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Info about this nice little lens down there below the discussion links.....


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  • Very old and very cheap optic.

    Are you waiting for the New 50 1.4? Or should we buy sigma. Samyang or yongnuo i...

    hector.fontane19 months ago1 replies

  • Service notice for EF 50mm f/1,4 USM

    If you have problems the focus function on the EF 50mm f/1,4 USM, and the serial...

    J M Kervel21 months ago2 replies

  • What body are you using this lens with?

    Hi 50 lovers What body are you using this prime lens with? Anybody using i...

    Rachid Bouarara Photographer22 months ago163 replies

  • Tips for a noob?

    I see all these amazing pictures you all talented people post.... what tips coul...

    geryennelacle27 months ago0 replies

  • Canon 50mm 1.4 or Canon 85mm 1.8 with 5D Mark iii?

    Hello Dear Friends I recently bought 5D Mark iii and have two lenses Canon 50m...

    Asif Ali Yousafzai28 months ago3 replies

  • Why do I find pictures in this group not taken with a 50mm ?

    Just had a look at last pictures in this group - I found some of them not taken...

    dbrothier33 months ago1 replies

  • This lens

    So it's about six years into this lens and it remains my favorite and ironically...

    Neal Edelstein33 months ago0 replies

  • Micro focus adjustment on 60D

    Is there any way to do a micro focus adjustment of canon 50mm 1.4 on canon 60D. ...

    sveta.janac36 months ago0 replies

  • Photographing Food

    I was photographing a food plate for my first blog. I was about 1 foot from the...

    tesla234843 months ago2 replies

  • About the Lens of distance markers

    Hi, everybody.I would like to ask you a question? About EF50 lens.We should all ...

    badminton boy45 months ago1 replies

  • Other Lenses Posting here a lot

    this is a 50mm prime lens group. Why do people keep posting pictures with differ...

    Kim/Artist45 months ago1 replies

  • About the group

    why I can't add my photos in this group ?

    _t.papa46 months ago1 replies

  • About how to use the EF 50 1.4

    hello everybody.I am currently using 5d2 camera,and use EF 50 1.4 lens. But the...

    badminton boy51 months ago4 replies

  • Very soft.

    I have a new-ish (purchased new in June of this year) 50mm 1.4 that is VERY soft...

    Daphne Laput53 months ago8 replies

  • Strange bokeh

    I took the lens out for a quick shout out. When having out of focus light, I get...

    pooly754 months ago6 replies

  • How often do you take pictures?

    Hello: Just wondering how often everyone gets the camera out and takes pictur...

    D B Morton56 months ago13 replies

  • 50mm 1.4 or 85mm 1.8?

    which lens give more of deep of field? or Bokeh? The price of these 2 lenses are...

    ☼Patrick N☼56 months ago27 replies

  • Focusing issues with Canon 50mm f/1.4 USM

    Hi guys, how's everybody finding their 50mm f/1.4 lens? I recently picked up a u...

    ronny-cakes56 months ago12 replies

  • Repair or Replace?

    Ugh. My beloved 50mm 1.4 now appears to be afflicted with the "can't autofocus" ...

    adwriter57 months ago4 replies

  • f1.4 or f1.8 ?? need your opinion

    Hello...I just bought a Canon 70d. super fast. Now I was wanting to get a nifty ...

    Kim/Artist60 months ago15 replies

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