thephotophilic 8:55am, 15 March 2011
Well I was having a debate today, about what reasons should someone upgrade their camera, please help me list them for this fellow
Adam Wignall 6 years ago
surely you upgrade when either your camera is dead or your current model doesnt do something that you need.

There is of course the upgrading just because i want to reason as well.

If i had tons of cash im sure i would fit into the upgrade because I want to category but seeing as im not il upgrade when i get to a point i need something better or my camera dies.
PSJ Picdump PRO 6 years ago
1. Your camera is broken/beyond economical repair.
2. You are wanting to shoot something that is beyond the capabilities of your current camera combined with your current ability.
3. You think you're a genius and that the camera is terrible.
Chalkie_CC 6 years ago
@PSJ Picdump: You forgot these:
4. You are a gear junkie and have to have the latest model.
5. You have more money than sense.
6. It gives you 'bragging rights' at the camera club.
PSJ Picdump PRO 6 years ago
Chalkie, I didn't mention those because they pretty much describe me!
MightyTiki © Posted 6 years ago. Edited by MightyTiki © (member) 6 years ago
6. You want to upgrade the sensor size (i.e., crop frame to full frame).
7. You want to improve ISO and noise capability without having to use another program to clean it up in post.
8. You want a more rugged, all-weather magnesium alloy body so you can take photos in the middle of a hurricane/typhoon/blizzard/dust or sand storm/miscellaneous harsh environmental conditions.
9. You want to be a good consumer and energize the economy in camera equipment.
10. You want a camera that will retain it's re-sale value.
11. You want a faster camera that will take high-speed images (continuous burst aka; "pray and spray").
12. You want sharper images.
13. You want more control and options (AF points and types is a big one).
14. You want more megapixels.
15. You want 100% viewfinder instead of 96% (or whatever your camera currently has).
16. As the others pointed above, make others around you envious when ever you whip out your newer and better DSLR.
pat22043 PRO 6 years ago
Mighty Tiki says: 10. You want a camera that will retain it's re-sale value.

I don't understand this, at all. Say you have a nice 40D and lust after a 60D as an upgrade. Over the next two years, the resale value of the 40D will go down, but at a much smaller percentage than the 60D's resale value. The 40D will hold both a better percentage and a better raw dollar(pound) amount than the 60D.

How does this "retain" anything?
MightyTiki © Posted 6 years ago. Edited by MightyTiki © (member) 6 years ago
pat22043, I beg to differ.

It's called "supply and demand."

If I buy purchase a newer (or used) DSLR, it can be assumed that the body will be in greater demand than my current older body.

Having said that, in the future when I decide to sell my newer body, I'll be able to sell it easier and for a better price than my current and older DSLR which will still be in far greater less demand due to newer models being released every year.

Bottom line, the digital camera bodies don't last nearly as long as lenses since they don't release them as often as the bodies. Upgrading your lens is a far better option than upgrading the body which will be outdated and outclassed every 3-4 year cycle.
PSJ Picdump PRO 6 years ago
Mighty Tiki, most of your list are covered by points 2 and 3 of mine.
MightyTiki © 6 years ago
PSJ, I actually listed the reasons...your explanation is a "blanket" without going into specifics.
Humberto Yoji Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Humberto Yoji (member) 6 years ago
The only reason I want to get rid of my 40D is for high ISO purposes. I have found myself in weddings parties needing to go at f/2.8, ISO3200 (H), and 1/30s. It is impossible freeze movements of dancing people with this shutter speed.

So, I am looking forward to get a 60D or even a 7D, for an usable ISO6400 (FF is way out of my budget).
foTobias. PRO 6 years ago
mainly because people tell me that I must want a new camera since I have this old 450D that is 2 whole years old...
and because it sux at iso 800+ and I crave soooo much more..... (because I know someone out there have it)
Will-Rogers-UK 6 years ago
the only reason that I would ever upgrade are:
1) My current 400D dies (after 4 years, who would blame it?)
2) The 400D doesn't keep up with AF, or High ISO, or Dynamic Range
3) I have already bought all the lenses I want at the moment, and decide to get a second body

I decided that I would need either:
#1 to happen
#2 and #3 at the same time

so far the 400D hasn't died (but did have a few hiccups!)
I haven't bought all the lenses I want (70-200 f/2.8 IS and 100L IS)

newer camera have better AF, better High ISO noise, Better Build, Better Dynamic Range (12bit vs 14bit RAW files)

so at the moment I will continue to buy Lenses, but leave enough in the bank to panic buy a 550D body only!
MightyTiki © Posted 6 years ago. Edited by MightyTiki © (member) 6 years ago
Humberto, I'm in the same boat. I have a 7D and when I was trying to figure out a budget for the 5D Mark II, it went outside my budget when I factored in the cost of lenses.

When the 5D Mark III eventually comes out, I'll consider purchasing it or 5D Mark II since the price will drop significantly but I'll have to weigh the pros and cons when that moment comes.

Until then, I'm quite pleased with the 7D and I doubt I'll maximize it's full potential in the next few years.
VLADIMIR NAUMOFF PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by VLADIMIR NAUMOFF (member) 6 years ago
If it has beer bottle holder, cigar lighter and HD football channel with the rest we can deal with.
Johnny I images 6 years ago
you need a 2nd body and want to upgrade to FF. I have a 7D that I love - I had a old Rebel xt as my 2nd body but I just gave that to one of my kids that want to learn - still works great! - at some time this year I'll probably go for a 5D mkII - and use both - as the 2 cameras have different uses and in many situations it is very nice to have backup and 2 bodies handy.
thephotophilic 6 years ago
thanks....finally got him to break down, over the craze for new equipment when he isnt a experienced photographer

I will say, that all the old equipment can be sold,however, as @Mighty_Tiki said, the demand will be higher for the newer stuff, however I would say old equipment in experienced hands is more than enough for them,and the demand is there as well short all im saying is hone your craft... than you'll trully understand when you need to upgrade....

my only true reason why i would upgrade is for the 14bit A/D converters in the newer cameras....Im still using the 30D as my primary camera but i got a 20D & 10D as back ups....and my Rebel Xt was stolen (sheds a tear).
Kingsley Fernando 6 years ago
What about the reason that you stumbled on a once in a life time deal. That's what happened to me that forced me to upgrade. I was shooting with a 50d, it served me very well, but when I had an offer to buy a brand new 7d with warranty and everything for £475, I did not think twice. Now I'm enjoying the 7d like no mans business.
Swaranjeet PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Swaranjeet (member) 5 years ago
Did anyone mention the most important one ?
"You will become a better photographer than you are :"

I buy all my gear to one day become the world's (okay Flicker's) greatest photographer . . . I know, I know it hasn't happened yet but one day it will . . . it will . . . unless I go bankrupt before it does . . . in which case my wife will leave me . . . . in which case . . . . YIPPPPEEEEE !!!
wbyoungphotos PRO 5 years ago
You upgrade because you want to keep up with the jones...
or you want to be the first one in your block to sport a new toy! :)

Or, there is no other way to part with your excessive cash... :)

Would be nice to be in that position!!
Avesh Vather PRO 5 years ago
"it will . . . unless I go bankrupt before it does . . . in which case my wife will leave me . . . . in which case . . . . YIPPPPEEEEE !!! "

Gold :-)
Try using a flashgun.
This whole discussion is like a breath of fresh air, if you don't mind me saying so. 1. Very few people ever enlarge a photograph beyond A3, and it's highly unlikely that an agent is going to contact one of us and ask if they can make a billboard advert from one of our pics. 2. 6mp (or even 3) gives an image as sharp as 35mm film did on average, apart from the images produced by obsessives using Kodachrome 25 or ultra slow black and white film processed in all manner of special brews. I've 'upgraded' from a 10D to a 7D simply as a retirement present to myself, not because I thought the 10D couldn't do the job, and certainly not because of all the gadgets on the newer camera!
Swaranjeet PRO 5 years ago
There was a one liner when I was in school which we loved It went like this .. . .

Q : Why does the dog lick its balls ?

A : Because it can !

That about sums it up I guess . . .
ed7929 5 years ago
only a few reasons on my end to upgrade

better low light iso and faster frames per second - pray and spray

current systems
canon 60d
nex c3
oly ep1
Groups Beta