Sphinx-Mama PRO 2:57pm, 13 September 2007
Does your cat have an absolute FAVORITE toy or game? Tell us about it, and better yet, show us a photo of your cat with her toy or playing his game! Do you have a role to play? Are other cats involved? Details, details, details, please!! =)

Use small or medium photos, whichever you like.
Sphinx-Mama PRO 11 years ago
I'll start with Dagny's fav - we call this shabby-looking thing "Spitty Rainbow". It's a "Yeowww" catnip rainbow that she loves to lick and lick until it's soggy (eeewwww!). One time Spitty Rainbow got lost, and I immediately ordered 3 back-up rainbows. Thankfully, we found SR tangled up in some bedsheets.

Dagny + her spitty rainbow!

Dagny also enjoys playing "Lion". I get to be a wildebeest, and Dagny gets to be the Lion. I never know when we're playing this game until I get "killed". Ha ha, lots of fun.
Obtuse Photo 11 years ago
i dont have any pictures of him yet, but my cat loves to play with this little stuffed mouse we got him. We stuff it with cat knip so he goes absolutley crazy over it! XD

my friend grows some and she was offering me some of it today, so i'll take some pictures of him with it and post them here later. :)
Sphinx-Mama PRO 11 years ago
Great, can't wait to see them! Dagny likes catnip also. I put it on her cardboard scratchers & she loves that! =)
dudeaz.. 11 years ago
Baby Jessie and her mousie.....

~I Get The Mousie!~
jvas90 11 years ago
My cat B-bass has a couple of things that he likes to play with... a stuffed animal (tiger) and his absolute fave of all time... a bottle top from a 20 ounce soda bottle... he loves to play fetch with those! If he hears you open a soda he comes running!!
The very talented B-bass!

B-bass vs the tiger
stefshep7 11 years ago
I have two kitties.....First theres Alvin, who is "in love" with this pingpong ball!!

Then theres Molly-Girl...who has so many ways of amusing herself I don't know which ones to choose! One of her favorites is my houseplants!
Open Wide!!
Then theres catnip!!
Molly Was A Bad Bad Girl!  LOL!!
But most of all I think she loves shredding paper!!
Thumpthink Thtuck On My Tongue II
jvas90 11 years ago
Cute pics stefshep... especially the one of Molly in the catnip!!
attractive front [deleted] 11 years ago
Frankie loves this little elephant. He sucks its nose to put himself to sleep. It used to be a catnip toy, but that wore off ages ago.
Frankie & the elephant
Sphinx-Mama PRO 11 years ago
Ug, Dagny eats paper, too! I have to be careful of anything I leave lying around that's for work or school, because everything ends up with little tears and Balinese bite marks in it....she also eats the corners of book covers; it's quite embarrassing to return books to friends and have to ask if they want me to replace them due to the Balinese mauling!
boiling eggnog [deleted] 11 years ago
Annabelle likes to play with Elastic Bands!!!

classy berry [deleted] 11 years ago
Sophie's mad about the feathers-on-a-fishing-rod toy:
2007-08-25 15-37-16
Sphinx-Mama PRO 11 years ago
Tiffy-Lou, big Frankie is such a funny picture with his little elephant doll!

Leigh30506, Dagny likes those also, but I always grab them away because I'm afraid she'll swallow them down.

Jane S, my brother's cat Hannah is CRAZY for those feather-rod toys:

Good times!
classy berry [deleted] 11 years ago
Sphinx-Mama: What a tired out cutie Hannah looks like there!
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