grebo guru PRO 10:53pm, 23 May 2005
I am a full-time cat butler. May I still join the group?
noa m 13 years ago
If you have only one cat, get your cat a friend and you'll feel less like a cat butler... It worked for us- our cat was awfully demanding before we got him a friend and now the two of them keep each other busy and don't need as much attention from us. They also don't get lonely when we're out...
Thanks Colita, it was my attempt at humour. I do have two lovely boys who love each other as brothers. I was lucky that Jack accepted Nori so readily.
Bakkie 13 years ago
I know one of my cats thinks he ownes me. When I'm home he thinks my lap is his place to sit on, he talks all the time to me and demand food. In return he overload me with presents like mice, birds alive or death, fish, toys from the neighboorcats, and all things he find on the street or fishes out of the canal. He is not always faithfull because he spent some nights by neighbours in their beth. He is fun.
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