ancient duck [deleted] 4:11am, 28 June 2008
There have been a lot of things happening in the Photography world for me as of late. I have come to the foregone conclusion that I needed to make this a little more serious and professional from the new found activity. I have gotten a lot of requests for photo purchases and some rather serious projects people want me to do for them.

So, between the photo selling, the family portrait requests and the project requests I had to go out and get an Alaska business license for my Photography work. It has officially become a second job rather than just a hobby of mine. I also made a business logo for my new found business that you see above. So, with that, the seriousness of it all has just hit me like a ton of bricks. “Pressures on!”; so to speak.

I ordered a shirt for both my wife and I with the logo on them. I also will have to change the promotional sticker on the back windows of our vehicles. Lastly, I ordered some business cards as well to hand out to interested people.

With all that; I guess it is a start for me and who knows maybe someday I will have a gallery up here and a well known name in the community, maybe even the region? That is getting way ahead of things but a guy can hope. So, thank you everyone for the support and I hope I can continue to grow artistically and by reputation in the near future.

Thanks again all...
MikeRyu 10 years ago
Congrats... Go get 'em!!!
ancient duck [deleted] 10 years ago
Thank you very much... gonna though nervous as hell about it all. :-)
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