to the big school down the road.

What will Flickr be like with 10 million users (y'know, some time in the future)? 2 billion?

In the mean time, somebody mentioned super mega bonuses. . .
Well yes, congratulations to you all on the personal side of things.

Yay! Stewart made money!

I don't know that this bodes well for flickr or increases the slim chance that gne will return. I've been through this when a company I worked for was acquired and what I found was that the acquiring company nearly always says:
"Nothing will change, you guys rock!"

Right before changing everything, a smidgeon at a time. I have many friends who have gone through the same thing and it has nearly always ended badly.

If being bought was your end goal, then hey! Again, congrats.

So good luck to you all and I'll just keep hanging out to see what happens. For the sake of the nebulizers.
Brian T Wright 13 years ago
Yahoo is a very good company and I'm sure will do Flickr well. I've had their ISP service for years and their "my yahoo" portal is my home page. I even drive by their campus on the way to work; smiling, happy people who do not wear suits. You might not see their quality if you are not a paying member, but I can assure you I am a discriminating, happy customer.

As for any fear about ads disgracing the pro Flickr experience, there is always Firefox, as some of you have recently taught me. And with Yahoo mail I never see spam.

Beside, Google is going down the toilet.
fallsroad PRO 13 years ago
I've only been around for two months so I'll have to put my trust in you guys that the acquisition won't destroy what is turning into a wonderful online experience for me.

Good on ya for getting paid. In even the brief time I've been around I've witnessed the insanely hard work you've put into Flickr.

fraying 13 years ago
Congrats, friends!

Will Yahoo keep Flickr going as a separate brand, or will it be folded into Yahoo?
I think it's great that Ludicorp announced this on the Flickr Blog (and word sprads fast, even on Sunday; there are about 15 trackbacks to the posting already), but the Ludicorp web page hasn't been updated with a "Press Release" yet.

I'll take that as a testament to where their priorities yet lie.

Also, I think it's fabulous that the devs will start getting paid for their outstanding work, which lies along several axes, from the datacenter to support a very data intensive process, to the user interface, the API work, and innovative and intuitive use of modern browser technology that degrades gracefully for older clients, as well as participating in the whole thing as members of the community they helped build. Whew.

Congrats. I hope it cost Yahoo! deep in the purse.
fierce destruction [deleted] 13 years ago
another great idea gone to the big business sewer. I expect it to get uptight and weird before long. There's almost nothing left. The internet is clearly losing it's outsider appeal. I congradulate you guys for getting what you wanted though. I'm sad that everything ends up being taken over by conglomerates with a bunch of talking heads and bean counters
Stewart PRO 13 years ago
Fraying: separate brand :)

MercuryJones: you're right. I liked the internet better back in 1994. There's never anything good on now.
Brian T Wright 13 years ago
quas 13 years ago
WOOO! Serious congrats, Ludicorp!
Ottoman42 13 years ago
...And I was really getting hooked on Flickr too. Here's hoping it stays the same.
santheo 13 years ago
Best of luck to you guys. I have great hopes.
fraying 13 years ago
*raises a glass*

Mavel tov, Flickrinos!
ajschu PRO 13 years ago
Awesome, awesome, awesome. Congratulations to all the flickrnauts. I trust you guys, and I have faith that Yahoo! will trust you, too.
lil miss priss PRO 13 years ago
Congratulations!!! and hats off to all of you.

taking deep breaths and hoping for the best. Though what I have seen in in the past few months gives me great faith in what flickr can and will achieve.

and as stated above: don't change, Flickr, don't change
I mean that in the good sense, of what you offer this community, your willingness to give it the best that you can.
holgate PRO 13 years ago
Oh, I knew I should have tickle-tortured it out of you both. (Or out of Cal, since he looks to have a lower pain threshold.)

Seriously, though, big congrats. I'm so chuffed for you. This ain't the beginning of the end for Flickr, in spite of what some may say, but, instead, the end of the beginning.
I guess this means that my dream of Flickr - Picasa - Blogger - Gmail - Gbrowser integration will remain just that... a dream.

ZenOptic 13 years ago
Special hit my fears right on the head!
Oh well it's done.
We all will hang on for the ride and see where it goes.
jaymce 13 years ago
Sincere congrats to flickr...

i am deligthed i have been part of this from early on and will continue to tow the line...

stay true
Congrats peops .. I reckon this is a dream come true for a developer .. And a great compliment to your work!

Hopefully Yahoo doesn't get too much input into Flickr, since Ludicorp does a good job, together with Flickr users .. I love developers that actually listen to their users ..

Keep up the good work!
Bistrosavage 13 years ago
Grats Lidicorp!! Just one question: How often will you have to attend business meetings with Yahoo people?
judith PRO 13 years ago
congrats indeed. champagne toasts, next time i see you ludicorpers in corporeal form.
Abu 13 years ago
scottpartee 13 years ago
I think this is a good move for the Flickr folks. However, I am wary of the huge influx of users. We have a nice community here, and it *will* get somewhat jostled, if not outright destroyed. That being said, I'd go for the money, were I Flickr.
~C4Chaos 13 years ago
sweet. the law of natural progression caught up with the uber-coolest app in cyberspace. as long as you guys make good on your promise (which i know you will) this is a change for the better. now better kick some 1.0 ass out there.
harold 13 years ago
Congrats to you all. Even more congrats to Y! for getting it. When are you moving to San Francisco?
txkimmers 13 years ago
Excellent news! And on my one year anniversary here too.

Everybody let's hug each other and hold on tight...
Caroline PRO 13 years ago
*Happy for Flickr*


Sorry, irrational about the big Y ever since they took over my web host and effectively killed the service.

But let me repeat... *Happy for Flickr*
Chris Campbell PRO 13 years ago
Congratulations! It's exciting and scary all at the same time.
Don't forget where you came from and keep moving forward. You guys rock and you'll be spending more time doing cool stuff and less time doing administrative stuff.
It's kind of like graduating, you don't want it to end, but you know if can't stay the same forever.
Onward, upward and a big toast to you all!
xtrarant 13 years ago
I got a sinking feleing here. Yahoo has a bit of a shady history when it comes to the rights of its users and its users' content, not to mention advertisements plastered EVERYWHERE on ANYTHIGN owned by Yahoo. If I start seeing Yahooism creeping into Flickr, I'm OUTTA here faster than you can say "corporate sellout"
I'm happy for the Flickr folk, but feel the same as some others about the possibility of forced logins instead of photos being public as they are now. And yes, ads, too.

Congratulations to the Ludicorps and best wishes for the future!
Dominik Schwind PRO 13 years ago
If Yahoo does to the Flickr community what they did to the Geocities community back in the olde days..............

Well, I sure do hope not, so let your party be going on but let Flickr be the best there is. :)
sbpoet PRO 13 years ago
I am very pleased that the folks who made this will get the money they deserve --

One of the things that makes this service so remarkable is the spectacular customer service. One of the things that makes Yahoo so disliked is its impossible customer service -- just try to find a real answer, or a real person to answer a question. I used to be a 'small business' customer of theirs; never again.

I will hope they learn from you.
amareschal 13 years ago
I guess it's a good thing I didn't pay for a Flickr Pro account yet. Sorry if I don't share your enthusiasm, but I've seen Yahoo kill too many other sites and systems that I enjoyed for the sake of Securing the Rights. They're the Adobe of online services.
bessycow 13 years ago
Does this mean that "ordering prints" will be enabled soon?

Congrats to the Flickr team, hopefully life (on Flickr) at least, will stay relatively the same.
Norby PRO 13 years ago
I'm not sure where the forced logins bit came from. Y! has dozens of services (including Y! Photos) that can be completely accessed without login. Flickr already has forced logins - they're called "friends and family". Heck, even logging in you can't see those pictures unless you're on the A-list.
tomcosgrave PRO 13 years ago
Congrats to all the Ludicorp kids!
Congratulations to Stuart, Caterina and the entire Flickr team!
Congratulations, but I think I'm going to hold off a bit on the Pro account. I just hope Flickr doesn't become more Yahoo Cluttr.

Yahoo makes me upset: unbearably choked with irritating ads that interrupt navigation to the point that I rarely use it, and wouldn't even consider using their groups.

This talk by Scott Gatz, senior director of personalization products for Yahoo gave me a glimmer of hope that Yahoo was changing their philosophy. (My Yahoo is actually pretty decent.)

Here's hoping things are changing at Yahoo, and that Flickr has not become Flickr of Borg.

Now, I'm going to go read the blog post that seems to be reassuring people.
Peter Norby: I completely abandoned Yahoo photo albums because of their total database restructuring several years ago -- by that time, I'd had thousands of photos arranged in albums, with links from my site. With the new database, the albums were all gone, the photos had no organisation, all links changed. I had to give up completely because they left the onus of re-linking up to the user! What kind of database is that?? Not only that, but the new default was that the albums were private, not public, so EVERYTHING had to be changed, including access and permissions. It was a gigantic, unholy mess.
deborah d. lattimore PRO 13 years ago
congratulations to all of you for a wonderful product and wonderful fun. your creation has brought me so much joy and inspiration, as well as new friends. no need to go into details about the obsession you've also caused. :)
snowdeal PRO 13 years ago
jeez. i take a few hours away from the computer and look what happens.


and fwiw, given that a few ( most? all? ) of the ludicorpians have been around the block a few times, i'm in the "end of the beginning" camp. savvy folks they are.
firemind 13 years ago
Congratulations. We shall see how it goes.
davekellam PRO 13 years ago
Congrats. Yahoo has managed to survive everything that the internet has thrown at it, so I see this as a good thing. Yahoo's been really coming about lately, it's great to see, yea competition.
McPHX 13 years ago
I second Julian - Congratulations Stewart, Caterina, George, Jason, Eric, Paul, Sergui and all of the other Ludicorprs!
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