uckhet 2:42am, 11 October 2006
just needed some insight regarding ISO on A430.
Tucker Lee Phillips 12 years ago
I always keep mine at the lowest setting, and I never use Auto.

This is probably just because of all the horror stories I've heard of using high ISO settings, but I personally wouldn't go any higher than 200 ISO.
digital_viewer 12 years ago
Try pics with every ISO option, in different situations, at night, morning, afternoon, with flash fired, in motion, then you´ll notice with the benefits of ISO. Then you´ll get the best for every situation.
Eleventh Earl PRO 12 years ago
I've used ISO 400 in low level light, but it is very grainy. For the most part I'm very happy with my A430.
uckhet Posted 12 years ago. Edited by uckhet (member) 12 years ago
thanks all! one more question though... is it possible that the auto setting on our cam's ISO setting will be greater than 400, given a particular situation, since it selects the best setting when set in that mode?
cintia scola 12 years ago
I try to set ISO 64 or 100 always...
If the light is bad..I use a tripe (I don't know the english word for that)...a suport...
About your question...I think that's not possible an ISO greater than 400...The camera is not configured for that.
Eleventh Earl PRO 12 years ago
third twig [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by third twig (member) 11 years ago
High ISO more granulation, In low ISO you have to expose more the photo. I like to use ISO auto and AWB... tripod is important, I experiment in different situations.

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Tommy McCormick 10 years ago
I usually keep mine at 100. On cloudy or dark days I move it up to 200, but no higher as I too have heard the image quality drops with higher ISOs
Flavio_Camus 10 years ago
if i want a relly true colors, i use iso64 and adjust the expo. I neves use the auto mode, and i really like to experiment whith white balance.
for motion, 200, and if is too fast (that light lines in night pictures) i use 400.
mrdixonda 10 years ago
Actually, I recently have been using the 400 setting to get rid of a lot of blur. I try to do a lot of candids, and it seems to catch people better.
olegfyodorov 10 years ago
Well, I used ISO64 most of the times. But I have Noise Ninja, so ISO100 and even ISO200 is still acceptable sometimes.
olegfyodorov 10 years ago
Well, about the dillema on high noise vs the motion blur... whatever you try to catch, the serious motion blur makes the information amount catched by the matrix much lower than those with high ISO. You can reduce the noise and blur your photo to get the effect like if ISO was lower
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