JaymeeLS 5:26pm, 13 May 2011

The cat sanctuary located in Quinton, Birmingham, United Kingdom, takes care & helps home abused and abandoned cats, unfortunately without donations Wellcat will close down at the end of the year!

We need your support to help keep these cats in a home and well looked after.
Any donation will go towards:
- Vets bills
- Food
- Shelter

Without your donations and support, these cats will no longer have a home or anyone to care for them. If you love animals and support their welfare, help us out!

To make a donation follow this link:

If you are kind enough to make a donation or even if can't afford to spare anything, please join our dedicated Facebook page www.facebook.com/pages/Help-Save-Wellcat-Cat-Sanctuary/19... to this cause. Hopefully, this will spread the word about what we are doing! Ps: If you do donate and join the page, let us know what you donated :)
Everything is appreciated!
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