wasimasad.. [deleted] 2:29pm, 15 March 2012
its been 2 years since release of the S95....will it be right,to buy this camera now,or should i look for some new models lyk sony hx9v or canon sx240,i don't want to go to the canon S100,as it is out of my budget....i want a bit manual controls,as i am intrested in learing some basics about photography.,pls help,thnks :)
Zenitex [deleted] 6 years ago
I bought an S90 brand new about three months ago and I am thrilled with it. I got it for a song. I would imagine that the S95 would be even better. If you can afford the S95 then I would say dive on it. I also have the Samsung EX1 which is a slightly better low light performer than any of the Canons but it is a bit too fiddly to use and not as much fun as the Canon. If I could afford the S95 I would not be hesitating.
transiently permanent 6 years ago
I would choose the S95 over the other two you mention. It is extremely versatile and high quality considering its tiny size.

The only other camera of this type which I like as much is the Olympus XZ-1. It is not quite so small or light and is a bit more fiddly and quirky, and the high ISO performance is also slightly less good than the S95's. However it has a very slightly better quality lens which is fast through the range.

For most people I think the S95 is probably a better choice which is smaller and cheaper! It is an awesome piece of kit, even if Zenitex's bargain S90 is actually a better-made camera which is housed in a more solidly metallic casing (I know, I compared my S95 with my mother's S90 at length recently!).
wasimasad.. [deleted] 6 years ago
thnks,.....ur feedbacks r vry helpful..nw m a bit clear wid my choice... :)
The fact that the PowerShot S95 is still sold by Canon to this day after two years (although the S100 will gradually replace it) speaks volumes about this model's popularity.

One thing that I don't like about Sony Cyber-shot cameras (I have one, a DSC-W150, which is about the same size of the S95) is that Sony's digital cameras get outdated too soon and replaced with newer models every 8 months or so. Partly due to this, the second hand value of Sony cameras are much lower than comparable models from Canon.

That said, the Cyber-shot DSC-HSV9 doesn't seem to have a real lens aperture/iris like most cameras do. It offers you only two aperture values: f/3.3 and f/8 (wide angle) and f/5.9 and f/14 (telephoto). The S95 has a proper aperture control and lets you choose an aperture from f/2-8 (wide angle), in 1/3rd increments.

The HSV-9, which is strictly a JPG shooter (no RAW option) also lacks shutter and aperture priority modes, while the S95 offers the full complement of exposure modes - Full Auto, Program AE, Aperture priority, Shutter priority plus Manual exposure.

If you want to learn photography (rather than using a camera for as casual point-and-shoot device), the Canon S95 is much better than the Sony.
wasimasad.. [deleted] 6 years ago
thnk you......for ur valuable feedback
swnabi 6 years ago
hi wasii, u have to determine yr demand first wheather a
-fashion camera (good looking with touch screen)
-latest camera
-vdography by a still P&S camera
-lots of features built cam.(of which 90% r useless & bogus feature)
-long zoom camera.
-learning photography for creative shot.

if u want shot quality pics u have to know some basic camera properties
-sensor size
-manual (focusing,aparture,shutter speed,iso,metering)setting.

on a budget(under 400usd) s95's sensor is biggest. which will deliver better quality pics than any sony,nikon samsung,or pana.canon's SX is long zoom series camera.All long zoom camera(fuzi HS,Nikon P or L, sony HX,pana TZ or FZ) r smaller sensor than S95.If long zoom is not yr main demand then s95 is better choise.

s95 is fast lens(f/2) in small body.

by s95 u can change
-focus manually
-aparture from f/2-f/8 in 1/3rd increments.
-shutter speed from 15sec-1/1600sec 1/3rd increments.
-iso from 80-3200 (12800 on boosted)
u can use any combination of aparture/speed/iso with most importent RAW develop in a such small body.

if size is no matter to u can choose panasonic LX-5(REFURBISHED).
wasimasad.. [deleted] 6 years ago
thnks a lot........bt ll u mind if i ask one more question..can u tell a bit abt Nikon P310 (or P300) vs the canon S95
stratman² (2 many pix!) PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by stratman² (2 many pix!) (admin) 6 years ago
Have a look at the comparison here. Note that there's a mistake in the comparison, because the S95 actually has a built-in HDR scene mode (the listing said it doesn't, which is incorrect).

In the future, please....please, make friends with Mr Google and look for information on other cameras yourself. We can help you with questions relating to the S95 (or S100), but please don't expect us to do research for you.

Thanks for dropping by.
wasimasad.. [deleted] 6 years ago
i am friend wid Mr Google......bt sum1,giv'n u a direct rply seems more convincing,.....so i wrote here,nd so i wrote also "ll u mind" ...newaz sry,4 da quest'n...nd thnks 4 u'r feedbacks.... ,u r a gr8't phottographer.i hv seen ur pics,bt i ll b also sumday :) .
I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

If you're asking for advice on photography or cameras, the first thing you should do is to learn to write in proper English and in complete sentences.

On Flickr, please don't write using text messaging mnemonics - this is not a Facebook wall or a chat session with your friends.

Thank you for your understanding.
swnabi 6 years ago
nikon p310 vs s95
hi wasii
1.do u know & realize the advantage of 50% larger (i.e. 1.5times) sensor?
2.do u know what RAW is & its advantage over jpeg?
3.do u know diff. between ccd & cmos sensor?check these-

snapsort.com provide wrong info. about ccd sensor.Basically ccd is better than cmos.

4.do u ever hear about "CHDK"? & its benifit? (which is not possible on non-canon brand)
just google to find all answers.

s95(1.5times large sensor, shot raw, ccd sensor)
p300/310(1 times, unable to shot raw, cmos)
only one pros. of p300 is f/1.8 vs f/2 of s95.

now u decide which one to buy. My recommendation is new s95 or refurbished LX5,g12,XZ-1,fuzifilm x-10 at your budget.
Sim2Bas 6 years ago
I love the S95, it's small and it take great pictures, that the more important point i think.
But what about the S100 ? Because 28 - 105 mm is the only not so good point of the S95, so S100's 24-120 mm make think.
Does someone using S95 have actually try a S100 ?
keylargo_diver 6 years ago
The S95 is a bargain right now. It would be hard to go wrong purchasing it.
swnabi 6 years ago
hi sim2bas,
at wide end 28 vs 24 is a littlle diference for me as i m a landscape panaroma shooter. keep in touch of my photostream"s panaroma folder.I m searching for 8( or even 6mm)mm prime lens for my D90.in my country it is not available.
at tele end none of 2 cam is useful.105 vs 120 is neglible difference.
Do u know about Olympas SZ-12? 200USD & 600mm(24x zoom) in smallest body+cheapest+highest zoom.
main downside of s100 is it's cmos sensor. So i like 95 more than s100. u can check my previous post regarding cmos vs ccd.
wrote: "main downside of s100 is it's cmos sensor"

Hi Wahid, what is your problem with CMOS sensors that you have to repeat yourself in this thread ad nauseum?

If you're strongly biased against CMOS technology, what's your story with owning a Nikon D90, which is fitted with a CMOS sensor and not CCD?

That is, if you actually own a D90 in the first place. I do not see any photos in your stream taken with a D90 and neither do I see you subscribing to any Nikon groups ever since you showed up here.

So please, if you think the PowerShot S100 is that bad because it has a CMOS sensor, join the S100 groups and tell the members there that they've made a bad purchase. :-D
swnabi Posted 6 years ago. Edited by swnabi (member) 6 years ago
hi startman2,
i also hate my D90 (for cmos)(full time partability is also a matter), but it (hateness to cmos)starts(0n 2010) after google search(ccd vs cmos).i prefer technology more than photography. photography is my 2nd hobby. I m not too much serious about that.I informed betterness of ccd after i already had purchased D90. D90 was best in it's class at the time when i bought it. but matter or sorrow, if i would have minimum knowledge about (ccd vs cmos) may be i bought D80 orD70.It is too late.

I shot photo only for myself (self satisfaction) not for exibition.I have the little knowledge about Flickr /tweeter /internet as well as upload .internet speed is 3-4kbps.so uploading of photo is a nightmare to me. from 1978 to 2012 i shoot near about 40,000photo(by 6-10) diff camera. around 30% are lost because or proper management. do you want I should open 10 Flickr account against 10(film+digital+self camera+other's camera)camera?

i can't manage much time now & then to spent time on internet. low internet speed is also a matter let alone S100 Flickr account.You wrote (PowerShot S100 is that bad). actualy i think S100 is worse than S95.S100 is not bad it is a very good cam but not as good as S95. D90 is on my 3rd place.on 2nd place another point & shot DSC P32. 1st choise is portability then pic.quality on 2nd place.

Can u suggest me a smallest size in (volume including lens) point & shoot digital camera prime lens,wide angle,full & better manual control than s95,RAW,highest DXO marking in its class, CCD,widest colour /light dynamic range,better focus, better if no video capability,new or refurbished, excluding sony brand, less (useless) option, no matter letest or 5years old model,no matter slow function,minimum 8mega pixel,around 800usd? Please help me.

Is Flickr your 1st profesion or do u job in Flickr? sorry for my poor english.
Hi Wahid,

Thanks very much for clarifying your position in great detail. :-)

OK, I'll reply to your points and I hope you can understand what I'm trying to say here:

Slow internet connection in Bangladesh.
I'm sorry that you don't have broadband or a decently Internet connection in your country. There's nothing you can do about it, but you can resize your photos to the smallest size for web viewing, e.g. 800 x 600 pixels before uploading to your photo stream. Smaller sized photos are quicker to upload as their file sizes are also smaller in turn.

On your ownership of the Nikon D90
The D90 is still a formidable camera despite its CMOS sensor. Have a look at samples on Flickr here. I think everyone will agree with me that there are pretty good looking pictures in the image pool.

Why is that? OK, I'll let you in on a little secret: The recipe to a good photo goes like this:

1. Lighting. Obviously, in total darkness no camera will work, regardless of its format, technology or size. You need light.
Portraits of people work best in soft diffused lighting while landscapes are best shot when the skies are NOT overcast. A good photographer must have a good understanding of light and how to make the best out of it.

2. Photographer's vision/creativity/technique. This is something that has to be learned from experience or taking photography courses. You can also learn from asking people nicely on Flickr.

If you see an amazing photo on Flickr, leave compliments on the member's photo page and ask how they did it. Or send them a Flickr Mail if you prefer a private correspondence.

I can tell you this: an experienced photographer using a small compact camera always beats a novice shooter with a high end dSLR, all other factors being equal.

3. Post processing. You mentioned RAW many times in this group. What is RAW? That's just the unprocessed sensor data directly from the camera's sensor.

If you simply converted a RAW image to JPG, without adjusting stuff like contrast, saturation, highlights, shadows, noise reduction, applying special effects, etc, RAW offers NO advantages over JPG from the camera. A straight RAW to JPG conversion without post processing can sometimes make an image look worse than a JPG image shot in-camera.

Canon's DPP software works best for Canon RAW images, but many people take their workflow to the next step: they further process their images with something like Adobe Photoshop. It takes skill to master post processing software like Photoshop CS5, Elements, Aperture, Lightroom, GIMP, etc.

Whether you like it or not, a skilfully post processed image is always better looking than a SOOC (straight out of the camera) shot.

4. Lenses: Lenses make a lot of difference with an interchangeable lens camera. A cheap kit lens will give you "OK" looking images, while premium lenses will give even more spectacular and very much sharper photos.

With lenses, you get exactly what you pay for, but some lenses with very shallow depth-of-field have a very steep learning curve. I can tell you that something like an EF 85mm f/1.8 USM or a EF 300mm f/4L IS USM telephoto prime really needs getting used to, as they require very precise focusing technique and a good understanding of shallow DoF lenses.

With most compacts, they have fixed zoom lenses and everyone who owns the same model is stuck with the same lens. You still need to understand how the focal length also affects the lens' maximum aperture, because compacts do NOT have constant aperture zoom lenses.

5. Camera bodies. Notice that I put this last for a good reason. Cameras are nothing more than tools to capture light, that's it. I've seen really interesting and fantastic images shot with an iPhone 4 camera (which uses CMOS, btw) and lousy and boring pictures taken with an EOS 7D dSLR. Is the camera to blame? No, it's the person who took the photo.

It is ONLY when all other factors become equal that dSLRs will take better looking images than a camera-phone - provided that the same experienced photographer takes them under the same conditions.

On your obsession with CCD cameras
My advice for you is - don't get to overly obsessed with sensor technology, even if you like technology very much. It looks like you're more fascinated with the sensor type of a digital camera more than the simple joys of photography itself.

I can understand that if you're comparing e.g, computer or laptops. An Intel Core i7 is generally better than a Core i5 processor, a larger L2 cache is always better than a smaller one and DDR3 memory is faster than DDR2, while consuming lower power. These are facts that cannot be disputed.

When it comes to cameras, they're not exactly like computers. Digital cameras are just tools to capture light, end of story. Some are better than others, but the quality of the photograph also depends on the level of experience the photographer has.

People do not judge photographs by the sensor technology, Wahid. The most people would ask is, "what camera settings did you use?" or "what camera are you using?". Also note that judges don't award winning images based on the sensor type either.

A camera can be compared to a fishing rod. If your angling skills are good, you can catch a large fish with a cheap, mass produced polycarbonate fishing rod, compared to a newbie armed with an exotic, hand-assembled, $5,000 carbon fiber rod. So, what's more important? The fish that you've caught or the fishing rod itself?

In the future, when people ask for advice about the PowerShot S95 in this group, please DON'T confuse him or her by telling them what you feel about CMOS sensors. Keep your opinions to yourself. You're not paying for the camera that they want to buy - they are.

"Is Flickr your 1st profesion or do u job in Flickr?"
Neither. Photography is just a serious hobby of mine and I am entrusted in administering this group.

Some Flickr groups, like the Canon DSLR Users Group are heavily moderated by several admins. They won't allow topics like "Canon vs Nikon" debates and they certainly won't let "CCD vs CMOS sensor" debates either. Trust me on this; I used to be a member in that group years ago.

I am a retired person and have worked in the banking sector and cellular telecommunications industries for a long time. I do not work for Flickr but since I'm home most of the time, I can spend a lot of time here.

Suggestions for your dream camera
From your requirements, there are NO cameras that fit ALL of your criteria. Whether you like it or not, most P&S camera makers are already shifting towards CMOS technology.

Why would you want a 5-year old digital camera anyway? Have you thought about the availability of spare parts 4 or 5 years from today? Camera manufacturers generally don't support very old, discontinued P&S models after 8 years of discontinuation. Think about that.

DxO Mark is just a performance metrics site for RAW sensors and should not be taken as gospel. I sometimes use this site to compare different cameras' RAW sensor performance. If you compare your Nikon D90 vs the S95/S100, obviously the D90 wins (despite not having a CCD sensor) because it has a much larger, DX format sensor.

I would consider your question to be an off-topic since it's NOT related to the S95. It's best that you join this group instead. Seriouscompacts.com is not limited to any camera brand or model.

Be aware that there are several pretty vocal members in that group, so don't post questions or topics that are deemed as "silly". That includes discussions like "CCD cameras are better than CMOS ones". lf you posted that topic over there, be prepared get into a flame war.

BTW, when I mentioned joining other groups, I don't mean opening up new Flickr accounts! Just search for a group that you like and just click the "Join this group?" link - the same way you found this one.

good luck!
Sim2Bas 6 years ago
Hello everyone,

Thank you for your concern. Like you ii've my own opinion about RAW CMOS CCD, post processing...
I'm only sure about one thing: most of the time new cameras are better than old one because camera's companies want to sell...

At some point the only truth is "quality" of the pictures which is more a matter of who, what and when than with what camera, in my opinion.

So my question still is do someone who own a S95 have tried a S100 for a time long enough to have an human and not data sheet opinion on S100 vs S95 ? Because i might thinking about selling my S95 and buy an S100 but S95 is a great camera and i don't want a downgrade.
So it's an actual problem not a matter of what the industry will do or not next years...

Thank you for your help !
swnabi Posted 6 years ago. Edited by swnabi (member) 6 years ago
hi startmen2,
thank you very much for quick & point to point description.

post-processing-i have tried(better to say experiment by adjusting light,colour,split tone,tone curve,white bal.,for advanced sharpening-amount,radius,threshold,unsharp mask,colour noise reduction,luminence N.R,chromatic aberration & ....) lightroom3.6, bibble5.2.2, Zoner Photo Studio 13 pro, silkypix 5, Picasa, digital photo prof.& ACDSee Pro 5.0. to develop an image over 6months of time. so i obsessd to RAW.All my pics save as .TIF as well as uncompressed.but it is a matter of sorrow that i m unable to upload them(low internet speed vs. larger size).I need more experiment(e.g. uncompressed .TIF with 400x300.)

Now i am experimenting for 'focus stacking' for sharper image.

On google i found severel ricoh, sigma,leica &...P&S cam with prime lens (better to say fixed focal length ).I mentioned old model about those model.I mentioned earlier about CHDK. I rarely use maximum 64sec or 32 sec shutter speed by s95 for night time photography.i guess those model built in bulb mode(B).i like it very much.thanks to s95 for f/8.I want more (better if >f/22).i also guess those model built in that aparture. So i told you old model for better setting,better built.

again thanks for Lens information.

i khow about light & my next experiment will be 3grade ND filter for my s95.

Thanks for warning me on DXO or i would sell D90 for K-5 with f/22 8mm(0r less) lens.

can u kindly give me your email(other than flickr).My one is swnabi@hotmail.com.again with million of thanks.
Hi there, I think at least one of the members here upgraded from the S95 to the S100.

My brother-in-law recently bought the PowerShot S100 but I haven't gotten to check his camera and try it out.

If you want a fast continuous burst rate, the S100 will give you up tp 9.6fps at full resolution (although limited to a small number of frames due to its tiny buffer, JPG only) for action shots. The fast frame output capability is due to the S100's CMOS sensor instead of the traditional CCD.

The S95 and G12 can't process the sensor output fast enough due to the limitations of CCD technology, therefore their continuous shot speeds are limited to around 2 fps. This is the reason why dSLRs are now all CMOS based (faster sensor data-to-processor speeds) and why smartphones also use CMOS sensors (much lower power consumption).

A rough comparison can be found in this crude comparison tool while DP Review provides a detailed comparison of specs here.

Also do note that for some strange reason, Canon limits the S100 to ISO 80 for long exposure shots (any shutter speed slower than 1"). The S95 on the other hand, allows you to take night shots with any ISO that you want.
Sorry, the K-5 isn't for you, Wahid, for these reasons:

- It's a CMOS based dSLR (you dislike CMOS cameras, right?)
- It's way beyond your budget.(approx BDT 117,561, body only)

Try to find a used Fujifilm S100FS in Dhaka, if you're able to. It's a dSLR-like camera with a 2/3" CCD sensor.
rwchicago PRO 6 years ago
I also have been shooting with the S95 for the past year and have really enjoyed it with the only frustration being that it sometimes doesn't focus as sharply as I would like. But overall I enjoy using it and because of its size, I almost always have it with me where ever I go. I recently got the G1X, which I am just getting used to. I know that I will still carry the S95 with me more often because it is simply more convenient. I went out and shot with both of them yesterday and found that I still enjoyed the S95, it was very spontaneous and quick to use, so it definitely is a keeper. I think most of the photos compared very well with the G1X except in lower lighting situations, where the G1X really shines. So, I would say, keep the S95 until a clearly superior model with a similar form factor appears.
Alan Klein 100 6 years ago
One complaint I have with S95 is that the exposure adjustment dial moves too easily if you touch it with your finger. Often it does this and I'm not aware it happened causing me to under or over expose. The s100 was improved to reduce this problem from happening.
swnabi 6 years ago
hi Alan Klein 100,
my chief complaint is 95 can;t memorize manual focus setting on restart. During restart it can't be open on macro & manual focus mode.by default it set to auto focus mode.i shot manualy(focus) 70% case.

hi stratman2,
i m wondered that 400mm zoom camera using much larger sensor wheras now all bridges zoom are using 1/2.5''.thank u for a useful as well as helpful suggestion.on uk(i have opportunity to import) that one cost 178-200pound available.f2.8-11,dual IS.240 CIPA. but some size & weight compensetion.i guess it must take better pics,than s95.

is it possible to attach pic file on flickrmail?
with thanks.
ChristianHass PRO 6 years ago

You can program your C mode to MF, that way it will be in MF every time you start the camera in C mode.

It's not ideal but maybe it helps a bit.
swnabi 6 years ago
Hi ChristianHass,

many many thanks from deepest part of my heart. It worsks great on my one's even after battery removed.
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