J. W. Manning Photography 2:17am, 11 April 2008
I've noticed some people on here are understandably expecting the software they have should open the CRW files that are generated from CHDK's RAW output.

Because our camera does not normally output RAW files, commercial software manufacturers will not have decoded profiles for it and therefore will not provide their software with the intelligence required to open them. That is why we need to use a free utility to convert the raw files (CRW) to DNG (Digital NeGative) files. DNG files are more common and more software opens them, regardless of what camera they were converted from.

They will need to be copied out to a folder on your computer and using DNG4PS-2 to process them into DNG (digital negative) files.


Use the beta in the downloads area as the latest version is russian only. This program I find is the easiest to use and most accurate.

I use it every time I want to work with my CRW files.

I hope this helps.
djczing 9 years ago
Grrr I hope the Gimp does DNG...

Well the 'definition' of the S5 RAW file is definitely doable and where theres a file format theres a way to convert a file format.

...just another question I have to look into when I get chdk rollin.
I'm not sure what question you are referring to, I just provided a solution to working with the CRW files. There shouldn't be a question of what to do with them. Forgive my ignorance.
djczing 9 years ago
Oh sorry - it wasnt a question for you, but an observation.

You use photoshop/windows stuff. I l generally use Gimp/Linux stuff.

So, every time you give an answer (such as your DNG conversion), it creates a question for me (how to do same in linux).

Sorry for the confusion :)
mincer182 9 years ago
dng4ps2 the raw converter James is referring to is available for opensuse.

Another nice editing tool, rawtherapee, is available for linux and it will open the *.crw files taken by our camera out of the box. And it is able to save them in a Gimp friendly format such as *.jpg or *.png
No problem, I apologize. I didn't realize you used Linux. I'm not sure what tools are available to you for converting to DNG. I'll try to look around.
AlexCampagna 9 years ago
Someone in the S3/S5 group suggested that the latest version of google Picasa will open the .crw files directly ! Has anyone tried it?
jciv PRO 9 years ago
It does open them, but you don't get any extra tools for working with the RAW image than you normally have. And unless you convert to DNG you loose the EXIF info. Without a program specializing in working with RAW files, you don't get much benefit from using them.
AlexCampagna 9 years ago
got it... thanks
Dre007 9 years ago
A little help here please. Im just now using CHDK for the first time today. Its a cool hack and but i cant seem to understand how to get the raw files on my computer (Windows Vista). When i use the file explorer from the CHDK hack, i can see the raw crw files perfectly. But when i connect the cam to my pc, all i see are the jpg files. And i cant get dng4ps to open up the files cuz it doesnt see my cam as a partition/drive. I have to somehow get the files on the computer first, which i cant seem to do.
What gives?
roy costello 9 years ago
if you had to make your SD card bootable like I did, remember to switch your card over from read only before you put it in your drive to retrieve your photos.

If you have photoshop, you can use bridge to "get photos from camera", then select whatever drive your SD card is inserted in.
Dre007: Get a card reader and copy the files over to your computer. The camera itself will not expose the files to explorer and that's why you can get them. They need to be copied over from a reader. They're relatively cheap and sometimes come with new SD cards.
Dre007 9 years ago
daaaaaaamn! lol i kinda figured thats what i would have to do.....but guess i wanted to take the lazy route. I have a card reader, only problem is, besides the cable for my cam to pc, the other 2 usb ports on my pc are occupied. Meaning i would have to slide my pc out, unplug my cam usb cable...insert the card reader...transfer files.....disconnect, then plug the cam cable back in......then of course slide my pc back into the desk. That sux lol. But oh well, guess i gotta deal with it for now. Thanx for confirming that for me Manning
jciv PRO 9 years ago
You could always switch to using just the card reader. I prefer that. It is faster than transferring over USB.
AlexCampagna 9 years ago
I can see the crw files directly on the camera from explorer.... weird that someone else can't see them...
Dre007 9 years ago
that might just be the solution jciv. ill just have to leave the card reader plugged in.
Alex what r u doing so different that u can see the crw files directly in your cam from explorer. is anyone else able to do this as well?
djczing 9 years ago
Dre - if you plug your camera into the computer and open up the 'my computer' icon you should be able to see your camera.

Openning up your camera you shoujld see jpeg files, and then either a folder where the .crw files are or the .crw files themselves.

All this camera is to the computer essentially is a disk drive. You can do any operation on the camera that you can on a disk drive.

I do like having a card reader better, personally, but there should be no reason you cant get the raw files directly off the camera.
jciv PRO 9 years ago
Mine doesn't show up exactly like a drive when connected by USB. It shows up as a camera which XP treats differently. I can only see the photos in the DCIM folder. There is an option in the CHDK, "RAW file in dir with JPEG" that probably need to be turned on to be able to see the RAW files when connected by USB.
djczing 9 years ago
Mmm good point jciv. Device-wise it is actually just a disk drive, but of course windows hides things under the hood to make it seem like more.

I do happen to have my raw files in the same dir as my jpegs.

Ok so hook ur camera up to a linux box. Itll just be another scsi disk drive then !
Dre007 9 years ago
yeah thats my problem. i have vista and it just shows up as a camera with no drive letter
XP does that too. It's because windows in general treats it like a device and shows it as such. Only readers show as generic drives.
bmann 9 years ago
And of course, like @djczing is the Linux guy, I'm the Mac guy, so I have to go look for what's available to do CRW --> DNG.

Actually, it looks like Adobe makes a free DNG Converter tool available for Windows and Mac: www.adobe.com/products/dng/index.html
jv_acabal 9 years ago
Thanks for all your ideas. I think I recall the Canon CD that came with the S5 has a software to convert the raw files. I'm not so sure. Has anyone tried looking at this?
pascaliza PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by pascaliza (member) 9 years ago
I'm not entered into the world of CHDK yet but I think I will very soon... I thought that the Raw therapy would have suited in managing raw files from the ps s5, I use it for the rebel xt and it works perfectly.
Dan Goorevitch (busy) 8 years ago
I can get the crw files from the camera but, though my photoshop elements 5.0 opens raw files from my old canon g5 (i forget what i downloaded to enable that) if won't open the files shot with the s5is). i'm using windows vista.
Read my original post above. The crw files are not standard and so, no professional software will open them.
Dan Goorevitch (busy) 8 years ago
Tried the dng4ps2 programs but getting some really grainy images with some really weird color.... will keep at it though...
Dan Goorevitch (busy) 8 years ago
the dng4ps also reads my camera as an A720 instead of an s5is.... could that be part of the problem? (i'm not too sophisticated in this stuff)
Yes, there is a setting or options button, click it and change the 8MP camera to the S5 (click the dropdown list and choose it).
JuananBCN 8 years ago
I have also de CHDK and have done the RAW conversion... My question is : is it worthwhile with the S5 working with "RAW"? (I myself have had no better conversions than the JPEG the S5 provides). I was told that with the S5 small sensor it was not really a "must have" (although I thought it was)

In short: why (when) should I shot RAW with the S5?
AlexCampagna 8 years ago
With the latest version of CHDK, if you save in DNG format, then YES it is worth the trouble. It will open right up in photoshop/lightroom without any need for conversion. And since a few months, the White balance of the raws are Spot-on.
Dan Goorevitch (busy) 8 years ago
Thanks James.... PS now reads it was shot with an S5IS....

juanamc: as for raw vs jpg i think the issue is that you can photoshop mulitple versions of the raw photo, alter color, temp, etc., save them as jpgs but leave the original raw file untouched to use again. If you're one of those explorers who, like me, are always trying to find a photo in a photo each time you're only compressing once. If I wanted to change the color of a photo before CHDK I'd lose clarity since I'd be compressing a file that was already compressed (like saving an MP3 file in mp3mono).

One thing I'm wondering about though is, though the pre-chdk files read up to 5 mb and the new raws are up to 10 mg, some of that is lost in the translation to png files which are noticeably smaller. And when using Photoshop's "save for web" (I like to keep the size down for my blog) I note that it used to say the original files were 22mb... I assume that means before the camera itself converted, by default straight into jpg images.'

As for opening it right into photoshop without conversion, do you mean from the camera or from the card reader? secondly, you don't mean without the preliminary screen in ps do you? I like to be able to deal with the temperature right off the bat... that's a really cool feature.
polarapfel PRO 7 years ago
On Mac, those CRW files are a real pain in the ass. I totally forgot that the DNG conversion can be made in the camera. However, writing both the CRW and the DNG file takes even more time when taking a shot. Using RAW in the S5 is only usable when you don't need the speed of just dealing with JPGs. And besides, the JPG files out of the box do look good enough for me.
Ganesh Gurunathan 7 years ago
Why don't somebody brings out how good Raw format (ie.CRW or DNG) compared to JPEG with some examples for us to understand?
jciv PRO 7 years ago
James posted a comparison of JPEG and CRW here many months ago. With the S5, there is not as big a difference compared to what you can get with some SLRs. With the S5, the main benefits are applying sharpening, noise reduction, and adjusting white balance in software instead of relying on what the Camera does.

On my SLR, you can recover a lot from overexposed areas of a photo or bring out some detail from shadows. How much you can bring out depends on your camera. The S5 wasn't designed for that so the sensor just doesn't record that much extra information.

With a fast memory card, the S5 can keep up when writing JPEGs and CRWs pretty fast. I can't remember for sure with DNGs, but I think that slows things down since the camera is doing the conversion. RAW on the S5 does have its uses, but I just use JPEG when I use my S5. For the amount of benefit, I don't consider the larger file size worth it most of the time.
Ganesh Gurunathan 7 years ago
Agreed Jciv. I used CHDK and DNG files. But I did not find it much useful. It takes lot of memory and time. Hence I wanted information from someone who can throw more details regarding use of RAW files in S5. You gave me a better understanding and its restrictions.
broPete 7 years ago
CRW files that are generated from CHDK's RAW output can be opened directly using Raw Therapee - bypassing the need to convert to DNGs. It's the only software I've found that can do so with CRW files from my S5is.
Ganesh Gurunathan 7 years ago
OK. I agreed you opened using Raw therapee. But how helpful is it in changing the original raw file into something amazing shot? If you achieved something wonderful pl. post such images of Raw and edited ones.
Gaurav_Patil 6 years ago
just installed the hack..everything running smoothly..but only 1 problem.

my raw images are of much smaller size..(1649x1236)
can anyone tell what causing this? the .jpgs are regular but RAW files are small ..why is it so??

i had installed the program already..but then i accidentally formatted the card some months back and lost it .so i installed it again.and weird thing is..i don't remember having this kinda problem earlier !:(
I2k4 [deleted] Posted 6 years ago. Edited by I2k4 (member) 6 years ago
I just installed the latest version today because Zebra mode (a function I use) has recently been improved. Reading GP's post above, I've looked and got the same result: Irfanview information shows: jpeg is 3264 X 2448 at 7.99 mpx and the companion DNG for the test shot is 1646 X 1233 at 2.03 mpx. (I note that GP refers to RAW, so not sure if he is converting in camera to DNG, as I do.)

Unfortunately, I never checked previous versions of CHDK to know if this is a consistent thing. I've converted the DNG to JPEG using Irfanview's "save as" and the resulting file shows the smaller resolution. Would be good to know more about this.
Gaurav_Patil Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Gaurav_Patil (member) 6 years ago
l2k4 :

Yes, you are right.
I have Lightroom and Fast Stone that takes care of RAW ..so I am not converting the files to .DNG ..

I tried a lot last nite to see if I can find why it's happening..but no use.
So yes, any help is greatly appreciated.
DGMiller777 6 years ago
I'm still using version 0.9.9-919 (Aug 7, 2010) and get full res DNG files. It must be a bug that has been recently introduced. You should report it on the forums so that it will be corrected.
I2k4 [deleted] 6 years ago
I'm not a member of the CHDK Wiki or community, I've posted this exchange here at the CHDK feedback site - maybe others can confirm:

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