Live Laugh Photograph! 6:10pm, 5 March 2012
I was just curious who everyone uses for printing their work?
Dani_Girl 6 years ago
I started using WHCC in the states for all my pro stuff and after that just couldn't bring myself to do my personal printing at Costco anymore, so I use WHCC for everything now. And I love CanvasPop, too. :)
thank you so much! I've looked at WHCC but wasn't sure it was economical to order from the states.

I love Canvas Pop too.

What about Canadian labs??
Cheryl Dow 5 years ago
You could look at Technicare based out of Edmonton. I don't run a studio or need a professional account so I use their Pixportal software for ordering lab services. I have been very pleased with the quality of the prints I've had done up; not too many yet, but I'm hoping to do more.
labels_30 5 years ago
I use Technicare as well, they do have several locations across Canada

Costco and London Drugs are also very good.
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