!fatima 8:00pm, 7 July 2005
Catchy Colors held it's first Official Contest and boy! was it HOT, colorful and Spicy. We literally loved it to BITS.

Party Time

Catchy Colors Panel of Judges and our honored Ambassador came together for the grand event dressed appropriately to choose the winners and boy were they prepared to make the tough decision of selecting winners in 1st, 2nd and Runner up categories.

Peppers on Chair
The Panel of Judges for Catchy Colors Bell Pepper Contest

Winners badges designed by Scott Robinson aka Clearly Ambiguous These badges will be presented to the winners in respective categories.

I'm proud to announce the Winners in the following categories:


Congratulations to Winners and Participatants alike. We love you and in your honor we will be throwing a party.
swardraws PRO 12 years ago
oh waaa, I can't see the runner ups (bad link). Great work judges for picking the best!

And Scott, nice badge work. Sorry I totally dropped the ball in helping you with this
boncey PRO 12 years ago
Thanks for picking my photo! :-)
Cheered me right up.

Computer Science Geek PRO 12 years ago
I concur with boncey's sentiment. Thank-you to the Academy, my mom, etc...
Four-colour peppers
Congrats to All Participants. You make Catchy Colors the wonderful place it is!

#1 of 2 ('click' to view individual Entrant images)

Bell Pepper Contestants (#1 of 2)

#2 of 2 ('click' to view individual Entrant images)

Bell Pepper Contestants (#2 of 2)
doozzle 12 years ago
I'm so happy. It came as a real surprise : the other participations were so great I hadn't the slightest hope to be mentionned !
I thank everyone too and especially that 'photogenic' pepper which unfortunately cannot join us since we ate it long ago ...
Oil & Peppers
Amber * 12 years ago
My first photography award! How cool! I have my husband - who asked me for fajitas - to thank for inspiration.

Thanks Panel of judges!

run 336
Auntie P PRO 12 years ago
Wow! Thanks for my second place. All the winning and runner up pics are great. Thanks for the competition and great badges!

Yellow Pepper
dancharvey 12 years ago
nice work all.
Koninho [deleted]
Thanks for this contest !
I'm very proud to be picked as a 2nd place.

This was real great fun, wish there'll be more contests to follow.
Thanks again y'all and congrats to the winners.
Thank you so much! Best thing I've seen all day. Also I love it when my name gets to be put up in ALL CAPS. :D

Feeling spicy...

Also I got to see a *ton* of beautiful photos of peppers. Yum!
Clearly Ambiguous PRO 12 years ago
No problem Nancy (swardraws). We all get busy with life. I just happened to be able to make some time to help out. There's always next time! I'm sure Fatima will have many more ideas & projects :-)
A Crystal Bee 12 years ago
Thank you so much for picking my pepper photo as a winner. You have made me very happy today! I have learned so much about photography from you all and especially the Catchy Colors group. I still have a lot to learn but with Flickr and all of your wonderful photos I have great inspiration. !efatima, I want to thank you especially, you have touched my world with colors and a vibrancy I've never known........... thank you for sharing your beauty with us all.

One of a Kind
Adrasteia9 12 years ago
thanks for blogging my "panel of judges" pepper shot! :-)
G r e n PRO 12 years ago
Hey, I was just happy being a runner up!
Looking fwd to the next contest!
two of a kind
OringeJellow 12 years ago
congrats winners!! great photo's

boston_camera 12 years ago
wonderful colors!!! congrats!!!
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