PDump 9:00am, 12 April 2012
Hey everyone,

I was just wondering if i can trust digtalrev ebay because there prices are so low.Iam looking to buy a canon 5d mark ii (body only).On jessops one of the main camera stores in the UK they sell the 5d mark ii for £1659 but on digitalrev ebay they sell the 5d mark ii for £1299.

And i was just wondering if there is any catch.So if you have ever bought anything of digital rev please can you reply back thanks. :)
Archiver PRO 6 years ago
I've only bought one camera from DigitalRev, back in 2006 or 7, and they were great. They were fast, answered all of my questions promptly, and all was good. They are a large company and really quite reputable, I believe.
Hbie Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Hbie (member) 6 years ago
The main problem is it is a grey market, ie imported from China, not a UK market camera. SO what well I doubt Canon UK will touch it if you have a problem and you may have to send it back to China for repairs. I have not used them but Im getting tempted. I would not recomend Jessops. Check camerapricebuster for latest prices, think the lowest is £1569 at moment, they have gone up recently no doubt due to the 5D3 high pricing. www.camerapricebuster.co.uk/prod726.html
SteveFE 6 years ago
Yeah the only catch is that it's an import buy (so you may or may not get hit for import tax/duty) and grey market as said so Canon UK may not honour warranties. But digitalrev are a good company and as they also make great play of the "social" side of their marketing (Kai and Loc's funny videos) it's in their interest to stay a good company - nothing gets around faster than a bad name.
Hbie 6 years ago
Also with foreign based ebay sellers you have less consumer rights than a UK based retailer. In UK you have upto 6 years to claim a refund/repair, the contract is with the seller not the manufacturer.
I would check out their returns and warranty policies, and let us know as I may go down that route as well.
PDump 6 years ago
Thank you for all replying.Do you know who much import tax/duty would be ?
PDump Posted 6 years ago. Edited by PDump (member) 6 years ago
At the very bottom of the digitalrev ebay site it says that there is 7 days return.

7 Days Return

If you have received wrong or defective item(s), please ensure that items are returned to us within 7 days in original packaging in brand new and resalable condition. You will be required to contact us for a return authorization form before sending anything back to us.
SteveFE 6 years ago
HMRC official guide here - happy hunting, I'm not doing all the work for you!
PDump 6 years ago
Hahah thanks!! :)
Hbie 6 years ago
7 days what about problems after you have used it for a few days, return to where?
transiently permanent 6 years ago
I have checked their prices a few times and never found that they seemed to make it worth it for me, though I have bought grey market from a much smaller outfit on ebay (who disappeared a year or two later) with no problems. Had I been sent a camera with a fault (it does happen), I would probably have regretted it.

Basically the gamble has to be worth it...
Hbie 6 years ago
There are a few other grey market ones in the UK, think one is called HDR and they give 3 year warranty, think their price is about £1360.
Ian H's Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Ian H's (member) 6 years ago
If the post stop it you will pay tax, import duty and an admin fee. This will wipe out any savings you made.

Your risk.

If it goes faulty canon UK will not repair it, without charging as the warranty sold is probably HK based only. If you buy in HK you used to have the option of local or international warranty.

Again your risk

Personally with a camera of this value I would only ever buy from a reputable camera shop or very reputable UK postal dealer. Or failing that pick one up while in Hong Kong (you're still liable to VAT and inpirt duty on return to the UK).

Oh and by the way sending a 2Kg package back to Hong Kong, tracked and guaranteed within 4 days (the next level is 10) will cost you £172 by Royal Mail. You can of course send it cheaper, but it will not be insured and delivery dates not guaranteed.
Hbie 6 years ago
I think the Digtalrev cameras are shipped from the UK, so you should not have to worry about duty, but check it out first.
Grey World 6 years ago
Have you tried SLRHut. The prices are quite low, based in London
Gets good reviews
Ian H's 6 years ago
Go on SLRHut's site, Check the "address" they give. Go to google streetview and check it. It's between the Lucky Fish Bar and Cartridge World.

So what is this address - well the shop front is MBE, which is a mailbox company (Mail Boxes Etc they call themselves) So reality is they have an agent in the UK but not a real shop or address. The stock still probably comes over from the US.
Hbie 6 years ago
Check the times you can phone them as well. Seem to US based. There is one with a real shop, cant remember the name something like HDW and they have a 3 year warranty, you have to send the camera to them and they will get it fixed.
Ian H's 6 years ago
Just spotted this on the same contact page for SLRHut

Please note: Our Kennington address is for corporate processing and does not handle purchasing or merchandise for pickups or returns. Pickups are not available at our warehouse facilities and must be shipped. For returns you must contact our customer service department for an RMA# and obtain instructions for the processing of your return. No returns will be accepted without a valid RMA# assigned to your return.

So where is the return address then - my guess the US.
Hbie 6 years ago
Found it: www.hdewcameras.co.uk/about-us-1-w.asp

HDEW cameras based in Surrey. The 3 year warranty is an extendable one.

Anyone know where the DigtalRev return address is?
Hbie Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Hbie (member) 6 years ago
OK found DigtalRev warranty: www.digitalrev.com/help/worldwide-local-warranty/NDMzNTc5...

Sounds OK.

But their website price is: £1,469
Harry® 6 years ago
SLR Hut very confusingly (but no doubt deliberately) offer 5D mk ii's for £1239.00
But then add duty of £277.99 to your bill, which then comes to £1486.8 without any extra warranties.
So it seems that's roughly what the duty might come to.
malcolm.debono 6 years ago
I recently bought a Kata Insertrolley from their site, and was very displeased with their service. Firstly, although the site mentioned that the item will be shipped within the EU, it was shipped from HK (as evident from the tracking number provided). Not only that, but it took nearly a month just to get the item dispatched from their warehouse (i.e. excluding shipping)!

Just a small tip however, I bought my 5D from a trusted seller on ebay which was selling within the EU and still managed to get a good price, so make sure to have a look around, and most importantly, if the difference in price is minimal, it's always best to get it from a trusted store (online or offline).
Purchased Canon 60d 18-55 yesterday from Digital Rev Ebay site, will let you know how it goes, money not taken as yet
Hbie 5 years ago
I think there are better options in the UK.
J o n a t h a n P a l o m b o |P h o t o g r a p y PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by J o n a t h a n P a l o m b o |P h o t o g r a p y (member) 5 years ago
Picked and on its way, so far so good, being delivered by DHL, got a reference to follow the transit and have just registered on DHL website to be notified of progress
doublejeopardy PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by doublejeopardy (member) 5 years ago
I think they are fine but remember you may well have to pay about another 25% tax on the camera's arrival in the UK (Vat + inport duty)
J o n a t h a n P a l o m b o |P h o t o g r a p y PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by J o n a t h a n P a l o m b o |P h o t o g r a p y (member) 5 years ago
Update: Camera picked in Hong Kong yesterday and arrived this morning at DHL Manchester depot at 07.35am.

Have spoken to DHL who have confirmed the parcel is out for delivery today and NO customs to pay woo hooo, they have taken my details and work address and are going to try contact the courier to get him to drop the parcel at work as only 10 mins from home.

So far so good....

P.S If I had of had to pay 25% extra (which I dont) it would have still worked out £55.00 cheaper than in the UK, win win???
Dave Wilson Cumbria PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Dave Wilson Cumbria (member) 5 years ago
Sounds like it is win/win :)
I bought some photography gear in the US a while ago while I was visiting, I saved a fortune from UK prices, even after paying state taxes.
Hbie 5 years ago
Canon UK prices are mad lately, look at 5D3 £3,000 and US$3,500 at launch. 24-70II £2,000, US$2,300. Even Nikon were caught out by 5D3 price and whacked their D800 price up in UK but still about £400 less.

Only thing with greymarket, check where you have to send it for warranty work.
Hi Hbie, the downside is the warranty as you have to send it back to HK but really without jinxing myself how often will a brand new DSLR go wrong in the first 12 mths?

Mine is on the wagon for delivery and due to be delivered between 12-3 to home but im at work, delivery driver been given my contact number but not guaranteed. if cant get it today I can email the Manchester depot and get it delivered to work for tomorrow ;)
Delivery driver just called me, cant deliver to work as not in his postcode area but if I email depot they will deliver to work tomorrow, have just emailed so hopefully ill get my hands on the Canon 60d tomorrow :)
Trevor Dennis PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Trevor Dennis (member) 5 years ago
Talking of bargains, I've been using Deal Extreme:


It's a bit like Spider solitaire or Minesweeper, in that once you start you can’t stop, but it’s going to cost you next to nothing, and they ship to New Zealand for free – even for an item costing just a couple of dollars. How do they do that?!

MightyTiki © 5 years ago
What you pay is what you get.
Not quite sure I understand your comment MightyTiki. I could if people were buying rubbish but there not?
60d with courier to be delivered to me at work today.

I am now the proud owner of a perfect Canon 60d.

Well packaged and everything in the box. The manual is in chinese but other than that all perfect, just printed english manual off. Any questions please ask by mailing me direct.
AJSchot PRO 5 years ago
if you have to pay taxes then you can sent the receipt to them they will pay it to you within 24 hours.
Ozman666 5 years ago
Digital rev shipped so fast it was unreal!
AJSchot PRO 5 years ago
Tried it alrady?
Received a letter from DHL on saturday charging £13.00 for customs, not bad if I say so myself
checking out Pixmania.co.uk the price for body only is £ 1,499 Inc. VAT
Rachid, 60d with 18-55 is £1,332.40 - way too expensive
AJSchot PRO 5 years ago
Golfking you can send your bill to DigitalRev and thy will pay you the 13 pounds back... It says so on their ebay shop site
AJSchot, thanks for that, do I send the original and where to?

Can you send me a link?
AJSchot PRO 5 years ago
Sorry i thought i red it on the site but i can't find it, i searchrd in the FAQ and there is written that you it is for your costs. Sorry i know for sure it was there on the site but i think they changed it or... Maybe it was on an other site sorry for that!
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