Canon Imagination 2:26pm, 29 August 2012
Last year, many of you were involved in Canon and Ron Howard's Project Imagin8ion. This year, Canon and Ron are back together for Project Imaginat10n, a film festival inspired by your photos.

You can submit photos to 10 different storytelling themes to inspire our 5 Celebrity Directors and the short films they create. Check out the project site at We can't wait to see your photos!

Project Imaginat10n by Canon Imagination
reminiscent toy [deleted] 6 years ago
It breaks my heart.... For US residents o n l y
Dominic Ensor 6 years ago

I am delighted to take part in this competition and signed up to

However, after uploading a few photos, they appear online to be ruined after heavy pixelation. An example can be seen here:

I have contacted your help email ( to try and solve this problem and haven't yet received a response.

Can you tell me what the problem is and how I can submit them properly without the photos becoming distorted?

Many thanks

krisla 6 years ago
Are you making them maximum quality when you save them? I sometimes have to make my photos a smaller image size in order to increase the quality setting.
Digital Diary........ 6 years ago
Why only USA entries??.....................,very unfair in my opinion!
efficacious agreement [deleted] 6 years ago
As Canon is a global brand I find this US citizens only rule very misguided and in extremely poor taste indeed. The header should have clearly stated it here and the site itself should clearly state that it is only for Americans. Have Canon got a mature and sensible reason for not allowing entrants from the rest of the world.
A.L. Marquardt PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by A.L. Marquardt (member) 6 years ago
I think the reason it's open to US citizens only is due to copyright issues. Every country has different laws, so it's prudent to make the contest available to the country of origin. For instance if the contest were held in Australia, only Australians would be able to participate.
Patty Maher PRO 6 years ago
If you look at the fine print at the bottom of this page - this group is actually run by "Canon USA". I don't think the issue is copyright - there are quite a few international photography contests...this just isn't one of them. It would be good to state it up front though.
Only US citizens?! I think that I'm in the wrong group then..
alcides OTA 6 years ago
Only US? It's not good thing... very, very bad!!
Commander Wolffe 6 years ago
reminiscent toy [deleted] Posted 6 years ago. Edited by reminiscent toy (member) 6 years ago
It's hard to swallow... Imagination doesn't have boundary.

I would love to hear Canon's words about this and why not Mr. Ron Howard himself :)

Hoping that Canon USA will have some occasions to create "GLOBAL" Imagination event in the future.

And to repeat what said:
"Somebooooooooooooooody ??"

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