Rachid Bouarara Photographer 2:06pm, 21 August 2012
Hi All,

I currently own Canon 60D with 35mm f2 and I intend to buy a 5D classic to add to my lineup for a bargain price of about 300 USD in good conditions, as I have tested it and works well, with 4GB CF and original battery and charger.

I would like to know how well does this camera perform with 35 f2? any idea or feedback?

thanks for reading
Kinematic Digit PRO 5 years ago
It performs well. Nice looking lens on the 5D, but it does have a noisy AF motor.

Not sure what you're expecting, but if you want to pair it up for street photography for example, it's not that discrete because of the AF noise, however it will still takes a fantastic photo on the street despite that.

I don't have any photos to share personally, but I did own both at one time, but you can find lots of examples here:

Ollievision™ 5 years ago
That's a great price for the 5D1. I would get it and see how you get on with the 35mm f2. The 35L is fabulous on the 5D series.
justinsmodelshoots 5 years ago
$300 is an amazing price!

5D and 35mm f/2 is all i use. It's my exact setup. Most of the images on my photostream are shot with this setup.

It's a great camera and a great lens (probably the best Canon lens i've owned) and the quality of the images with this combination still blows me away.

It has a bit of vignetting wide open on full frame but by about f/4 it's gone, and i'm sure you're used to the noise of the AF motor by now.
fotobirk 5 years ago
i think it performs OK, but nok great. sure i sharp in the center but the corners lack som sharpness in my opinion. i honestly dont se the point in getting a fast prime if you need to stop it down by two stops in order to obtain the IQ you want. if you dont need the AF you should considef the samyang 35mm f1,4. it rivals even the 35L in IQ. if youre smart you get it with nikon mount and a nikon to EF adapter with AF cornfirm.

dont know the price where youre from, but i should be close to the 35 f2
briannicklaus 5 years ago
it performs well, but it might be wider than you expect. i used it for a few weeks, but found the 50mm to be better suited for my shooting.
f8125 Posted 5 years ago. Edited by f8125 (member) 5 years ago
soft edges at F2 but fine from F2.8 onwards - generally a sharp lens - noisy AF - it's a bit of a dinosaur in EF terms but works fine.

I agree with above that the 50mm seems to be just right - 35mm is good for taking in the background a little
Kevinim82 5 years ago
Most of the images in my photo stream are of the Samyang 35mm 1.4, and the Canon 35mm f2.

The Samyang is great for low light, it's great for manual focusing. An awesome preforming lens for the price.

The Canon can have some harsh out of focus highlights wide open. But it's also an excellent lens. If you shoot landscape the Canon f2 at f4 or f5.6 is an amazing tool on the 5d.

The Canon 35mm is also a good low light lens, in low light the harsh out of focus highlights will be muted by a dark background.

I'll agree with everyone, the Canon has a lot of noisy crickets in it, but only a problem if your taking pictures in a library.

Rent it, see if you like it.
mahidoes Posted 2 years ago. Edited by mahidoes (member) 2 years ago
@justinsmodelshoots You should have said what you shoot. :D Just checked your photostreem and embarrassed in office.

I came to this thread because I bought a refurb EF 35mm f/2 IS USM for my 5D classic today in US. Waiting until that reaches my home :D
jim0266 2 years ago
The orig 5D and the EF 35/2 was my main combo for a few years. Rented a 35/1.4 to test but didn't see the benefit in cost/weight terms in how I make images. Here are a few images from that test on the 5D: www.flickr.com/photos/53604458@N00/sets/72157604840499721/

It has a little zip sound when focusing but nothing to worry about. Would still be using this lens on the 6D if the 40mm pancake had not come along.
Metro Tiff PRO Posted 2 years ago. Edited by Metro Tiff (member) 2 years ago
I have the 5D Classic and the 5DMK3 and the 35L is my main lens for walking around. Whether it be the ƒ2 or ƒ1.4 version, i love the perspective of this focal length.
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