acerl310 6:51pm, 3 October 2010
Just a while ago, I just shot a concert in our school. The stage sported quite a lot of fancy lights. Anyways, when I was shooting I was beside this Nikon photographer. He has a very nice kit - a D700 with a 24-70mm DX lens attached to it (no flame wars please. We are mature people). All his shots showed no terrible flare. I, in contrast, have shots with horrible flare. My subjects' faces were covered by the crappiness that is flare while his shots were clean as hell.

My setting:
40D (Servo Focus Mode. Set to Av mode)
ISO: 3200
Aperture: f/2.8

His setting
D700 ("Live View Focus Mode.")
ISO: 1000
Aperture: f/4
(I am not sure about his ISO though... I think it was set to 3200 but I forget)

His shots had lots of contrast and there were no flares at all! The lights which caused flares on my camera looked pretty in his camera.

We both had our lens hoods on our cameras so that is out of the question. We were also near each other so the "angle" of the lights is out of the question too. I had a filter on (B+W Digital) but I wasn't able to see his lens's filter.

Is this where the Nikons just shine? Or am I just a crappy shooter.
Poljazz 8 years ago
Might be your filter.
Steve.Korn 8 years ago
If their faces were covered by flare, it's very likely that you simply overexposed them. Flare doesn't pick and choose which parts of the body it will effect and it's very common for people's faces to be blown out when shooting concert lighting. You have to meter to get a good exposure on their faces.
foTobias. 8 years ago
i can shoot at any angle to the sun, and not getting any interesting flare without any filter or hood (i havent seen any so far) - with my filter i get all the flares anyone could ask for...
acerl310 8 years ago
@Poljazz I have a hunch that my filter did create all the horrible flare. I did a test at home and used my mom's camera to create the harsh light. I shot an image with the filter on and viola, humongous circular flares appeared. I did another shot but this time, with the filter off and, as if by magic, the humongous circular flares disappeared; there is still flare but of negligible degree only. I hope this test proves the same in real life situations!

@Steve.Korn Really? I need to learn how to meter manually again...

@Tobias_dk_85 Lol. I see I see. I won't use my filter anymore in places where there are lights. I hope my lens doesn't get smashed into anyone!

@All Thanks for the replies guys! For a moment I felt so envious at the Nikon shooter haha.
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