jacqamoe ADMIN March 31, 2007
Thanks to the nice people at Flickr we now have the tools in place to help the Admin Team here to keep the pool clear of anything but 100+ View Feline Photos. Please make sure you Tag your shots as it saves the Moderators and Admins here from having to do so, when they could be using their time to adding nice comments about your Feline Friends! :)

There's a 5 Photo Per Day Limit , if you find some of your shots have been denied it's probably because you posted too many per day...

Group Description

With so many cat groups it's hard to lose sight of those extra special cat photos that everyone wants to look at, the ones that get over 100 views and more.

This group is here to showcase the best and funniest of cat photos on Flickr.

Please add the Tag CC100 for cat photos with 100 views.


CC200 = 200+ Views
CC300 = 300+ Views
CC400 = 400+ Views etc.

There is currently a limit of 5 photos a day, but they MUST all have 100 or more views!

If your shot is of a wild looking domsestic cat, that is a cat that either looks like one of his wild big cousins or is acting and looking like them in a shot you have, why not also post it to Walk on the Wild Side

Other Simmilar Groups:
Cats, domestic - 1000 Views & Up - A great group for all you *Cat Century* Members who have CC1000 shots or better!

Group Rules

This is a group for 100+ View Feline Photos only. Please add the Tag CC100 if the photo you're posting has 100 to 199 Views, CC200 for 200 to 299 Views etc.

Photos will go into a pending pool first so the Admins and Moderators can double check that each shot submitted has over 100 Views.

If you insist on posting shots with less than 100 Views, they will be deleted. Add more than one like that and you will be Banned from this group. Sorry but it wastes too much of the Admins time...

Additional Info

  • Members can post 5 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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