breaking rules

I'magrandma PRO 11:26pm, 28 September 2010
I see so many photos in this group that are breaking the rules. why have rules if they are not taken seriously.
I have silly photos of my cat. I would never put in this group
because there is a rule forbidding it.
great photos here but some need to be in other groups.
marylu22 7 years ago
Agree, I was surprised to see that, as the rules are very specific.
smk_photo 3 years ago
I was "floored" by all the rules. None-the-less, I thought I had a couple of good photos that would fit - AND then I see all the other "out of bounds" photos ! Who's minding the store?
la POOparazzi PRO 3 years ago
You join so many groups on Flickr and it's easy to forget what all the rules are. I just went through and deleted a number of my photos because I had forgotten what the rules of this group were. Just happened to see your discussion title and I went and read the rules again. Thanks for bringing it up. :)
I am back after a long absence from flickr and am going through my groups here are the rules you have posted below and my question/response is I do agree there are several images that do not conform to the rules below. My question would be as to why they are so specific? Cats lounge, lick, hiss, growl etc... as is their nature. They sprawl, spread out, stretch and lay on their backs as is the nature of them which really expresses the unique attributes of a cat. Would you not want to capture the nature of a cat to highlight its elegant and natural behaviours at the same time as capturing the beauty of the cat in a specific pose? I have several images of cats as I am an animal photographer and find that the rules are very strict and confining. If all the images were the same here I would not say much but upon viewing the galleries are you going to delete a majority of images already accepted? This seems to be the only fair way of ensuring the rules are followed. I am not trying to impose my opinion but I do believe fair play is in order here.

This group is for everyone who loves ELEGANT CATS.
We all think our cats are elegant, but there are times when even the most elegant cat is not well-mannered.

Because of this, and because we wish to keep this group as classy as possible, we have quite a few rules in place. The group leaders abide by these rules when approving or denying photos to our pool. If your photo is denied, it means that it broke a rule. Please do not try to add photos again if they are denied. This could result in your removal from the group!

There is no way to think of rules against every possible classy pose. Gray areas apply here. Our rules include but are not limited to:

1. No cats who are not real. This means drawings, statues, stuffed animals, etc.

2. No cats who are playing, leaping or fighting. This includes cats with laid back ears and other angry body language and cats who are preparing to pounce.

3. No cats with open mouths including bathing.

4. No cats who are stretching, sprawling, or have body parts hanging over things..

5. No photos where the entire face is not visible, including back of the head, silhouettes, and photos with only a small part of the cat showing.

6. No cats who are belly up and most other sleeping & laying down positions. Rarely, a cat will manage to look classy while laying down. Those exceptions to this rule are allowed.

7. No cats with laser eyes or heavily photoshopped cats.

There are other groups dedicated to cute, funny, lazy, and silly photographs. This group is specifically for Classy photos!
Unacceptable photos will be denied without notice.
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