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Welcome to a group about our favourite friends! Thanks for joining!. We hope you will enjoy your time here.

Please remember you are expected COMMENT on other photos when you post. This is NOT optional - its unfair to other members not to. I will ban people for not doing so.

This is a group for DOMESTIC cats only. NO artwork. Any photos submitted not following these rules will be DELETED and repeat offenders will be BANNED....

Comment Code - click on "about" under photo...

Group Description

This group is for anyone who has cats in their lives who they love.

Cats can be our best friends so let's show how much we appreciate and love them by posting their photos here.

This group is for pet cats only and not those of the large and wild variety! We don't mind a bit of human in the shot but would prefer fur only please. NO full human shots. Minimal photoshop too.

Everyone loves to receive comments so please take the time to comment on one photo for each you post using the following code. Members not commenting may be banned from the group.


Found under the Comment Code thread. Thanks to Flickr changes I am unable to replace it here. I'm sick of Yahoo screwing with things that don't need "fixing".

which will look like

Cats We Love
Thank you for sharing with us!!!

Please invite photos using


<a href="https://www.flickr.com/groups/cats_we_love/">
<img src="https://farm2.static.flickr.com/1071/3167980270_c59884d2cd_t_d.jpg">
<BR><b>Cats We Love</b><BR>
Please come join us!!!</a>

Cats In Boxes/Bags contest winner!

Cat Hide And Seek Contest winner
Hiding from Jack, a series


=^.^= Angels in heaven =^.^=
Some of the loved ones who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2012 by Silvia I.

Make your cat this happy and join us!!!!

by chrisandcraigtakeontheworld

Tiger 1

Group Rules

Rules everyone must read and follow

You may post up to 3 photos a day.

Please only show us small cats and none of the large cat families.

You may include a very small amount of human but we prefer mainly furry shots please!

A comment code is available - comment on one photo for every one you post.

All members are expected to post comments on to the photographs of other members when they post into the pool.

Anyone repeatedly not doing so will be banned from the group.

Thank you.

Il est attendu de tous les membres qu'ils postent un commentaire sur les photographies d'autres membres, à chaque fois qu'une nouvelle photo est postée dans le groupe. ( Postez une photo, commentez en une ) Quiconque ne le faisant pas et ce de manière répetée, pourra être banni du groupe. Merci.

Von allen Mitgliedern wird ein Kommentar zu den Fotos der anderen Mitglieder erwartet. Jeder bekommt gerne Kommentare zu seinen Bildern. Bei wiederholten Verstößen gegen diese Regel wird das Mitglied gebannt. Vielen Dank!
Einfach den Comment Code kopieren und einfügen!

Tutti i membri sono tenuti ad inserire commenti sulle foto degli altri appartenenti al gruppo ogni qual volta inseriscono una propria immagine. Quindi per ogni immagine inserita, almeno un commento.
Chi non si attiene alla regola verrà cancellato dal gruppo.
Ogni commento deve essere provvisto del codice che si trova tra i primi commenti


Se espera que a todos los miembros fijen comentarios encendido a las fotografías de otros miembros cuando fijan en la piscina. Cualquier persona que no hacía en varias ocasiones tan se podía prohibir del grupo. Gracias.

Additional Info

  • Members can post 3 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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