qnr 1:37am, 9 October 2009
I'm Terry, I live in Corpus (Flour Bluff). Basically, I'm not a very social type - but someone had to start this off :)
regeniabrabham 9 years ago
Hi, I am Regenia Brabham and I am currently residing in Byron, Georgia. We will be moving to Corpus Christi in the next few months and I am so excited to find out that there is a camera club. I am currently a member of the DIPG camera club in Warner Robins, Ga and served as 2nd vice president for 3 years at the Middle Georgia Camera Club in Macon, GA. I am sad to leave my old friends here but looking forward to meeting new photographers there.
qnr 9 years ago
Hi Regenia. Thanks for joining - the group is new and not very active yet. I'm only in the house for about ten minutes, but couldn't let the first bit of activity go unnoticed heheh.
Billie Hara 9 years ago
Thanks for setting this up. ;-)
O Bar 9 years ago
Well here goes nothing. My name is Don Jamerson and I have been a member of the Corpus Christi Camera Club for about 6 months and I know a lot less about computers than I do about cameras. I joined the club to learn about photography and share photos so I might as well learn something about computers as well.
qnr 9 years ago
My pleasure :)
O Bar Hi Don! Don't worry, you won't need to know much about computers here in the group, but if you need to know something, it's a great place to ask.
Anna Cortinas PRO 8 years ago
Hi, I'm Anna and I like to take photos. I hope to one day be able to attend one of your meetings.

Thank you.
qnr 8 years ago
Hiya Anna, glad to have you!
jesjobell 8 years ago
Hi, my name is Sara i live in corpus christi i love photography but just really starting to get onto it. Soon Im getting a DSLR camera and then i look forward to joining you the corpus christi camera club!!
qnr 8 years ago
Hiya Sara, welcome! (And you don't need a dSLR to join)
jillybean_tx1967 8 years ago
Hi, I'm Jill and I love to take pictures. I got my first DSLR in October last year and am still learning how to use it. I am open to any suggestions, comments, critiques, etc that anyone wants to give me. Hopefully I can attend the club meeting soon and actually join for real.
qnr 8 years ago
Hi Jill, glad to have you here.
f6point3studio 6 years ago
Boy, is this place dead. *_*

Hi, so my name is Pete, and I've lived in Corpus Christi going on 14 years now. I collect and use vintage cameras, preferring to shoot film. I also develop my own black & white film (and other peoples' from time to time).

Since mine is the first post in more than 2 years, I won't hold my breath waiting for someone to respond. :)
SilverChrome7 Posted 6 years ago. Edited by SilverChrome7 (member) 6 years ago
There was a photo walk this past October 2012, along Shoreline Dr. I suppose no one here went?

Hey Pete, since it only took me 4 months to respond to you, do I get a prize?
f6point3studio 6 years ago
I went to the Photo Walk, there were about 15 people who participated, I think. I was a co-captain, for what it was worth.

"What do we have for our contestant, Johnny?"
SilverChrome7 6 years ago
That's a pretty good turn out considering. I was thinking of driving out and joining but couldn't make it that weekend.

I've lead several walks myself and know how difficult it can be to get everyone's schedule to sync but I enjoy meeting Flickr members in person. Well, the sane ones anyway ;-)
f6point3studio 6 years ago
Oh, and my 10-year-old son's picture entry won for our city! :-)
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