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CELTS in ROMANIA and Danube Valley. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr

Beyond the limited circle of cognoscenti - academics, archaeologists, ethnographers or specialist in palaeohistory of Europe, few people are aware of the fact that the CELTIC PEOPLE lived on the territory of present-day Romania and that long after they migrated to Western Europe, their influence has been perpetuated in myths, in traditions, in legends and floklore, as much as in decorative arts to the very present.
Romanian folk embroidery, wood carving of gates and crosses, pictorial decoration of enameled pottery they all betray not only the CELTIC roots, but a permanence in the Carpatho-Danubian space.
The cemetery of Sapanta village and the ornamental gates of farmhouses in Maramures (Northern Transylvania, in the Eastern Carpathians) are perhaps the most convincing examples of such perenity through the presence of the Celtic Cross. Other motifs abund: the spiral, the rope, the snake.and other motifs common to the Western Celts.

Al along the Lower and the Middle Danube Valley to Slovakia archaeological remains and artefacts now in museums back up the presence of the Celtic culture of Central-Eastern Europe a fascinating as little-known and sadly neglected.

All examples of old and new objects are invited, as much as their Western Celtic counterparts in ireland and elsewhere for the purpose of a comparative reference.

Please add tag "Celts Romania" and invite your friends most likely to have relevant pictures.

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