crybdr PRO 3:17am, 29 October 2010
Hi everyone,

I just purchased a new S95 and am getting familiar with it. So far....I'm very happy.

I noticed something strange with the screen on the back of the camera. The plastic screen covering the LCD seems 'loose', meaning...when i press lightly on any of the corners - the screen moves in and out of the body up to a 1/2mm. This may be due to the construction of the camera.....? My other canon (SD1200 IS) and my Pentax K10D don't exhibit this behavior.

I'm just wondering if any other owners have a similar situation with their screens?

Thanks for any insights....
Josef Türk Reit im Winkl Chiemgau [deleted] 6 years ago
Not here, the screen cover fits in place.
djh644 PRO 6 years ago
Mine has no movement at all.
I have my S95 with me...lemme check...

Nope, my LCD has no flexing..solid as a rock. The camera does make a slight rattling sound when I shake it next to my ear. I confirmed this phenomenon with a brand new S95 at my camera retailer.
PortalTK 6 years ago
Mine doesn't move either.
matt house PRO 6 years ago
mine moves slightly. if i push on the bottom right corner, the top left comes up slightly. I can only tell if I rest my other thumb on the top left corner and feel it move a little. I don't think it's anything to worry about.
rgphoto70 PRO 6 years ago
Mine doesn't move at all.
U.S. grade A Fancy 6 years ago
Mine does not move at all; I pressed all around the edges.
sommervillephoto 6 years ago
no movement in mines :) id return it doesnt sound right.
tcacweb 6 years ago
I've noticed on my s95. I'm trying to decide if I should send it back for a replacement since I am still in my 30 day window with Amazon.
ChaharA 6 years ago
Mine does the same thing as matt house's camera. Just keep your thumb lightly on the top left corner and press slightly on the bottom right with the other hand.
Iso Griffo 6 years ago
Yes I have very slight movement of the screen which until now I have not noticed. It does not seem to be a problem but at the price we all paid for this camera it should be 100%.

So I agree with others here that a replacement would be a good idea as the slight movement now may turn itno a bigger problem in the future.
ChaharA 6 years ago
I mean it might have been there for a long time and wouldn't probably be a problem at all until we noticed it.

The replacement might have other problems like dead pixels etc.
ludokimxuan 5 years ago
I'm having exactly the same issue pushing the bottom right corner.
If some of you have kept the camera without replacement, can you give feedback about the screen after a couple months, any degradation?

Fab and World PRO 5 years ago
I have this little problem too, in the upper right corner... I don't know the reason...
charkee 5 years ago
Having read of the loose screen I tested mine on receipt and found slight give at upper left corner. Thinking it might not be well seated, I pressed all round the screen, gently but firmly, and it set solidly in place and has remained so for six weeks.
Actually, it's not the screen itself but the glass protective cover that is of concern. However it is held in place, perhaps not fully pressed home on the assembly line.
My thought anyway and it worked for me. Worth a try for anyone concerned?
I don't know if this suggestion will help those having some flexing on their LCD screens.

On my first (original) S95, I fitted a GGS brand, 3" optical glass LCD protector. It had a surface area that was larger than the screen and even protected the plastic bezel that surrounds the S95's LCD area.

Sadly I didn't keep the packaging - the store manager discarded it soon after he fixed it on my S95. I'll have to revisit the store and to find out if he has the same 3" one. All I could remember is that the GGS blister pack didn't mention any kind of dSLR camera it was for, e.g. Nikon D300 or EOS 550D but it just stated 3".

The downside of the GGS thin glass protector is that it makes the back part of the S95 a bit thicker and is pretty reflective. Since it's rigid, it may solve your flexing problem. YMMV.
redpup1 5 years ago
Me too loose screen :-(
and even worse, i sent it back to Canon, they said "LCD screen is secure" and sent it back but it most definitely is not (i think it's worse now). I'm concerned dust will get in over time and wreck the actual screen. If anyone has any luck speaking to Canon please post.
lees07 5 years ago
I have had three S95 cameras from Amazon all with this issue and all returned. I emailed Canon UK after the first and they replied to say the screen should exhibit no movement and advised me to exchange via the retailer. Granted they didn't handle the camera and only advised based on what I told them but I told them there was slight movement when cleaning the LCD screen!

The reply was as follows from

"Thank you for contacting Canon Support.

I'm sorry you are having difficulty with your product.

In response, we would advise you the LCD screen should not be loose or move while cleaning.

Please have the retailer replace your product"

I am going to purchase my S95 from a store this time where I can handle it first to check the screen as there are good ones out there from what I read. Hope this helps,
marsondtenoso 5 years ago
Hello guys,

I know that this is an old topic but I just bought an s95 coz it was on sale and what do you know, the screen was loose, and since there are no new posts anywhere regarding this problem, I wonder if anyone would be willing to answer a couple of questions.

To those who decided not to return their s95 with loose LCD, did you have any problems with the LCD down the road?

Did it affect the performance of the camera at all (i.e. IQ)?

marsondtenoso: Having a less-than-rigid LCD screen on your S95 will make you kind of annoyed, but has absolutely no relation to the quality of photos.

It's the camera's CCD sensor that captures light (and your photos) - not the LCD screen. The LCD is used for composing shots, viewing recorded images and for changing the camera settings only.

I don't think when owners complain that their LCD panels are "loose", they didn't literally mean that the LCD rattles when the S95 is shaken hard; it's just that the edges of the LCD bezel sort of flexes inwards when that part of the bezel is pressed. Still, for a premium compact like the S95, Canon's QC should have been better.

That said, I sure hope this kind of annoyance doesn't rear its ugly head with the new S100!
marsondtenoso 5 years ago
Thank you stratman2, I do know know how a camera works, but thanks for the reminder, reading back, my question about the LCD and IQ is indeed not very smart.
I really just want to know if any of you guys who kept the s95 with loose LCD had any problems with the camera whatsoever that you think might be, even if very remotely, be attributed to the loose LCD.
The fact that the issue died down, looks like its not a problem at all.
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