patt85 4:06am, 16 April 2012
i have a t2i now and have a few nice lenses and have been shooting for a while now and have booked a ffew weddings im in the market of getting a new camera i was thinking of getting a 40d or 50d which 1 do you think is better to get and would you use them for back up for the t2i or your main cam
Thomas.Trevilla 5 years ago
What lenses do you have at the moment? I would suggest getting faster glass - primes,2.8 zooms before you upgrade your camera. You can get stunning images with the T2i with good lenses. And it performs just as good or even slightly better than the 50d in noise performance as well.
patt85 Posted 5 years ago. Edited by patt85 (member) 5 years ago
i have a tamron 17-50 2.8 and 28-75 2.8
sigma 30mm 1.4 canon 50mm 1.8 70-200mm f4 ino its not the best but I feel its decent enough
vulgarvisuals 5 years ago
If you just need a backup, is there a reason not to get another T2I (550D)?

Does it fail to do something a 40D or 50D would handle?
patt85 5 years ago
just there burst speed
BMPHOTO| 5 years ago
The t2i's sensor is better than either the one in the 40d, or 50d.
If youre shooting weddings, you need two bodies at least. Id look into splurging on a 5d classic, or 60d as well as keeping your t2i.
Why do you need a higher burst speed for weddings?
john raffaghello 5 years ago
40d is good but outdated in todays world. 50d is basically a 40d with a few upgrades.

And if you want to go all out the 7d is a great camera.
Hbie Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Hbie (member) 5 years ago
I would get a 5D for weddings.

Why do you need a high FPS rate for weddings?
patt85 5 years ago
Im not all that good,with tech terms but some body told me higher fps is better for weddings....but for the most part it seems like yal are saying a 40 or 50d is a dwn grade from what I have ..I should look into th 5d classic or 7d ...I heard the 5d doesnt have the self cleaning sensor will that be and issue in a older body like the 5d mk1
Hbie 5 years ago
FPS is mostly used for subjects like sport/wildlife not portraits or weddings, I really dont think it is relevant for you. Noise would be much more of an issue to me in low light than fps. I dont think a 40D/50D image wise is a step up but does have some build and handling advantages. The 5D does get some dust but it is not too big a deal, learn how to sensor clean or just take to a camera store if it gets bad. Have you got any experience of photographing weddings?
BMPHOTO| 5 years ago
Not to preach, but you should really know what gear you need BEFORE you go into weddings. The lack of self cleaning sensor in the 5d will be fine, just buy a blower and be cautious when changing lenses.
gleepoy 5 years ago
I definitely agree with the 5D Classic suggestion. If you get if, it should be used as your main body.
patt85 5 years ago
I have pretty much everything I need I dont have the experience most people have or the schooling... I just feeel im picking it up very fast and already have an idea of what.i want I have know friends doing this to run stuff across or for aimle convo thats what i.use fhis site for to just get the nex person opinon on my choice for gear the.5d classic does sound nice im look for a 2nd came but I want it to be a main body really id like to improve on my picture quality so I will.look more into that
patt85 5 years ago
I shots a,a 2nd shoot twice and took a wedding photo seminar thsts bout it
patt85 5 years ago
The people im doing wedding for are tight.for cash and since im starting out indidnt charge alot we felt it was a win win for both sides and they understand im not a veteran at this but just want a few high nice pictures
Hbie 5 years ago
JUst be aware some of your lenses will not work on a 5D which is a Full frame camera.
patt85 5 years ago
Im only aware that th 17-50 taron wont work on it
patt85 5 years ago
O yea and the 30mm
Hbie 5 years ago
Its Ok because your 50mm will replace the 30mm on 5D. the 28-75 will cover the 17-50, you may want to add a Canon 85mm f1.8.
Humberto Yoji 5 years ago
I would go for either a 5D classic or a 60D. The 40D and 50D are amazing cameras but a little outdated, and don't have a stellar performance at ISOs above 800. The 60D is a little better in this way, but the 5D would be a much better choice.
patt85 5 years ago
i was just wonder i yall mentoin the 5d classic with is around the 7d price range used why wasnt that a opotion ... but im happy for evey ones helpi got some thing to do since now the 40d and 50d are out of my mind
Hbie 5 years ago
7D is designed for action (sports/wildlife) read Canons info. The 5D is designed more for portraits, landscapes and studio work. The 7D is the same sensor as the 60D and I believe 550D/600D and is really no point in you buying that for portraits/weddings as you dont need some of the features.
BMPHOTO| 5 years ago
I think you'll love the 5d classic, it really is an amazing camera.
Hbie 5 years ago
The 5D is a basic camera, great for learning on, forget about the over complex 7D IMO, then if you make it to pro level upgrade to a 5D2 or 5D3. Add a 135 f2 later on.
patt85 5 years ago
Bmphoto and hbie thanks alot yall have been very helpfull
vulgarvisuals 5 years ago
As others said, you don't need high FPS for weddings. (Even the sports/wildlife photogs have captured stellar images throughout the past decades without a high burst rate, so one could argue that you never need it.)

What most people do want from a body for wedding shots is good image quality even if you have to raise the ISO.

If you're familiar and happy with the body you already have and you can't think of something it should do, it's not a bad idea to get another one. All the controls and features will be the same on both, which is a good thing.

I wanted a 5D to make my lenses wider and get a shallow DoF, but I wasn't sure about coughing up that much money for it. That is to say I didn't have the money. So I got a 1987 EOS 650 instead. All my EF lenses work with it, it's full frame (35 mm film) and they cost little if any money. I got mine for free from a commercial AD who's gone all digital. First I missed the opportunity to "chimp" the shot right after taking it, but you grow confident and trust your skill quite quickly. Even if you wouldn't use a film body for assignments, it's a cheap venture into film and loads of fun.
BMPHOTO| 5 years ago
Btw, if you get a 5d, do yourself a favor and look at purchasing a 135L, it's a magnificent lens.
patt85 5 years ago
the 135L i was lookin at the softfocus one i like the dreamy look it gave of is the l version that much better going to b&h to check out a 5d in a few ima going to let yall know soon what i think
BMPHOTO| 5 years ago
Hey, the 135 soft focus is great as well, I just found the 135 to produce creamier bokeh. Let us know of you like it!
rossrke PRO 5 years ago
One piece of advice-don't post this in a wedding forum, they are quite brutal about questions like this.

I've been properly scared off asking stuff about equipment!
Grey World 5 years ago
i second an old eos
film is incredibly forgiving and certain highlights can be recovered if over or underexposed.

plus film is still highest quality. i have an old eos as a backup camera.
You can get them for nearly pence.

i think the most important thing for you once you feel ready is do the research. research the venue. talk to the bride about what she wants.

I found this site helpful for tips
patt85 5 years ago
i just cheked out a 5dmk1 with a 24-70 on it was sweet im goin to def get one when i get paid this camera will complete my set for now with addition to a lenses or two thanks alot guys
Thomas.Trevilla 5 years ago
A 5d mk 1 with a 24-70 is a great combo.
patt85 5 years ago
yea it was great thanks for the help
Paradise Road PRO 5 years ago
I have no experience of 40D but my 50D has just had a shutter replacement after only 16000 actuations :-((

(the shutter gave up whilst I was doing action shots at a hockey game)
Vinsco Air Flickr PRO 5 years ago
Quote "Why do you need a high FPS rate for weddings? "

Hey those runaway brides can be fast and some of the grooms are a good bet.
Hbie 5 years ago
haha, thought she was going to blast them at 6 fps the whole time.

Yes my 40D shutter went at 17,000.
theoinpa PRO 5 years ago
The 50D kinda has a legend behind it, so people are often thinking of that instead of the 60D, but you can get the 60D at great prices and it is a better camera. I had to choose between the 50D and 60D and chose the 50D. Very happy with it, but I let the Mythology sway me. I recently played with a 60D, and if I had it to do over again would have gotten the 60D. I thnk the whole weather sealing thing made people look down on the 60D, I know I did.
gleepoy 5 years ago
theoinpa wrote
The 50D kinda has a legend behind it...

Really? In what way? Everything that I've seen over the years is the exact opposite...the 50D (when it was current) was like the red-headed stepchild of the family.
theoinpa PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by theoinpa (member) 5 years ago
The best answer is that when you talk about prosumer cameras, people still talk about the 50D like it's in the running with the 60D and the 7D. just look at the board comments. even when the 60D came out canon not only kept the 50D, but at one point it was actually more expensive that the 60D.
Hbie 5 years ago
50D legend?

Some discontinued cameras prices do shot up but the 60D has generally been much more expensive in the UK.
gleepoy Posted 5 years ago. Edited by gleepoy (member) 5 years ago
theoinpa wrote
The best answer is that when you talk about prosumer cameras, people still talk about the 50D like it's in the running with the 60D and the 7D.

Yeah I see what you're saying. There are still a number of people that think the 50D is better than the 60D (I am not one of those people). I guess in a way the 60D is the new red-headed stepchild. I think it's because there were so many people that were disappointed it wasn't made of magnesium and it didn't have micro-adjustment.

But I don't think there was ever any real love for the 50D...nothing that I would call "Legend". Not in the way the original 5D is still talked about to this day.
Hbie Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Hbie (member) 5 years ago
I think many people after a long wait were disappointed with the 60D as in some ways it was a downgrade of the 50D. Also many 40D users did not upgrade to the 50D because apart from MP they did not see the point. The 40D was a well liked camera not so sure about the 50D or 60D and not everyone wants a 7D.
theoinpa PRO 5 years ago
Okay maybe legend is strong, but it's suprising how many people still talk about the 50D as an option vs the 60D. there must be some reason it's still in the minds of Canon users (though I must admit it is a great camera, pre-60D). Hbie, when I was shopping around for a camera when the 60D first came out, the US list price of the 50D was $1099, and the 60D $999.00.
transiently permanent 5 years ago
List price? How many are sold at list price?
Hbie 5 years ago
When 60D came out it was £1100 and 50D was £600 at the same time, the 60D is still about £740. Some people prefer the 50D body and build plus a few other things like micro-adjust.
theoinpa PRO 5 years ago
For cameras there is not a lot of wiggle room from the list price, maybe 5-15%. Not like your getting 30% off a camera new in box.
thephotophilic 5 years ago
I say a 50D, however the 50D was released so soon after the 40D so alot of ppl didnt pick it up, so it may be hard to find new
Grey World Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Grey World (member) 5 years ago
I agree with

When I was upgrading from 1000D, everyone was putting the 50D on a pedestal. It was for two reasons. Micro focus adjustment and build.
Of course micro focus would be nice but 60D has so many more advantages over 50D that it shouldn't even be an argument,

Build quality of 60D is great. it is still better than entry levels.

I got the 60D brand new for £550. 50D is not much cheaper.

plus 50D was released in 2008, 60D in 2010
4 years old tech vs 2
BMPHOTO| 5 years ago
I believe the OP has decided on a 5Dc, which is a better option for their purposes than either a 50D, or 60D.
Hbie 5 years ago

Where did you buy the 60D for £550?

I admit after the 40D I went over to a 5D and I will be buying the 5D2 soon.
I'm glad I don't do weddings for a living. How the heck can a photographer with with year's of experience, training and investment in equipment compete with people like patti?
Just a thought- anyone here have experience with buying and using a used 1D Mk 2. Saw a few on ebay in affordable price ranges and I'm tempted to toy with one to get a feel for shooting with full frame. I have a 40D at the moment
Hbie 5 years ago
1D is NOT FF. BUt they are pro cameras so should be good if you can handle the weight. For FF why not buy a 5D or 5D2?
Thomas.Trevilla 5 years ago
A 5d mark 2 might be out of kris.martenstyn.sleeping.sun's budget, a used 5DC or a 1Ds mark 1 are at pretty much the same price range, but unless you need the pro build quality the 5DC is the better option.
Hbie 5 years ago
The problem with the 1D is getting a low shutter count, esp. on ebay and if that goes wrong it is expensive to replace. For landscapes/portraits a 5D might be a better choice, for action then a 1D is worth considering.
heartcat22 5 years ago
I can understand why someone with aspirations of being a professional photographer would go for a full frame camera.

I am surprised by many of the comments about the 50D though. I love mine and have found it be a beautiful performer. I don't often need to use high ISOs for the conditions I shoot, but I have done indoor theatre at 2500 ISO with no issues whatsoever.
Hbie 5 years ago
You dont need to be a pro to buy the 5D, it is one of the most popular camera with serious amateurs over here.
Welsh Aram [deleted] 5 years ago

By producing images that are better perhaps? I have said this in another thread but if Joe Bloggs and his new entry level DSLR are producing images that threaten an established photographer with thousands of pounds worth of extra gear then perhaps the established photographer isn't as good as they think they are and need to up their game.
At the end of the day image quality is paramount in such cases, very closely followed by marketing. At the end of the day a quality photographer can charge more for their services and if marketed at the right people will earn more than enough.
Equally, the whole wedding experience is an expensive affair and in my opinion there are a lot of businesses out there putting extra charges on their services just because its for a wedding, and photographers are no exception. There are people out there that can't afford the prices of a photographer and rather than have no photo's of their special day want to hire someone who can offer as best value as they can afford. Equally to assume someone that isn't as experienced as one self cannot take a good photograph is rather presumptuous at best.
BoldPuppy 5 years ago
In a photo business, image quality is sadly secondary.
Marketing and other business skills are far more important.

Novices who shoot weddings and under cut the pros usually have no backup plans, no experience in herding drunk unwilling people to smile or at least sit for a shot. They also have no contract experience and can be sued if the photos are bad, regardless of what expectation was set. Equipment and pointing a camera are less than 10% of wedding photography.... Besides, most people want to get married in the darkest of caves and that is hard to photograph no matter your experience level.
Hbie 5 years ago
I agree with BP.
Welsh Aram [deleted] Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Welsh Aram (member) 5 years ago

"can be sued if the photos are bad" In the USA I'm sure that can be true but in the UK you would be hard pushed to find a court in the land that would prosecute someone unless there had been some foul play at hand. There was a case recently of a wedding photography firm being pursued by a number of disgruntled customers because a photographer had sent second shooters to events he couldn't attend and they were terribly captured. The image quality didn't match the services advertised and that's why the courts entertained the idea. If your honest with people involved and show what you can do before hand in the UK if your not happy suing would be a very unlikely outcome as most judges simply wouldn't entertain the notion. Most likely a discount would be arranged between the two parties privately if the customer was fairly short changed.

Again I stand by my first notion that if a new, inexperienced photographer is producing a product that threatens an established photographer's business then the established photographer cannot be that great to start with.
Thanks for the correction Hbie. My bad . Reason I was thinking along the 1D Mk2 lines was cause I like shooting a lot of action shots and fancy the high FPS and the 45 point AF zone. Plus the low cost of the cam compared to the 5D makes it interesting. Yes Thomas the 5D2 is a bit outside my budget :) Hoping to get one once the prices start dropping in the distant future
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