Raccatography 8:12am, 5 December 2010
My friends were playing in the court and I was just walking, minding my own business and not on guard of the possibility of a hit. The ball hit my lens. It got bent. I freaked out deep inside and I was also afraid to look into the elements of my lens. I tried to take a picture and it looks like something from a lensbaby. I talked to my friend and told him the details and whatnots. I slid it back to my bag and left it there for about 5 hours. When it took it out, I was astonished. The damn dent got straightened. To test my disbelief, I took a picture and it's freaking sharp as usual. The only problem is that the ring with got dislocated.

Wow... no wonder this heavy piece of brick is built like a tank.

Share your "oh-shit-did-my-lens-just-die" moments! :D
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