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Anyone still using a SD10 (IXUS i)?

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Boneil Photography says:

Good friends gave me their unused SD10 last October since they knew I was a camera freak and because I had always admired it. It's possibly the smallest digital camera out there and is smaller than any cell phone I've seen. As a prime lens shooter in the slr/dslr world, I was phsyched to find that this camera has a fixed 6.4mm (39mm FOV equiv) lens.

If it wasn't for an extremely short battery life issue of 15-35 shots (original and new replacement batteries) this would be the ideal "throw it in a pocket/bag and forget about it until needed" camera. I'm even using a mico SD card in an adapter since it seems to drain less power... Until I resolve my battery issue it's my digital spy camera that "will self-destruct if not used before the end of the day". It's a very fun camera to use (in an old-school digital way) and is capable of quite decent shots in the right conditions. I also think it's the only non- zoom Canon point and shoot for those into that sort of thing.

So is anyone still shoting with their SD10 (IXUS i)? When I search photos I seem to find nothing after 2006. I can't be the only nut-job out there, can I? ;)

For those of you unfamiliar with this little guy, here's a size comparison with an already small SD750 (IXUS 75) and the "digital brick" G11.

Front View
Trio Of PowerShots Front

Rear View
Trio Of PowerShots Back
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