Brian Catacutan PRO 11:09pm, 23 January 2006
I bought my lens about a week ago and I can't complain. I'll post some of the initial pics I've taken. I hope to learn some useful and insightful tips about the lens.
berserk soap [deleted] 12 years ago
Hello Brian, I just bought the lens too and I couldn't believe there wasn't a group for it. I like your first picture and I hope you send lots more.

Thanks for stopping by!
berserk soap [deleted] 12 years ago
Really glad to see this group slowly growing. Please feel free to keep adding photos, everybody!
* tathei * 12 years ago
do you mind if i keep adding old photos later?....
berserk soap [deleted] 12 years ago
As long as they're from the 24-70mm f/2.8 L you can post whatever you want!
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