juseppe90 6:37am, 16 September 2011
How is this lens on a 450d???
hkun88 7 years ago
Why would it be any different on that body? It's an awesome lens, no matter what the body. I like the length better on a crop body than FF, and use it for portraits.
hkun88 7 years ago
I used to use it on 450D, and now on 5Dmkii, great on both. But it's still depend on what you shooting. For me on a crop body the 24-70 is a lil bit tight, but still great for general purpose/ people lens.

If you aren't planning to use full frame, the 17-55 2,8 IS is better. To be honest I don't really like the 24-70 bulk on 450d, it feels unbalance...
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