preston e davis 4:05am, 17 September 2007
Today I pulled the trigger and ordered my 24-70. It was a toss-up between that lens and the 35L.

After judging the types of shots I take the most, this was the logical choice. It wont' be my main walk-around-lens. But it will see a lot of use as I will be doing a lot of event photography in low light situations.

It will go into my bag along with my 50mm 1.4, 24-105L, 10-22 (looking to sell), 580EX, and 430EX.

Carles Orfila 10 years ago
after received the 24-70, how did you compare this two, 24-70 and your 24-105?

distortion at 24mm, the weight, the colors, contrast, etc...

thank you!
preston e davis 10 years ago
no distortion at 24mm as I'm using it on a 30D with a crop sensor. i actually sold my 24-105 because I just didn't need it. to me, the 24-70 with its faster aperture is superior in terms of what i need. and the weight is more of a non-issue than i thought it would be.
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