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AF problem

SukiZ 12:03pm, 22 January 2008
For the 2nd time my AF stop responding for a short period, then it came back after turning on&off and unmounting it.
Anyone has experieced the same problem?
:( I've only used this lens for less than a year.. sob.. the worst thing is it doesn't have warranty as I got it from ebay
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Sander Bakkes [deleted] 10 years ago
seems to be a common problem with this lens, the mechanism that controls the AF seems to be relatively sensitive to shocks. had to submit my lens for repair (luckily under warranty, though the repair is relatively affordable)
Simon_Bates PRO 10 years ago
My (new) lens struggled with some AF yesterday when i was taking a pic of some profiled metal. lighting conditions were good.
Otherwise AF fine so far
George Bevan 10 years ago
Mine struggles to AF right most of the time, I put it down to it being a massive lump of glass and running it on a 400d, though everyone seems to have the same problem.
-robez- [deleted] 10 years ago
me too, same problem, but I don't turn off the camera (canon 400d), I just wait for 2 seconds and it works again.
sometimes it happens with the Sigma 30mm f/1.4 too, so probably is not a lens problem.
BoldPuppy Posted 10 years ago. Edited by BoldPuppy (member) 10 years ago
I've never had that problem on a 350D (XT) or on a 40D. You may need to clean the contacts on the lens (and do so carefully, so you don't get junk in the camera...). It may hunt if I use something other than the center focal point... but it's always worked (and it's a year old or so).
SukiZ 10 years ago
BoldPuppy, i did clean the contacts. the AF went dead (no response at all). Next time it happens I'll try a different lens, see it it's the lens or the camera..
SukiZ 10 years ago
The AF went dead again for 5 minutes today.. I didn't have the other lens with me, so I couldn't test to see if it's the lens of the camera.
sad.. -_-;
Charles Silverman 10 years ago
same has happened to me... but luckily it came back
(jw) [deleted] 10 years ago
My AF/USM motor died after about 300 shots (the lens is practically brand new). Tried it on several Canon cameras and nothing happened, the focus dot in the viewfinder keeps blinking whenever I try to focus. Has this happened to anyone else?
BoldPuppy 10 years ago
@ jsasmin - do you have and use a hood for this lens? The front element protrudes, and a 'protection' filter only extends the mechanical advantage into the motor assembly. This means that unless you use a hood all the time with this lens (even, or especially while stored) then you risk damaging the USM motor even just by putting the lens face down...
ortaliz 10 years ago
@ baldpuppy

Can you please clarify what you mean? I've had the same thing happen to me twice but the AF went back after I turned the camera (400d) off then on.

I now have a hood and a protect filter installed all the time, I never remove it. place it upside down in my bag. Do you mean it is more susceptible to being damage? Should I remove the lens hood and store the lens right side up?
BoldPuppy 10 years ago
No - the hood, assuming it's attached to the body, not the lens, actually does protect the front element. Do not remove the hood for storage - the lens NEEDS the physical protection provided by the hood.

I don't like or use protection filters. For the purposes of this discussion, they do not actually protect the lens.
maqomaqo [deleted] 10 years ago
I have had the AF die twice on my lens. The first time I had it repaired, but this time I am not sure if I will... Anyway I am pretty sure that the cause was mild front-on shock - since the lens was unmounted, and stored in a camera bag face down on both occasions. Thanks BoldPuppy for pointing this out! I must be a slow learner...
(jw) [deleted] 10 years ago
Thanks so much, BoldPuppy! I don't use a hood for this lens - it must've been damaged from being stored and put face down.
BoldPuppy 10 years ago
Until Canon learns that ALL lenses need to be sold with Hoods, this sort of thing will continue to happen. Hopefully, threads like this will make people aware of this frailty, and get people to complain to Canon that not only are the lenses rather fragile, you HAVE to have a lens hood on at all times, or really risk damaging it. (Especially for storage).

Good luck, everyone.
LemonSunrise [deleted] 10 years ago
SukiZ, If the AF staggers or stops working, just make sure to twist the lens clockwise all the way "in" – hard – then it will be fine. I used to have this problem but no longer.
iimarre 10 years ago
As soon as i read this discussion my 50mm started acting weird...
It just refused to focus yesterday. This happened twice. I was outside and it was cold. Maybe it had something to do with that.
RCSimages 10 years ago
In general this lens seems delicate. i used to use a screw in hood, but have since discovered that it was screwing in this hood to tightly that was causeing my AF to fail, resulting in the lens being fixed twice. i got a knock off fitted hood from hong kong via e-bay. £8 instead of £30 from canon. other than that you could try cleaning the contacts on the lens using the rubber on the end of a pencil.
SukiZ 10 years ago
LemonSunrise, thanks for the tips. I'll give it a go next time it happens.
I got the hood and it stays with the lens at all time now.
jasesim 10 years ago
@Bold Puppy: RE the lens hood, are you saying that in storage, when the lens hood is reversed and screwed on it still protects the front of the lens?

I've been having a few AF problems with my nifty-fifty and I'm unsure whether it is just a trait of this lens or if something is genuinely wrong. It's only a couple of months old. Low-light/Back-lit and near-ish (~2m) subjects takes a few seconds to AF whereas my 17-85mm works quickly in the exact same situation. Settings include auto-selection of AF point, stop down to about f/2 - f/4 on a 30D.

I know that low-light focusing is quite difficult for all lenses, but considering that the 17-85mm works fine raises some questions. And the low light isn't really THAT low-light.

Any thoughts?

(Note: I've posted a topic in the other Canon 50mm f/1.4 group, as I was unaware that there was a larger and probably more frequented group!)
EyeCandy Photo PRO 10 years ago
Wow... more post about 50mm problem... My hood stays on at all times with my 50mm.
gonzalo oxenford 10 years ago
Today my EF 50 1.4 autofocus died. I try it with a RebelXT (350D) and with a 20D and nothing. The AF red dots keep turning on on both cameras, but the lens motor doesn't move. it looks like dead.

The lens is almost new. I started shooting 20 days ago. I did 500 photographs and it died.

I also have a EF 16-35 2.8L and it never had any problems. It's build like a rock. I don't understand why Canon makes so fragile lenses. I mean the L line looks from another brand.
johann_he 9 years ago
The AF of my 50 1.4 USM died only after around 100 shots on my 5D, 2 months since I bought the lens from ebay. I tried everything including swtiching off/on the camera and remounting the lens, nothing happened. But my 24-105 L still works fine, so I was convinced that there must be something wrong with the AF motor as I learned from other forums. Fortunately, the seller agreed to replace the defective lens with a brand new one (they claimed), now have to wait and see if it can last longer.

Next time, I probably go for more solid L lens because I don't really trust the non L lens made by Canon anymore.
DaPi ♫ 9 years ago
jaase5sim "RE the lens hood, are you saying that in storage, when the lens hood is reversed and screwed on it still protects the front of the lens?"

That won't help. You need to keep the hood on in the "normal" orientation to protect the moving element. Unfortunately it makes the lens a heck of a lot bigger - no worse than a telephoto though.
jasesim Posted 9 years ago. Edited by jasesim (member) 9 years ago
Thanks DaPi. Since that post I've bought the lens hood.

It's a huge pain to change lenses when it's reversed on the lens... but I'm very happy with the protection it gives. I've now got no qualms about not slinging my camera over my shoulder for fear of damaging the front element!

I recently learned that the 50/1.4 has 'micro USM' as opposed to normal USM which possibly adds to AF woes =(
George Bevan 9 years ago
I've upgraded to a 40d body and the AF is much much better.
BoldPuppy 9 years ago
is indeed correct. The hood has to remain in the 'on' position for it to provide the physical protection necessary.

Since this has come out, Sigma has introduced a 50mm 1.4 that looks very interesting, and perhaps doesn't have the flaws of this design...
SukiZ 9 years ago
it's official... my 50mm AF has passed away.. RIP
sigh... -_-
cruzron 9 years ago
mine too. is currently being quoted at canon for repairs.

aside from having the hood on even at storage, any other tips to avoid this from happening again? :(

BoldPuppy 9 years ago
Never store it face down without the hood in place (on position). Don't allow the front element to be exposed to physical impact of any sort.

Treat it as if it was an "L" price, but not "L" build quality...
sjg210 9 years ago
My 50mm f1.4 also seems to have stopped autofocusing. I'm really annoyed as I have only had it a few months. I have never stored the camera lense down. It's very annoying that the lense appears to be so fragile.
BoldPuppy 9 years ago
I'm *really* glad that I put the hood on shortly after I got the lens... it's stored face up and with the hood in place... it's lasted almost two years now... still going...
jasesim 9 years ago
I'll add my name to those mourning the death of the 50's AF. Mine has just died after 6 months. And I didn't even abuse it!
trendzilla 9 years ago
Another dead 50mm.

I bought the lens in HK, I live in Australia. Possibly warranty problem... Also how much have Canon charged for the repair? Would be good for future reference.
cruzron 9 years ago
i had mine repaired and it cost me 5700 PhP which is roughly around 126 USD.

jasesim 9 years ago
@Trendzilla. I bought my lens in Dubai, Camera Clinic in Melbourne accepted the invoice and Canon warranty card. They fulfilled the warranty and assured me I won't have to pay anything (it's been repaired at the moment). FWIW, I suspect they fix it on-site so no shipping to pay (hopefully!)
SukiZ 9 years ago
Mine had the hood on pretty much all the time, the only contacts it had were when I put on / took off the lens cap -_-;
Some store in Sydney quoted AUD$250 for the repair.. that's half of the cost of the lens itself
BoldPuppy 9 years ago
Wow - that's not fun - what happened to the warranty?
Just got my 50mm, f1.4 back from Canon...no charge, after the af and manual locked up on it (rough trip from Vietnam to states). Fingers crossed for it to remain working now that I've seen all your woes.
SukiZ 9 years ago
no warranty sadly, i got mine from ebay -_-;
Alex Fitch 9 years ago
My 50mm f/1.4 AF died recently, but Canon had it back to me, working perfectly, 6 days after I shipped it. Thank god for warranties!
Eugene Chang ⠀ 9 years ago
i just got this lens today... and i'm really lovin' it!
but now..i'm a bit scared about this issue...
Ivan røde skjegg 9 years ago
Nobody seems to be differentiating between the Canon hood, which clips onto the body of the lens, and some of the non Canon hoods that screw into the filter ring. If you use anything that screws into the filter ring it will only make the lens more susceptible to damage.
BoldPuppy 9 years ago
wow - great point. I hadn't realized that 3rd party hoods screwed onto the ring. That would certainly defeat the point of protecting that front element from damage!

buy and use a Canon lens hood. Put it on, and don't take it off...
ortaliz 9 years ago
I had my lens hood on all the time and the lens stored in my drybox right side up. And my lens AF still broke :(
2plus2isfive 9 years ago
Actually, a lot of the 3rd party hoods for this lens do attach to the bayonet. Search ebay for "ES-71 II" and most of the cheap hoods that come up are bayonet attachable.
Ivan røde skjegg Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Ivan røde skjegg (member) 9 years ago
Rubber lens hoods from retailers in the (UK) like Jessops and Cecil Jacobs, screw straight into the filter thread.
iWho? PRO 9 years ago
Following on from @teddybear... etc. I just had the same problem: AF and MF both locked for no apparent reason. Posted to Canon (Colchester, UK) and got it back 5 weeks later. Repair FOC, thank goodness. Love the lens anyway but just have to be ultra protective of it I suppose!
BoldPuppy 9 years ago
Yikes. Hoods that attach to the threads are pretty much guaranteed to destroy the AF in this lens...
mumfirst (Nicole) 9 years ago
I'm on my lucky 3rd lens. The first 2 did not work from the outset. Faulty AF.
SubSeaSniper 9 years ago
Hello all, I am buying a 50mm f1.4 in the next couple of weeks and have been following this thread with interest.

As a practice I always use lens hoods but there is no way I am paying £30 for a hood, what a rip-off.

I have been checking out the ebay hoods but unfortunately they do not mention whether they screw onto the filter thread or the lens bayonet.

One particular hood


says that it can be reverse mounted for storage. To me that sounds like it mounts on the bayonet and would be the one to go for.

Any thoughts?
iWho? PRO 9 years ago
The ES 71 II is the Canon hood recommended for this lens and, as you have seen, is circa £30 elsewhere. You found it cheap but I always ebay with caution. Warehouse Express has it at a reasonable price:


Oh, and no, I can't get mine to fit reversed for storage. Storing lens hoods is becoming a real pain!
harold.lloyd 9 years ago
Phew... I had exactly this problem just today and was beginning to panic. I shoot almost everything with this lens; it dominates my life atm. The thought of having to send it away from repair was daunting. I was focusing on my daughter as she ran around the kitchen and the lens made a bit of a squeak and the AF just stopped. Manual ok. I left it for a few hours, turned on and off, cleaned contacts - nothing.

But this advice from LemonSunrise cured it:

If the AF staggers or stops working, just make sure to twist the lens clockwise all the way "in" – hard – then it will be fine. I used to have this problem but no longer.

And now it's back. *huge sigh of relief*

I'm actually a little worried about my panic. One of my kids falls over and comes crying because they've hurt their knee, I'm calm and collected (and concerned, obviously). But the loss of this piece of glass? Conniptions!
2plus2isfive 9 years ago
I think mine is giving up the ghost...Although it's slightly different to what most people are describing: AF and MF work but the lens won't focus closer than about 1m (even when trying with manual focus). The ring just spins like it's hit the closest focus...but it hasn't.

Anyone else had this problem?
Lars Daniel 9 years ago
Bought one yesterday morning. AF stopped working in the evening. It worked again today, but now in the evening it stopped working again.
On top of that, I must say that build is not very reassuring. The focusring seems very loose and flimsy, and the whole thing just has this plastic feel.

I am happy with the pictures though, but I am not happy about a lens that seems to be prone to AF breakdowns.
BoldPuppy 9 years ago
Lars - sounds like yours may have been damaged in shipping!

It should be able to focus to about 1/2 m... Just need to be careful about this one.
SickBoyPhoto PRO 9 years ago
I have a problem with it focusing when it's pretty dark. I was trying to get some nice bokeh shots, but instead of focusing on the closest object like I wanted, it kept focusing on an object in the background. And my subject was large enough, but it just didn't want to focus.

Luckily I had my tripod with me, so no big deal I guess.

I wish Canon would do a little better QA, as I seem to find problems like these with their glass more often than not.
brownscorpios PRO 9 years ago
I keep my hood on my lens all the time and now for the second time, the AF has, for no apparent reason, died. i removed the lens, wiped the contacts, changed batteries, used another lens (which af'ed fine), and still it doesn't work. it's 2 months old! I'm soooo sad! It's my daughter's bday and was hoping for that sweet bokeh shot!
: (
Bobby Arispe PRO 9 years ago
I had my 50's AF fail completely on a bridal shoot. It would barely hold focus when manual focusing. I had to ship it into Canon, luckily still under warranty. Repaired and shipped back in a week. -BA
el_comicastro 9 years ago
I bought this lens last friday and used it that day on a concert with no problems at all. I wanted to try it out at another concert on the following day and it wouldn't be able to focus at all. It tends to be stuck between 1.5 and 3 meters (5 and 10 ft). Not even manual focus works it doesn't pass the mark in between 1.5 and 3 meters.
hk73 Posted 9 years ago. Edited by hk73 (member) 9 years ago
My 50mm 1.4 AF after working like a charm initially also stopped working this morning. I had not used the camera for some days. The lense is about 2 months old. I was just about to send it back to the camera shop I bought it from but when I tried it again in the afternoon it worked without any problems.

Any advice if I should just return it or wait and see if it happens again?

I love this lense except for this dead AF problem ;-)
Photography by Sue PRO 9 years ago
My 50mm 1.4 stopped auto focusing about 2 weeks ago!!!!
It is only a year old too.
[AMG]photos 9 years ago
...I want this lens...but I'm scared now.
BoldPuppy 9 years ago
Mine is now 2 years old, and because I never take the hood off, it's well protected and works like a charm.
sport_fishing_2000 9 years ago
I thought I wanted this lens too, but now I'm beginning to wonder. All these issues with how fragile the lens is is not sitting comfortably with me at all. I understand that we need to treat lenses delicately, but I don't believe it is acceptable that I always have to use a lens hood (which incidently doesn't even come with the lens).
image freak 9 years ago
Just bought this lens. In the main though, I always bring the focus as close as I can manually and fine tune with auto focus under certain conditions. Especially where there isn't much to lock onto otherwise. Most lenses will struggle to autofocus and hunt if they can't lock onto the subject matter.
Jim Grady 9 years ago
Ping - mine has just jammed also. Now can only AF between infinity and just below on scale. Can only manually focus same range - something inside has jammed I suspect.

Maybe a mistake taking it into school and letting Year 9s have a go with it wasn't sensible! Wonder if that will invalidate the warranty.
Photography by Sue PRO 9 years ago
I took my 50mm in for a "look" at and the AF motor had seized so it is currently having a new motor put in...and it will cost me $180 AUD, but cheaper than buying a new one!
Jim Grady 9 years ago
Warranty ran out 6 weeks ago! Canon in Stoke just quoted 40 of our English pounds for a new part - a heilcoid(?)
Douglas Fróis 9 years ago
The AF on my 50mm 1.4 also stopped working. One repair center here in Brazil wants to charge about 75% of the price of a new lens to fix it.

I prefer to pay a little more and buy a new lens.
xmeltingboyx 9 years ago
My AF died last night during a show. What a fucking bummer. I'm on the road on tour and I can't get it fixed until at least Wednesday. I'm not too happy about that.
harold.lloyd 8 years ago
Try this:

If the AF staggers or stops working, just make sure to twist the lens clockwise all the way "in" – hard – then it will be fine. I used to have this problem but no longer.

It's worked for me twice.
sport_fishing_2000 8 years ago
^ Geeez.... that is a brutal fix. I can hear the lens screaming in agony now......
harold.lloyd 8 years ago
Yeah, but it works. It's not hard enough to snap it in two, but firm enough to give it some pressure. Not suggesting you do this first - clean contacts, turn off camera, put a different lens on, etc etc. But if nothing else works and it's going to be $$$$ to fix it, then try this first. You're not going to break anything. The f/1.4 is not the f/1.8. It is a sturdy damn thing.
jordanbstead 8 years ago
I've had this lens for less than a year, and I'm scared shitless. I love it, and need its effect, though... I wonder if I should sell it while I still can...?
Ermhs1 Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Ermhs1 (member) 8 years ago
the latest 50 1.4 got loose focus ring and I believe they did that to prevent this problem.

Not 100% sure but its logical if you think that the motor is small and weak. I searched and asked other users that got AF respondance problems and they said that focus ring is normal than any other canon lenses.. My lens and dosen of other users bought it latelly its very loose!.. but nobody have problems.

Hope it helps

any of you with af problems, your focus ring is loose???? Just trying to see if thats the problem and it fixed.
Pixel Lulu PRO 8 years ago
i'm glad i bought a 3 year warranty. I suspect I too have problems with the AF. Doesn't want to focus 90% of the time especially with a flash :(

Going to Henry's in a couple days to test theirs and demand a new one! bummer.
michael anthony murphy [deleted] 8 years ago
My 50's AF died a couple weeks ago. love the lens so i decided to hone in on my manual focusing skills. still mad that its not working though. anyway, last night i was outside, very dark out, and just messing around taking a few shots and for some odd reason, it started trying to autofocus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was thrilled!! then ran back inside to find some easier things to focus on, and it died!! AGAIN!! nothing. i went back in the dark to try again...nothing. now i'm on a mission to get to the bottom of the problem. i now feel that the motor is not totally dead. just when i was accepting the fact it was dead....it's torture.
mikey murphy have you cleaned all the contacts on the lens and camera?
LouiseKnight 8 years ago
Well, mine officially died on Sunday just gone, and I have a huge shoot this weekend and now I have no decent lens (I was going to use the 50 for the whole shoot!). not even manual focus works, as someone said previously:

"I think mine is giving up the ghost...Although it's slightly different to what most people are describing: AF and MF work but the lens won't focus closer than about 1m (even when trying with manual focus). The ring just spins like it's hit the closest focus...but it hasn't."

That's spot on. Has anyone managed to get a repair without charge, out of warranty from canon? Considering by the looks of it it's such a massive stupid fault on their part!
Angel's Harry 8 years ago
This thread


has a link to a page describing how to repair it by yourself.

This is the link:


You may give it a try.
harold.lloyd 8 years ago
If it's out of warranty, I can't see Canon repairing it for no charge. How is it their fault that it's broken out of warranty?

That's some operation! Not for the faint hearted.
LouiseKnight 8 years ago
Because you'd expect that a lens that's cost near £250 to last longer than 18 months. I don't expect anyone to fix something for free if it's out of warranty & the fault is your own, but if it's a common problem that Canon haven't bothered making apparent at the time of sale, it's different. If I'd have seen this thread when I bought the lens then I would've bought a lens hood straight away, but as I wasn't searching 'canon 50mm 1.4 focus problem' at the time, I never saw it!
See what I mean?
BoldPuppy 8 years ago
Unfortunately, while you and I may expect that lenses in this price range to last much longer - Canon doesn't. It's not until you get into L range and price that they're built like tanks.....
harold.lloyd 8 years ago
It doesn't really help with the f/1.4 situation but the 50mmf/1.8 is a great piece of kit for the price. Well, it's cheaply made and all but can produce the goods. If you want a 50mm in a hurry, I'd get that and eBay it once you have the f/1.4 repaired.
Gus Nardelli 8 years ago
Ok. Mine just died yesterday after 4yr of usage: AF in no longer avaiable. Will sent it to repair later this week.
ato2dp 8 years ago
I havent had a probelm with my 50mm (its only 4 weeks old!) but I did have a problem with my 50D not auto focusing after just 30 days of owning it. Canon refused to replace it free of charge as they said it was outside the 28 day money back guarentee. I spent over £1600 so you would have thought they woud be a bit more gracious over just 2 days over the limit. However the guy in the store pressed the reset to factory settings button (I had changed a few of the settings to work it the way I like) and BINGO the auto focus started working again. He said that sometimes the cameras just hate to have all these settings altered!
Having just read this thread I have just ordered the lens hood for my lens. Thanks people for the advice. I used to shoot with Nikon and the hoods came with the lenses so having just changed over to Canon I was slowly saving up to buy hoods for my lenses but after reading this...bought the one for the 50mm immediately.
BoldPuppy 8 years ago
You might have set the AF to the "*" button only...
dαvey PRO 8 years ago
I have the same problem on my 400d, very slow focusing at times. But not on my 40D. Lack of contrast really throws its off...

I have two takumars, 55mm f2, and 50mm f1.4, both manual, and a faction of the price of even the 50mm / F1.8, great lenses, and tack sharp if you are handy with manual focusing.

Check this out if you want to see any example. The F2 is so much easier to focus wide open than the f1.4

You want me to look where? by dαvey
Maulon! 8 years ago
oghhh my lens died afte 200 shots, first the lens stop focusing at the right distance, then it stop focussing and the usm motor never move again. i tried with other cameras and the same thing, i buyit from ebay and it hasn't warranty... now i can take focus by hand and check it in the af point blinking.

the service says that the usm motor died, you need and the fix takes like $150
jordanbstead 8 years ago
Mine is DEAD. I hate my life. Nikon here I come!... Nope...

Sigh... guess I'll try and sell it as a MF-only on my local Craigslist...

What did people get as a USD estimate for the fix?
harold.lloyd 8 years ago
Have you tried the various quick fixes suggested above?

I think an estimate will depend on what's needed to fix it. What do you mean by 'dead'? Just the AF?
Maulon! 8 years ago
I ask here and the options are. dirty contacts, small dots between the lenses (can't focus right), o definitly bad USM motor, the cheapest fix is arround 20USD and the large work to replace the USM motor is arround 180USD... better keep it as a manual focus lens.

anywhere this lens is for a slow motion photo.. i think that a few people use it for sports or action photos.. i more like portraits or still people.
i keep ir for manual.. and its fine
josh.r 8 years ago
I picked up the 85 f/1.8 the other day and wow what a difference. The autofocus on that lens was probably twice the speed of my 50 f/1.4. A real shame this lens is such crap.
jordanbstead 8 years ago
Yeah, and I just realized the manual focus ring is acting up, right after the AF died. The MF ring sticks randomly all of a sudden, and has a tough time making the full rotation.

BoldPuppy 8 years ago
Did you use a hood, or go sans?
LouiseKnight Posted 8 years ago. Edited by LouiseKnight (member) 8 years ago
that's exactly the same as mine :(
Photography by Sue PRO 8 years ago
Update on my 50mm 1.4 problem as I noticed I last commented 9 months ago. Well...only a few weeks after I had paid $180 to have the new motor put into my lens, it "broke" again, not the AF this time but something else, so back to the repair shop and another $150 to fix it. Next time it dies I will not fix it, I will replace it with another 50mm lens of better reputation. I have head the Sigma is good. (I think it was the Sigma 1.4)
image freak Posted 8 years ago. Edited by image freak (member) 8 years ago
Sold mine soon after I bought it, and before there was any trouble with it. It isn't worth throwing good money after bad to get this lens repaired time and time again. I bought a Panasonic LX3 to replace it, but hated Silkypix and now I let the wife use the LX3 for family snap shots. I am going to purchase the Sigma 50mm version for my Canon 5d and hope it performs OK. The build is certainly better than the Canon 1.4, which is old by design.
harold.lloyd 8 years ago
I think I must have a good copy of this lens. It's used all the time, every day, and I don't take the greatest care of things. I've had the odd AF problem but it was fixed quickly in the way I describe above. It's a pity it has these quality issues given how well it performs otherwise. I'll seek out the Sigma sometime and try and put it through its paces.
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