flowery brake [deleted] 12:09pm, 19 November 2007
Hey Tony,

Glad to see you're promoting a good idea for a group, I currently use a Canon Powershot, so I'm not running with the bigger guys in the group, but is it still cool to enjoy this group since it's still a Canon? I am being a little silly, but I'm actually curious what you thought as well. Regards, Jeremiah.
ancient duck [deleted] 11 years ago
HAHA The group is about Canon equipment and the photos taken by them so no matter what you have you will have respect here being it is manufactured by Canon. That is the only stipulation on being here. Should bring out some good old cameras and photos too I am hoping. Should be fun to see what happens. Enjoy the group Jeremiah.
RobBixbyPhotography PRO 11 years ago
Hey beenpimped, I'm new to the group but wanted to add a comment. I've been shooting with canon cameras off and on sint 1979. You're going to see some fantastic shots from the Powershot and other P&S cameras. On the other hand, someone mentioned in another thread that they've seen some really bad shots from the higher end cameras. I think the signature line from someone in a newsgroup I frequent says it all "Anyone can take great pictures with a cheap camera, and expensive camera just gives you more ways to mess them up. The only thing the "bigger guys" have over th Powershot is flexibility. With multiple lens, more capable cameras just allow you to be more creative in how the image is actually taken. Enjoy your Powershot and keep taking great images like you have posted.
flowery brake [deleted] 11 years ago
Thanks Rob. I'm glad to hear you say that, I'm just a little intimidated by most photographers, and with my little camera it's hard to keep up. I definitely do believe that the fundamentals of photography are the keys to capturing beautiful images, but having the tools makes the job easier...that said even if I had the perfect camera my shots still wouldn't be as well done as most. I am still learning and having to understand the basics has to be my first step, but I've been pleased with my camera since I bought it almost 2 years ago.

Warm regards,
RobBixbyPhotography PRO 11 years ago
OR_2006_CtrLk (156)

This was taken with a little Kodak P&S. I just put it here to show that composition and knowing how to use it will make fantastic photographs. You should be pleased with your camera, with what I have seen of your stream, you have the eye to make those photographs no matter what camera you use. I was given my best "tool" for taking good photographs by an instructor in an evening class I took. He said that "to take good photographs, you need to take a lot of them. You'll get good shots by either learning through practice or the averages." Digital photography gives you the chance to take lots of images without breaking your household budget. The Powershot gives you the tool to take great shots without mortgaging your house too.
flowery brake [deleted] 11 years ago
Thanks Scubabix, that's a beautiful image you've posted! The extra advice is also very helpful! I'll follows suite with this idea. Cheers to all, Jeremiah
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