Sphinx-Mama PRO 3:58pm, 22 September 2007
In the Cats With Class Pool, we have photos of your little angels at their most elegant and well-behaved - perfect little Princes and Princesses. But they CAN'T be perfect ALL THE TIME, now can they??

Here's your chance to show us their crazy (or DARK) side! Is your perfect beauty a closet fridge climber? Is that poised little prince the family bully when the camera's off? Show us your photos of him pouncing on his brothers, or her scaling your appliances. Show us your baby going all out at his favorite game or racing 100mph after the neighbor's dog. If it's anything but classy, post it in this thread.

Please tell us a little about the scene you're showing us!

Have fun! =)
bonjshar 11 years ago
Emmett attacked by Zoe...
Emmett's new hat...

A common look for Abbey...ultra non-elegant!

Zoe in her most comfy position...not so classy!
Lady Zoe
stefshep7 Posted 11 years ago. Edited by stefshep7 (member) 11 years ago
Alvin is usually quite a gentleman....usually!!

Then theres my beautiful Molly-Girl, who tends to occasionally overindulge!!
Molly Was A Bad Bad Girl!  LOL!!
attractive front [deleted] 11 years ago
Bootsie only has one or two pics in the pool. He has very little dignity, as you can see!

No dignity whatsoever  (Explored)

Ear Fun

See?  I'm human. Duh!  (Explored!)

Hungry Cat
attractive front [deleted] 11 years ago
Frank... he likes toilet paper!

attractive front [deleted] 11 years ago
Frank has a mean right hook

Catnip Fight

Pud has a serious catnip addiction

Tasty Catnip

Frank and Pud really get into it at times!

I'll smack you before you smack me!
Sphinx-Mama PRO 11 years ago
Dagny, chilling out, missing an ear....

Even Beautiful Girls Have Ridiculous Moments....
Sphinx-Mama PRO 11 years ago
Dylan, who just can’t seem to take a classy shot, but who is quite versatile in his ridiculousness….

Nobody Relaxes Like Dylan

Dylan Yoga - The Elevated Downward Cow Pose

Dylan Unaware
jvas90 Posted 11 years ago. Edited by jvas90 (member) 11 years ago
Irwin is definitely not classy at times...
You people really need to buy better tasting cat food!

B-bass and Irwin... this seems to be a favorite past time for these two...
B-bass and Irwin...
Mary Nevtrav PRO 11 years ago
Geordie reading the scandal
Geordie shocked at the headline!
boiling eggnog [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by boiling eggnog (member) 11 years ago

Brody trying to climb the cat shelf to the top!!!
boiling eggnog [deleted] 11 years ago
Logan trying to get into the closet with his paws!

boiling eggnog [deleted] 11 years ago
Logan got into the closet!

boiling eggnog [deleted] 11 years ago
He came right out again!!

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