Eleventh Earl PRO 10:29pm, 29 August 2006
I got mine yesterday and I really like it. It's smaller, lighter, and has more optical zoom than my missing (presumed stolen) Nikon E4300.

It also cost about a third as much as the Nikon (I bought that one three years ago), and takes pictures of a quality at least as good as my Nikon. It boots up quicker than any previous digital camera I have owned, and it's super simple and user friendly.

So how d oyou like yours?

Any problems or quirks? Or is it just about the best purchase you've made since you thought 'hmm, that Netflix sounds like a good idea, I hope they issue shares...'
Vincent's Images PRO 12 years ago
Love it !!! My daughter is in grad school in Buffalo and I sent her one for her birthday (ulterior motive : send dad some pix ) and liked it so much I got me one. I have some fancy equipment and have sued everything from a Leica to 8x10 view cameras but this little gem goes everywhere with me and is just wonderful.

I mostly use the my camera setting for B&W with the flash off but the presets are fab for those occasions that warrant them. The movies are fun also. I put in a half gig SD card which is totally adequate capacity.

I went to a wedding last week and used my Nikon 8700 and the little Cannon and got over 100 shots - most people can’t tell the difference in the pictures. Having a fast recycling flash with a diffuser was very nice on the Nikon but for sneaky candids the Cannon was the champ.

So I’ll be posting many more shots soon with this little baby .
third twig [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by third twig (member) 12 years ago
Love it! It's smaller, lighter, cheap, has pretty colors, has more optical zoom and it's a very good camera!
abaft machine [deleted] 12 years ago
Love it!! I have both a canon G3 and the powershot A430. Although I prefer the G3 to take picture with (more options) I also love my powershot A430. It is smaller, easier to take with me and it works on batteries (so no charger to carry around). The A430 goes everywere with me (even when I go snowboarding). The G3 I save for more relaxing and less dangerous activities.
Tommy McCormick 10 years ago
Love it. Being fairly new to digital photography I find it easy to use, and very forgiving when I take shots.
The Super Macro mode is superb and I have outperformed more expensive cameras with it.
Even when I eventually upgrade to more powerful camera I will keep this little beauty with me, its so small it slips into a shirt pocket easily.
Flavio_Camus 10 years ago
i like so much my tiny camera. Its my first one i think i can take very good photos if i compare whit the real pro's.
i think the ca,mera its so confortable and lightweith, if i get some more expensive i will conserve with me. In fact, i carry it always in my bag
I love mine :-) It takes great pictures :-) I got it three years ago and I am just now thinking of upgrading and only beacuse I need a more professional camera... The only thing I have noticed is that it eats up batteries pretty quickly.
mrdixonda 10 years ago
I am constantly amazed with the quality of pics I can get with this "snapshot" camera. I would put the quality against any other digital. the only problem i have is seeing the display on sunny days. Even at it's highest , I can't see all the controls the way I would like.

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