ancient duck [deleted] 5:05am, 19 July 2008
This past week has been a daunting task to get the Site up to speed with the ideas in my head. I finally finished it today and I hope it comes as a pleasant surprise to everyone. The “Photos” section was a bit confusing before and I think I have resolved that to some degree now. I put all the Albums into one page and listed the different ones into eight different albums. So, that should be easy enough to figure out. The overall look of the Site has been changed to. I went from the dark theme I had before to a very colorful scheme that you see before you. I think a lot of these colors are actually on our walls of our house as a matter of fact. On top of those two things a lot of little tweaks have been done to make it a little more pleasing to the eye. We hope you all enjoy it and feedback it always welcome.
Tony & Kristie Trusty
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