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C'mon guys invite your cat loving Mac geek friends.

No videos for the time being. If there is a consensus saying otherwise then I may change that in consultation with the other admins.


  • Cats Love Macs Widget

    If anyone wants to give it a try I have a widget for the Photo pool available fr...

    Mikmac99 months ago2 replies

  • New Member question

    Just joined tonight after seeing comment in tuaw ... noticed that when I go thro...

    last coverages ago1 replies

  • Maki loves MacBookPro

    He will often get himself between me and the armrest, whether there is room ...

    jdtrudelages ago2 replies

  • Hello and Invitation for All of You

    My name is Dana and I am one of the co-founders of a new "Pets Only" Competition...

    Lady Forestages ago0 replies

  • Hi All - I'm new.

    Howdy! I'm Dave - my cat is Gary, and he loves Macs. As soon as I can figure ...

    davegiaimoages ago1 replies

  • New member

    Hi! I am Renate and I have not only a Microsoft Computer.;-))))) I love my Mac...

    Renate134ages ago1 replies

  • I should get a pic of my cat by my Mac...

    TItle. BRB

    MacClassicages ago1 replies

  • Finally. Photoshop plug-in for uploading photos to Flickr!

    FlickrShop is an absolutely free Photoshop plug-in for Mac OS X 10.3, 10.4 work...

    silent limitages ago1 replies

  • Apple iBook Heaven!

    Come join my new group if you are a fan of the older iBook G3 clamshells and iBo...

    Ballistik Coffee Boyages ago0 replies

  • Sleeping cats

    Most of the cat pictures posted to this group are fast asleep. Now why is that? ...

    Mikmacages ago0 replies

  • Group Logo

    I think this group could do with a Logo any creative types out there have any id...

    Mikmacages ago8 replies

  • TUAW Loves Cats Loves Macs

    The Mac Blog, The Unofficial Apple Weblog mentions Cats Loves Macs in one of its...

    sandrinoages ago1 replies

  • New group "Cathouse"

    You are wellcome to post your pictures of cathouses the houses can be indoors t...

    PirjoSundqvistages ago1 replies

  • Where's the Mac?

    I know I am a pedant, there are lots of lovely pictures of cats here, but where ...

    Mikmacages ago4 replies

  • MacWorld US Feature

    My picture appears on this MacWorld US web page Best Flickr groups for Mac. This...

    nigel@hornchurchages ago1 replies

  • A companion group for dogs

    I just started a related group called 'Dogs Love Macs Too!'. Just like this one...

    codeman38ages ago0 replies

  • well, maybe....

    igor doth protest... Igor's Jealous of Flickr

    kirstenpdxages ago0 replies

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