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Where you from?

Winfried Scherle 1:48pm, 7 January 2011
I would like to get a feeling from how many different places in the world our group get contribution.

I myself are from the southern part of Germany.
Where are you from?
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marchand.vanrooyen 6 years ago
Cape peninsula, South Africa
tapo.nrs 6 years ago
Kolkata, India!
mauspray 6 years ago
Pescara, Italy !
Isab3ll 6 years ago
Faro, Portugal
plague 6 years ago
from the U.S.; living in Hanoi, Vietnam
Lovepro 6 years ago
Reykjavik Iceland
Born and raised in Mozambique, been living in Lisbon Portugal since 1976.
kokostudioku 6 years ago
Jakarta, Indonesia..
edigoes 6 years ago
Olá ..Hi ...Brasil ...Rio de Janeiro
Mirko Schroeter 6 years ago
Hi! From Poessneck...near Jena, Germany! Have a nice sunday!
aletheia301 6 years ago
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Santana P. [deleted] 6 years ago
Bangkok,Thailand Hi !! everyone
nunudog 6 years ago
Bangkok, Thailand. Sawasdee krab!
Natalia Romanova 6 years ago
St.-Petersburg, Russia
Tilden Katz PRO 6 years ago
Hi All. I'm in Frankfurt, Germany.
F*Gehry 6 years ago
Munich, Germany, will move to California, USA for two years in Febraury!
white lollipop [deleted] 6 years ago
Milan, Italy
Arsene Cristi 6 years ago
Greetings from Bucharest, Romania!
|2Øb ƒix Posted 6 years ago. Edited by |2Øb ƒix (member) 6 years ago
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
m1qbal 6 years ago
indONEsia !
Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. (Home of the 2010 winter OLYMPICS) Also, Home of where Flickr began!
boat's half the size of cities. by bl∆ck c∆se | William Yianni Binks
李龑 6 years ago
Shenzhen, China !
Waidblicker 6 years ago
Hi Winfried, I'm from the north part of Germany !! see you ...
Alechs9 [deleted] Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Alechs9 (member) 6 years ago
Rome, Italy
Enrique Murguia 6 years ago
Madrid, Spain
sluwevos 6 years ago
Live in Uppsala, Sweden, but originally from Maastricht, Netherlands.
[[Marie-A R]] 6 years ago
France, French Alps department of SAVOIE
Winfried Scherle 6 years ago
How many of you are from Iran? I would be interested to get some impressions from there
Pepes79 6 years ago
Zilina, Slovakia
Emerald watcher 6 years ago
Salerno, Italy :)
naterrell1 6 years ago
Kingston Ontario Canada
Rooster on Trails PRO 6 years ago
Seattle, Washington, United States - the place where color film can be used to take black & white images.
serzhile 6 years ago
Belgrade, Serbia
Gate Gustafson PRO 6 years ago
SKYWALKER.THX 6 years ago
Tokyo, Japan
joshkehn 6 years ago
New York, New York.
Taipei, Taiwan.
TS Zhang 6 years ago
Taian, China
Da Messenjah 6 years ago
Batangas, Philippines
MikeCD2011 6 years ago
Born in England... grew-up in Australia... worked in the UK, USA, central & Southern America... Now living near Copenhagen in Denmark...
jorgeaq Posted 6 years ago. Edited by jorgeaq (member) 5 years ago
Barcelona ,Spain
leweeg10 PRO 6 years ago
Born in NZ half my life in Europe and now Adelaide.
5D MkII, 40D 50mm Planar T* 1.7 ,135mm Jena DDR 3.5
Philip@TQ~UK PRO 6 years ago
South Devon, England ( Contax RX, Zeiss Planar 50/1.4, Vario-Sonnar 28-85/3.3, Distagon 21/2.8, Mutar ll)
Jose Luis Samayoa Studio [deleted] 6 years ago
Guatemala, Guatemala
thru small glass PRO 6 years ago
Serpong, West Java, Indonesia
billdsym 6 years ago
Annan in the southwest of Scotland
kamalpr 6 years ago
anybody from monaco? i would like to see what that place is like at night.
Shyamanta Sarma 6 years ago
Assam, India
prashantadkoli 6 years ago
Bangalore, India
Assen, Netherlands
Luis M. Barreiro PRO 6 years ago
A Coruña, Spain.
trainerKEN. PRO 6 years ago
born in Taiwan, moved to California when I was 7 in 1977, lived in California until 2010, and now living in Vancouver BC/Canada
Jogesh S 6 years ago
Bangalore, India
Milan, Italy!
I am from Atlanta, Georgia, USA but I live in Essex, England.
donnnnnny PRO 6 years ago
Just joined the group, Im don from Sydney Australia. I have a Zeiss planner T ZF2 85mm f1.4 which i use with my Nikon d800.
The creamy smooth and tax sharp focus is amazing_DSC0685 Panorama (2)Menindee dawn
OneCut 6 years ago
London, England
Winfried Scherle 6 years ago
I wonder a littel bit about the contribution of Japan. - There are many Phoro entusiasts.
jagpot PRO 6 years ago
Hamburg, Germany
Johan Biilmann 6 years ago
Copenhagen, Denmark
Mal Urwin PRO 6 years ago
Newcastle Upon Tyne ,England.
KoolBeep PRO 6 years ago
Manila, Philippines ^_^b
Rome, Italy
Winfried Scherle 5 years ago
I plan a trip to Sudan.
Is there anyboby who comes from there?
kelleyar 5 years ago
Western Massachusetts
Mark Chan Photography 5 years ago
Singapore - sunny island of Singapore !
Mozaa01 5 years ago
Brisbane, Queensland (Australia)

Cityscape - Story Bridge by Mozaa01
BrettGV PRO 5 years ago
Bronx, NY USA
photoart27 5 years ago
Sunny Alan from Cochin, India.
Anything from India is possible !
Maggie Osterberg PRO 5 years ago
Lincoln, Nebraska, United States.
vp_varchs 5 years ago
Kastoria, Greece
Renato A. PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Renato A. (member) 5 years ago
Trento, Italy
Stazione ferroviaria Trento Italy
James Duckworth PRO 5 years ago
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
NikolasMichael 5 years ago
London Born, grew up Cyprus, lived in Tokyo, now in Cape Town.
Is a beautiful world out there :--))
Nestor Aguirre Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Nestor Aguirre (member) 5 years ago
Carolina, Puerto Rico (caribbean) but living in New Jersey now
Steve Yeakley 5 years ago
Tucson, Arizona - USA
kingfishers88 5 years ago
Winfried Scherle:

I m from Singapore.
Bravo Fotografia 5 years ago
Mexico City, Mexico
Hi everyone
Simo Vaisanen 5 years ago
Hello everybody! I live in Mikkeli, Finland.
huangxin's flickr 5 years ago
Hi everyone,
I am from shanghai, China. living in Singapore
Shyamanta Sarma Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Shyamanta Sarma (member) 5 years ago
Hi Everyone !
I am from Assam, India.
Goran Stamenkovic 5 years ago
Basaid, Serbia :-)
Danielle Judd 5 years ago
Melbourne, Australia.
`/1nc3nt Posted 5 years ago. Edited by `/1nc3nt (member) 5 years ago
Now settling down in Jakarta, Indonesia.

I am quiet new to CZ lenses.
Most of my lifetime I use almost exclusively Nikkor glasses only. I do have Mamiya Sekor 645 and Leica R glasses as well.
Loscar Numael 5 years ago
Puerto Rico
M.albasheer 5 years ago
Kuwait City
nightscrawler 5 years ago
Winfried Scherle:

Hong Kong :)
T&T and Mr B PRO 5 years ago
Vancouver, Canada for the last 35 years, before that Sweden,Finland, Denmark, France,US and Australia
Vincent, TL Yeung PRO 5 years ago
Hi, I am from Hong Kong.
nhilmy 5 years ago
Male', Maldives. Got my first taste of Zeiss with the lovely Biogon 21mm f/2.8 ZM.
Michalis Prikis PRO 5 years ago
Hi all, I am from Cyprus
chemaysusfotos 5 years ago
Madrid. España
ประกันภัยรถยนต์ [deleted] 5 years ago
Bangkok, Thailand is the place I'm currently living.
mickbailey [deleted] 5 years ago
Perth, Western Australia.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Siva301in 5 years ago
New Delhi, India
Þorgils G. 5 years ago
Reykjavik, Iceland!
Julián S Montoni M [deleted] 5 years ago
nacido y criado en Chile ahora viviendo en Hungría
Winfried Scherle 5 years ago
I just came back from a trip from Sudan. Is there anybody from there in our community?
a.rodriguezpix PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by a.rodriguezpix (member) 5 years ago
California by way of Corpus Christi Beautiful Texas!
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