grrendell 2:26pm, 18 October 2006
I've been coveting this lens for quite some time now...finally took the plunge since I've got my brother's wedding coming up and that gave me a good excuse. Plus Canon double rebates, I could justify it. I'm really excited...I can't wait for it to get here!
kindhearted balance [deleted] 12 years ago
you wont be disapointed.. its a beast
Steve.Korn 12 years ago
Just got mine on Saturday, you're going to love it!
fensterbme PRO 12 years ago
I've had mine for about 9 months and it's my bread and butter lens... I use it more than all my other lenses combined.
grrendell 12 years ago
I'm pretty sure it will be my walkaround. I think its the perfect range and seems to be pretty phenomenal. I just find myself wishing I'd forked it over for the expedited shipping! *sigh*
berserk soap [deleted] 12 years ago
Yah, my 24-70mm on my 1D are what I shoot with 89.95% of the time. Great lens.
grrendell 12 years ago
Wow, very accurate math ;)
mochiland 12 years ago
i love my 24-70 and i'm sure you will too. congrats on making the decision.
Dan P. B. 12 years ago
I ordered mine today as well!! :D
grrendell 12 years ago
Awesome Dan, I love it already...and you can't beat the workout from lugging it around! Enjoy!
Dan P. B. 12 years ago
Thanks grrendell - I plan on doing an "unboxing" set as it's my first L and i'm...well...weird like that
is*land 12 years ago
yep. got mine yesterday, went out today. and it's awesome. i can't believe the macro on it. and i have 100mm macro. 2.8 is just too good.

and if you aren't a wuss or a weekling it's not that heavy. and certainly not heavier than 70-200.

no downside.
lowmagnet 12 years ago
The 24-70 is my bag-to-shot lens since it works great on a full-frame from curvy 24mm, even 35mm and normal 50 all the way up to portrait 70.
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