WayUpNorthInAlaska 8:35am, 17 September 2008
I'm looking to upgrade my camera equipment, and wanted feedback on which gear to buy. I currently have a Canon EOS 1 film camera and a selection of lenses, and I'm looking to go digital. I'm a former sports editor, so want a camera that works well in lower light conditions and doesn't have much of a shutter lag (that way I can shoot indoor basketball games). I'm looking to spend around $1,500, give or take a couple of hundred.

Should I go for a new EOS 40D or 5D (if I can find one in my price range), or should I look for a used EOS 1D that's in decent shape? I've also heard there's a new EOS 50D coming out. Any suggestions?
If you are coming from a 1 series film camera I'd recommend you look at a second hand 1D Mark IIN.

I think you'd find the build quality and AF of the 40, 50 or 5D to be less than what you are used to with the EOS 1. If you're lucky you might pick one up for around the $1500 mark.
AKDave 10 years ago
40D kits are right around your price range, I just got one for 1149.00. The 50D kit is 1599.00. Canon just released an announcement for the new 5D Mark II, it's starting out at 2699.00, body only.

If your in Anchorage, go to Stewarts Photo on fourth street and do a lot of hands on. Those guys don't mind you being in there manhandling the cameras, that's what they're there for. What's good for some of us may not suit your needs, it really helps to get the cameras in your hands. They've got all of the Canon's and *Dave's gonna say it* Nikons there to play with.

Don't get in a hurry to buy, take the time to do some research and see what you like. The 50D isn't out for another month and the 5D M2 isn't out till November, so you have time if you go that route.

Oh yeah, if you do decide on a 50D, you'd better get your name on a lottery list at Stewarts or BestBuy, etc. I did some talking to folks up there last weekend and Alaska will be lucky to get a very small handful of those when they come out. When the 40D came out BestBuy got a whopping 4 of them and more than 2500 names on a lottery list. That's why I just got a 40D, I actually found one of those lol.
The Real Bear 10 years ago
If you need it now then a 40D is good. I've used mine for sport in relatively low light and it is ok (just haven't put much on my photostream yet.)
teltone PRO 10 years ago
I shoot with both the 5D and the 40D and both fit the bill wonderfully! The 40D takes the award for burst rate and technology but the 5D delivers all the glory of a full frame innovator and classic that she remains. The fun should lie in exploring both models - the 5D will unleash all the might of any EF lenses you have but either way your kit will be given a new lease of life, especially if you invested in good glass. I think both are up for interesting prices at the moment too, given the state of the global economy, you will get a lot of camera for a reasonable amount of money.
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