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JC Merriman ADMIN August 25, 2018
With so many images of this beaut little town on Flickr, it's about time we had a Carcoar and district group. As you can see it's a great spot for a photo visit sometime. Also the surrounding villages of Neville, Barry, Mandurama & Lyndhurst.

Group Description

Objectives of the Group
* To provide a gallery space for images as described below.
* To show photo locations within the district.

About the Group
The group may also include the nearby villages and localities of Neville, Barry, Lyndhurst, Burnt Yards, Belubula and Mandurama. Trunkey has its own group, as does Bathurst.

The group is a gallery, so apply the same standards as you would in a gallery exhibition. That means giving your masterpiece a proper title and description and not applying intrusive watermarks and copyright notices. In order not to dominate the hanging space, you cannot post everything. Hence the posting limits, the group is not an extension of your photostream.

Vintage images are welcome!

CARCOAR, a village in Blayney Shire, New South Wales, situated on the Belubula River, 258 kilometres by road west of Sydney via the Great Western Highway and 720 metres above sea-level. The area is thought to have been inhabited by the Gundungurra Aborigines before European settlement.

Surveyor George William Evans camped at the head of the Coombing Creek in May 1815. In 1829 Thomas Icely received a grant of about 230 hectares and on 29 August 1839, the village of Carcoar was gazetted.

Carcoar was threatened in 1841 with martial law, for being a lawless neighbourhood, with many convicts and bushrangers roaming the area. Frank Gardiner, Ben Hall and other bushranging gangs raided settlers and travellers in Carcoar and nearby towns.

The arrival of more settlers and a police magistrate returned the district to an ordered state. In 1878, the Municipality of Carcoar was formed and in 1935 became part of Lyndhurst Shire, which was amalgamated with Blayney Shire in 1977. In 1974, the entire village of Carcoar was declared a Historic Site by the New South Wales Government.

Many of Carcoar’s historic buildings are also on the National Trust’s Register, including the courthouse, built in 1882, Blenheim Hall (1859), Stoke Stable, built by convict labour in 1849, and St Paul’s church (1848). Av. temp. summer (Jan.) 12.6-28.9°C.; winter (Jul.) 0.7- 11.9°C. Av. annual rainfall 786 mm. (Pop. 242.)
Australian Encyclopedia, 1996.

To an historian's eye, the beauty of Carcoar is that it seems to have almost one of everything that would define a typical late Victorian town - a Catholic convent and church sitting on top of a hill, a modest Presbyterian church, a discreet Edmund Blacket Church of England, a George Mansfield designed CBC bank for the money, and a collection of typical 19th century government buildings such as a railway station, a primary school, a School of Arts, a police station and lock up,and of course the beautiful James Barnet designed Court House.

Group Rules

1. This is a gallery space for images of Carcoar and district, including Neville, Barry, Lyndhurst and Mandurama

2. Tag with the village or locality name

3. Place on the map

4. Vintage images are welcome

5. Give the photo a title and description - images with a camera file number for a title will be deleted without notice.

6. To be left at the door: frames and borders, intrusive watermarks, overcooked HDR, selective colour, toy camera, vignettes and other cliches.

7. In order to keep the group manageable, inactive members and their images are regularly deleted. They are welcome to rejoin and re-post if they resume activity. This maintains the currency of the pool and avoids invites or comments on photos which the owner will never see.

Welcome to the group!

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Members can post 6 things to the pool each week.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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