succinct fairies [deleted] 10:58am, 22 March 2005
Stoffel is suffering a serious kidney disease. My vet is not hopeful, but he will help him as best he can. I'm very sad. Please, pray for Stoffel ...
icedtea 13 years ago
I'm so sorry to hear about Stoffel. I really hope he gets better quickly.
succinct fairies [deleted] 13 years ago
Thank you very much, icedtea!
luvbuniz 13 years ago
Sorry to hear about that. My cat Bubu passed away at home a couple of days ago and the grief overcame me for 2 days.

I will pray for Stoffel and hope that he gets better.
succinct fairies [deleted] 13 years ago
Re luvbuniz: This is so sad for you! Sorry to hear that! Thanks for praying for Stoffel!
noa m 13 years ago
I totally understand what you're going through- I had a cat (Yonatan) who suffered kidney failure at the age of 11. The vet said we could keep him alive for a few more months with dialysis and shots but I decided not to prolong his suffering and had him euthanized. It was very difficult to let go of my beloved cat. I cried for 15 hours straight and I still miss him very much.
Also, I was abraod when that happened and it was very painful for me that I couldn't be with Yonatan in his last moments and pet him for the last time while he was falling asleep.
(Now I'm crying again!)
I hope that Stoffel recovers...
succinct fairies [deleted] 13 years ago
Re colita: This is a very sad story. But ... your love for him made you decide to have him euthanized. That is real love, although it is a very sad goodbye, especially because you couldn't be with him in his last moments. But he must have felt that you loved him, really, cats are so sensitive. When did it happen? Thanks for sharing this with me and for your sweet comment.
noa m 13 years ago
Yonatan died almost 4 years ago but the memory is still vivid.
How's Stoffel doing?
succinct fairies [deleted]
Re colita: Yes, I can understand that ... I hope you can keep the good memories vivid ... he will always be in your heart.
Stoffel keeps eating, I'm happy with that ... we go from day to day. I think you'll know what I mean. Thanks for thinking of Stoffel.
succinct fairies [deleted] 13 years ago
I have very sad news about Stoffel. I'm losing him, I have to let him go ...
We have done all we could do... This is so very sad and difficult... there are no words for this. But, I know in my heart that this is the best for him and I 'told' him. I feel he is longing for rest. My sweet, beautiful Stoffel, he will always be in my heart. He brought so much love into my life. I'm so grateful for that. Thanks for thinking of him, dear friends. Tomorrow morning 10.30 a.m. will be the time of goodbye. Please, burn a candle for him ... Thank you so much!
succinct fairies [deleted]
My dear Flickr friends, thank you so much , right from my heart, for all your warm words and gestures of love and support. My little boy Stoffel passed away in peace. Really, he must have felt your love in his transition to a Higher Place. I buried him in a wonderful garden of a friend of mine. And although, he's gone physically, I feel he's still with me. He will always be in my heart. I'll never forget your warm support. It means so very much to me. Thanks again!
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