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el fletcher 6:25pm, 16 January 2007
hi everyone! i bought mine about 6 months ago, and it worked fine at first, then, out of nowhere, the focus was totally off and all my shots were soft and looked like they were taken with crappy glass...i sent it to canon, they "adjusted the best focus point" and everything is beautiful again. i did a lot of research online and it seems this is a common issue with this lens - i'm curious how many in this group have experienced it as well.
wmliu PRO 11 years ago
sometimes i get out-of-focus shots with mine. i suppose it's an operator error.

i believe all constant-aperture Canon zoom lenses are parfocal. the standard technique i use is to zoom all the way in, focus, and zoom out to take the shot. this works beautifully with the 17-40mm f/4L but seems rather iffy with the 24-70mm. the front element extends when you zoom. is lens so designed still parfocal?
curious tray [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by curious tray (member) 10 years ago

I took mine to an event and every picture taken at the 24mm range seemed out of focus. However shots taken about 5-6 ft away at 70mm is extremely sharp. I thought it was camera shake but I was on 200s f/5 useing flash with bracket and auto focus.

I was really disappointed because I thought all my shots were really clear until i downloaded them. When I zoom in on the eyes, which is where I focused they looked very blurry as if there were camera shake. I thought it was me and it still could be. I'm in the process of testing it on a tripod now and searched this thread for any issues other people were having.
Maxtky Ting 8 years ago
Hi All,

I'm facing the same problem too... 24mm range out of focus, only bought in 1 week...

El Fletcher how after you send your lens after the Canon? Do your lens still out of focus on 24mm range?
foTobias. 8 years ago
i had the same issue - and just recieved it back from recalibration, and should be good now... gotta do more testing though...
willallison 8 years ago
I too have had issues with this lens. I use it as my workhorse lens for events and it seems to struggle most in low light. I have just had to try foucussing manually. So far this has worked but for how long i wonder?
acerl310 8 years ago
mine misses quite a lot nowadays... I guess that's just user error but it's really scary that it [sometimes] misses its focus on moving objects!
Nuno Conceição 7 years ago
I have mine go really really soft when wide open, I've sent it to Canon to fix it, they said they'd changed the "card" (that's all they said really) but I can't use it at 2.8 realistically, it just looks bad. Close it down to 4.0 and it's fine. Weird.
foTobias. 7 years ago
get a 24-105? - that sounds really annoying, exsamples? and are you by any chance looking at 100% magnification, because then it's not really pretty..
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