Delicate Soniya 3:37pm, 11 January 2012
A warm welcome to the new members, Please introduce yourself here !!
acceptable parcel [deleted] 7 years ago
Hi, I'm from Chicago in the US... it's nice to be here :)
charming bushes [deleted] Posted 7 years ago. Edited by charming bushes (member) 5 years ago
Hi ladies, I'm Jen; I live in VA. I'm happy to be part of this sisterhood and grateful for the support!

Josie Augusta 5 years ago
I am Josie, a mature, classy crossdresser and I reside in Augusta, Georgia and am out and about often, and have many pictures in my flickr album. I enjoy the company of other crossdressers, as well as admirers.
Facebook: Josie Augusta
serious position [deleted] 5 years ago
HiGirls,I am from Auburn, NY and I cant dress at work but for the most part I am full time dressed at home. I live there with my wife and I am actually the wife in our family. I go grocery shopping and to the mall dressed most times.There are several photos in my flicker album with more to come soon.
phlover52 5 years ago
Hi I am from south Dakota. I Love to cross dress. Love the classy secretary business woman look. My biological family knows of my cding and a few friends but other than that not many people know other than my cd friends on the net.
Marie-Christine.TV 4 years ago
Hi Girls, I´m a german crossdressing lady who likes feminine business suits, nice blouses and lovely dresses. I´d like to go out en femme sometimes and enjoy being feminine.
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