is*land 5:14pm, 28 October 2006
what is the hazy stuff in the middle right half of the picture. it looks like a circle. it only appears in hazy/cloudy conditions?


thank you much.
Steve.Korn 12 years ago
Are you using a circular polarizer? Sometimes it will create a haze if you are at the right "wrong" angle.
is*land 12 years ago
thanks. no, i'm not. now that i rember it i think i noticed it with the 17-40 as well. but i don't know what about the camera that is making it do this. or could it be the lens. it's a brand new lens. i havent taken it off since i put it on (24-70) i don't know what it is.

someone said lens flare...i don't know what a lens flare is...but the lens is straight out of the box onto my camera from amazon. so i doubt it could be the lens. maybe a bad "copy"?
grrendell 12 years ago
I'm not sure if it could be something on the sensor, but if you noticed it with another lens it seems that it would be possible. You might want to ask at your local camera store.

Lens flare is when you're shooting towards a light source and light is going into your lens and makes circles in the image, you can search it and see images with it, its not a physical problem with the lens. It doesn't look like that's the problem in this image, since it doesn't look very sunny.
is*land 12 years ago
thanks. i don't know i'm confused. i even took a picture of a blank piece of paper and nothing showed up. and i took a bunch yesterday and nothing showed up in those either. strange.
Chip Phillips 12 years ago
To check for sensor dust, my local camera guy told me to aim up at the blue sky and take a picture, download it and zoom in to see if you can see anything. The smudge in the picture looks to me like you have a smear or finger print on the front or back of the lens. Since you haven't taken it off since you put it on, I would clean the back as well as the front really well with a lens cleaning cloth and some breath, or a lens cleaning solution. That doesn't explain why it would be present with your other lens though.
is*land 12 years ago
thanks. it really does look like a finger print and yet i see none (back and front). i took pics of blue skies and white papers and nothing.

ohh well.
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