berserk soap [deleted] 7:52pm, 10 February 2006
Just a question I'm always interested in hearing the different answers to.

On my 24-70mm f/2.8 L I have a B+W UV filer which I use to protect the glass, but when I'm actually out shooting I usually take it off and just let the hood protect the glass.

Do you have a filter on full-time or do keep your L glass naked?
f/stopboy 13 years ago
On my 24-70mm f/2.8L, I always shoot w/ my B+W UV filter on. That is unless, I'm shooting w/ my B+w circular polarizer on the lens, in which case, the UV filter comes off. The CP filter only comes out to play when I'm shooting outdoors on a bright day. Otherwise, it's the UV filter all the way.
pointnshoot 12 years ago
I agree with f/stopboy except that I have Hoya filters.
Bernard-SD 12 years ago
No filter unless it's a circ polarizer.
wmliu PRO 12 years ago
no filters on the 24-70mm or the 100-400mm, but UV on the 17-40mm and 10-22mm, as their front moves in and out.
Wolfgang Jünemann 11 years ago
No filters !
Have a look: Corner&pl=crockets9
fensterbme PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by fensterbme (member) 11 years ago
I shoot with Hoya Super HMC filters...

I know that I don't need the UV protection... but twice I have been saved with lens drops and the filter taking the brunt of the blow, cracking the filter but leaving the lens in perfect shape.

The front lens element is much harder than one would think and is hard to scratch but I'd perfer not to scratch one of my $1,000+ lenses regardless.

@bundesphotograph: It's true if your going to use a UV filter use a GOOD UV filter, not an average run of the mill one you find at a camera store. I'd use only a Hoya Super HMC, B+W, Schneider or a few other high end brands, not then run of the mill Hoya's or the Tiffen's as they will degrade the quality...

The lens he used for that test the Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 lens isn't that hot and find it funny that he think it is... I've briefly owned it, briefly... lacked the color/contrast that my 24-70mm had (which I don't have a problem with really since it costs 1/4 the price of the Canon) but I wouldn't have touted it as an amazing lens in a test. I wouldn't have even used a zoom lens, I'd have used a prime lens for the test.
Steve.Korn 11 years ago
I own three 77mm B+W UV filters, one for each of my L's, and no longer use them. Just got tired of reflections and flare. Instead, I always have the hoods on and always return the lens cap f I'm not going to be shooting for a few minutes. I am always very conscious of my camera and never leave it just hanging from my neck. I always have a hand on it, keeping the lens pointed down at the ground.
pointnshoot Posted 11 years ago. Edited by pointnshoot (member) 9 years ago
I use a Hoya HMC UV filter.

I dropped my camera
wisdoms 10 years ago
I use UV filters only for protection. Moreover in this way you take care of the coated layers of you external lens as well ;-)
acerl310 9 years ago
I also read from somewhere that UV filters remove haze. Check B&H for sample shots about this :D
Francesco Ghio 9 years ago
I always use UV-fliter. I shoot whit soligor UV-DHG filter. They should be of good quality!
foTobias. 9 years ago
sometimes i do, and sometimes i dont, depends on the situation, if im just lolling about i will put one on, if there is lots of dirt flying around i will put something on, but if im trying to make the most of my lens, i will take it off (its almost always off, as i only bothered investing in 1, and got two 77mm L's)... but starting to think i maybe should have invested in another...
fhsatterfield 9 years ago
I always use a filter, but I am not going to put a $10 filter on a $1000 lens. I use a B&W (Biermann and Weber) on my L lens. I do have a kit lens for a back-up and I have a Tiffen filter on the 18-55mm.
jeffery_dan Posted 9 years ago. Edited by jeffery_dan (member) 9 years ago
I use a lens hood to reduce the change of anything coming into contact with the lens. In my opinion in an impact a filter is more likely to crack and scratch the front element of a lens than it is to protect it. The front element of a lens is pretty unlikely to crack.

I saw a phrase in one of these discussions once - use a filter for protection if you wear glass socks to protect your feet!
Ihor@IVP 9 years ago
I use CPL when needed and UV/Protect only if I shoot in really extreme environment (which happens from time to time). But almost all the time the lens is protected only with hood. I hate that reflections, flares etc from the filters, even good ones.

I paid 1000+ for PERFECT QUALITY and I'm not going to decrease that "L" quality with $50-100 piece of glass. I think it's stupid.
Taxydromos69 PRO 8 years ago
only with uv will have more contrast.hoya 77 pro is excellent
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