580EX II

David in St. Louis! 9:15pm, 20 November 2007
Question about the built in better bounce card....(little white flap that pulls out) does anyone use this? Good results? I've recently purchased the EXII so i'm still experimenting with it....
AKDave 11 years ago
I use it a lot when I'm real close in to people, you can see it real good in their eyes if you want to add the reflection factor to pupils. You have to be within 4.9 feet of your subject for it to work well though.

I also like the built in diffuser too, saved me 12.95 at B&H for one :)
I have to agree with AKDave in that I really appreciate the built-in defuser as well. I used my 580 EX II back on 11/10 at a shoot I was doing during a local church service and that defuser worked out REALLY well for me. I was very impressed with the quality that came back when I uploaded my images.

I haven't had a chance to use the bounce card as of yet but from what I have read, AKDave is correct in that you have to be close to the subject when you do use it.
ancient duck [deleted] 11 years ago
I agree with you guys on this. When I am in a bright room taking closer shots the defuser helps somewhat though I am thinking of getting one of those cloth covers for my flash to see if it makes any improvements to the shots or not. :-)
AKDave 11 years ago
Let us know Tony, I wouldn't mind a cloth cover either but only after someone else hasd played with one LOL :)
Bryen Ford Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Bryen Ford (member) 11 years ago
I have used a omni bounce for years and love it. Gives a bare bulb look

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