Eph-Eph 10:15am, 28 October 2008
hi peeps...is anybody still here? or the rest have ditched their a430s to the bin?

please reply...show some signs of life...
olegfyodorov 10 years ago
Well, it seems that the answer is "Yes, it's still alive".
I've joioned this group several days ago and posted one or two photographs into it... And there are some photos posted after mine...

Well, okay I mostly stopped using my A420, but I have many shots done with it and these shots are awaiting for processing... To turn the shots into the photographs ^_^
Tommy McCormick 10 years ago
I'm still here too :-)
Like olegfyodorov I don't use my A430 so much these days.
Its good to hear there is still life here as I was beginning to wonder too.
Eph-Eph 10 years ago
yahoo!!! I'm glad to hear from you guys...good to know this group is showing some signs of life. Me too..just like you people, haven't been using my A430 too...but still, I guess i'm just glad to hear from you guys.

mrdixonda 10 years ago
I use the 430 for a lot of snapshot work! It's an excellent camera and its small enough to let the kids handle it too.

Group not dead...not yet
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