acerl310 5:59pm, 17 October 2010
acerl310 8 years ago
When the Sun Sets

Taken with a 40D. Just goes to show that you can do landscapes with this lens on a crop! :)
Venom! 8 years ago
one of my most loveable

millomeri waterfall
acerl310 8 years ago
Oh my god! That's like a Picasso painting!
Saibal K. Ghosh Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Saibal K. Ghosh (member) 7 years ago
Como Park Garden by Saibal K. Ghosh
lackadaisical chin [deleted] 7 years ago
wow, very nice shots everyone. i hope to be able to take pictures like this with my lens
Seth Berling 7 years ago
IMG_5504 by Seth Berling
JAMoutinho 7 years ago
Photo on the stairs
Ben Z! 7 years ago
Rich  by Ben Z!
1 Horseman. 6 years ago
The Robert E. Lee Natural Bridge by 1 Horseman.

Xerxes close up by 1 Horseman.

Interior of Cades Cove Methodist Church by 1 Horseman.
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