Obtuse Photo 4:04am, 17 April 2008
Sorry there was no theme this week, I couldn't make Monday to post a new theme D:

but next week's theme will be cats in nature, or just outside if you want.

Hope to see your photos next week~
Obtuse Photo 10 years ago
It's not the best of pictures but,

in the blur
Shamey Jo 10 years ago
The Syd
ON1TZUKA 10 years ago
Camilla - In the tree
CSLyons 10 years ago
Appreciating Nature
Robin S. 10 years ago
Smudge with Flowers (2)

My cats are indoor cats so this is as close to nature as it gets!
ambiebambie39507 10 years ago
my cat is also an indoor cat.

jvas90 10 years ago
Irwin outside on his leash... he was not too sure about being outside.
Why did you put this thing on me?!
Obtuse Photo 10 years ago
Such lovely photos~
great current [deleted] 10 years ago
Pippers (neighbor's cat) Rolling in my Mom's flower garden
Rolling Pippers
naomi_cas 10 years ago
Digging at the beach... we only go off season :-)
I tend to take my cats everywhere... like I would do with dogs
digging at  the beach
iRaQi_DuDe 10 years ago
Changaa 10 years ago
Quiet contemplation
CedricTheCat PRO 10 years ago
Changaa 10 years ago
Waiting by the garden gate...
Changaa 10 years ago
Just looking......
Watching the birds....
stidball PRO 10 years ago
Tiggles up a tree!
See Tiggles... See Tiggles Climb...
cats_in_blue PRO 10 years ago
I met this cat in a museum garden. However it didn't want to socialize
A cat in Oluf Hoest's garden #1
Katyax 10 years ago
Mine are also always inside.. Here is one of my cats in her favorite spot.. The window :)
Not the best pic maybe... But here goes.

kaoma_malibu_mist 10 years ago
Big stump... little kitty
Sirrush 10 years ago
Björgvinjar Sambó
Gilbert Rondilla 10 years ago
Jobsite Cat II Color
serafini marisa PRO 10 years ago
serafini marisa PRO 10 years ago
smillakatz PRO 9 years ago
Charly garden
artistgal 9 years ago
 Kiki in the grass
artistgal 9 years ago
mmm, smells like a leaf!
Pickles&Toki 9 years ago
ryanharding89 9 years ago
Rear Window

Hunting out the prey amidst a hot summer's day

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